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Have you ever noticed...

that ...
  • when people are performing well professionally or doing something to bring a change in society, to which no one can oppose or say something negative about, the jealous-bitter-people always resort to personal digs?
  • people who stay forever young are the ones who live in present and laugh a lot?
  • people who start ahead in the race are often not the winners?
  • life seems harder when we over-think and over-complicated it?
  • I like saying things in bullet point? ;) 

 Maxi - Banana Republic [09']
Vest - Banana Republic [11']
Footwear - PrettyFit [Dubai, 07']
Bracelets - Stella & Dot + C&Co. [12']
Necklace & Coral Ring - INPINK [11']
Belt - UO [10']

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