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Reader's Spotlight (XIV) - Mukta

Hey Tanvi,

Your blog has been inspiration for me to start my own. Since I recently reached my first 100 followers I thought of thanking you and what better way it can be than sending in you a picture of mine, which is inspired (or you can even say copied) from your look. 

What I am wearing is a Kurti of mine, I got long time back. I generally wear with with leggings at home. This is how I styled it by getting inspired from your post here. Do let me know your views ?

P.S. I love your Mix & Match series.

Congrats, Mukta and Thank you for the kind words and also for sending in your picture for this series. I like your kurti (tunic) a lot. If you hadn't told, it would have been hard to say it was not a dress. I think the bag does not go with the look, but otherwise I like how you have put together the whole outfit from the shades to the flats. The star on your belt is too cute and compliments the panels on the kurti. 

For those who are new here: This is a segment where my readers get to share their style or ask of suggestions (if they need any!) from all my readers. So if you have been inspired by my blog then Email me your outfit pictures for this feature. If anyone wishes to stay Anonymous just say the word. post this feature every alternate Friday

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