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This is my 700th post ... I know, right??! :)

You know how as kids everything looks bigger? I always have this grave sense of disappointment when I re-visit places from my childhood and they fall short of how I had imagined them all along! I think, the same applies to people, specially family, teachers, and close loved ones - they seemed better ... even greater! A beacon of hope & light. It is only when you reach a certain age (30 in my case) you realize things/places aren't all that big and people aren't all that great. They are just your average human beings (seldom with extraordinary qualities), living through their life and doing the best they can. They haven't figured it all out, and they don't have all the right answers. Which only makes life a little scarier, for if they haven't figured it out yet, then what are my chances? 

Anyhoo, in other news ... Dr. Fab and I, will complete five blissful years of married life next month. I cannot believe it has been that long, 'coz I remember this day, like it was yesterday! Time flies ... and since we like long celebrations, we have already started the countdown.  

Top - Ted Baker [10'] available here
Skirt - Oasap [12']
Clutch - Gift from Brother [11']
Earrings - ASOS [10']
Bracelets - Gift from Mom [10']
Shoes - c/o Sway Chic [12']

P.S. I am in LOVEEEE with these shoes, not only are they simply gorgeous, they are comfortable too. And we all know how rare that is! I am grateful to the lovely people over at Sway Chic for sending these over 'coz I don't want t take them off ... EVAH! :)

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