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The best part of asking people to tell you what they do/don't like about you (or the blog in this case) is the amount of data you get to write about in the future posts. I cannot wait to bore you guys with posts as lengthy as essays on things you have said in the survey. I kid!

On a serious note, Thank you EVERYONE who took time to give me their feedback (It is open till Monday, June 25th). I REALLY appreciate it. I WILL try and incorporate your suggestions as much as I can (The Search this Blog feature has been added as per the request. Find it on the top left corner). However, a common theme, just like the last time, is that there is one person who likes and another one who doesn't like that exact same thing (except for technical stuff). Lesson: You cannot please everyone! And I aint even trying.

 Shirt - Oasap [12']
Skirt - Lulu's [11']
Blue Bangle - ASOS [10']
Pink Bangle - C&Co. [12']
Rings - Charlotte Russe [10']
Wedges - Dolce Vita via TJ Maxx [12']
Necklace - Banana Republic [10']

Look who gave into purchasing her first pair of wedges in 14 years? That's right - ME! I used to own one in high school and then when they came back in fashion 2 years back I just wasn't 'feeling' them. Looks like I am more than 'feeling' them now. And this is one of my sale purchases after the three month ban, that I was telling you guys about! 

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