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New Lessons

New Lessons & New Realizations: 
  • It 'used' to be wise to stay away from social media, now it is deliberating-trying-to-stay-ignorant #truth
  • People rise in your eyes with their talent, and then fall in your eyes with their desperation. No way to redeem yourself from that!
  • 'Not Caring' is the first step towards 'Staying Happy'
  • When in awkward situations, saying, "Awkward!" out loud (and slow) works.
  • Happiness does not cost much when you take it up as a D.I.Y. project.
  • Never question your blessings. Just accept them graciously!
  • Social Media has become like real life. Exactly same rules apply. 

This is the last outfit shoot I did with my brother in November 2011, which makes it a 6 months old outfit. That's like ancient in blogging-time. I almost look like a different person too. Inside-Out. Oh Well! It had been lying around in my archives and I thought I should hit Publish before it becomes "expired". 

This is shot on the roof top as well, like herehere & here

Dress worn as Tunic - RNA [11']
Pants (Salwar, part of another suit) - Sumeet Verma [07']
Bangle and Necklace- Fashion Street [Bombay 11']
Shoes - From India [Delhi 07']
Pictures Courtesy – TJ Photography

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