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50 Shades of Brown

Over a period of time people from my 'real' life who read my blog have very conveniently fallen in to three categories: 

1) Who liked me pre-blogging-era, and like me post-blogging-era: They are not affected by what I write or what I wear. At least not to the degree that it would influence their opinion of me and/or change their relationship with me. 

2) Who were not my biggest fan before, but have come around after reading my blog. Its safe to say, outfits have little to do with it. I do not know whether they agree or not with what I say, but my guess is that, at least they relate to me and/or 'get' me now. 

3) Who liked me in the pre-blogging-era but now I just plain offend them. And it is safe to say that outfits have nothing to do here as well. I guess what they had 'assumed' me to be, my thoughts writing proves otherwise to them or just that they don't agree with me, which, also is fine as long as they have also read this post ;)

Moving on to the outfit ... I am having a major conundrum right now. While the heat doesn't allow me to wear jeans or leggings, the damn mosquitoes are biting the hell-outta-me and making it really hard for me to step out in shorts/dress/skirts! God Save Me, 'coz I don't think there are any other wardrobe options left!

Dress - Asos [10']
Necklace - Asos [11']
Shoes - Charlotte Russe [10']
Belt - Ralph Lauren [09']
Bangles & Bracelets - Here & There
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