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Friday Fitness: Dance your way thin

I have an attention span of a two year old. I get bored of people things quite easily. I am constantly looking for new activities, new hobbies, new recipes, new restaurants, new everything! It is truly a miracle that I have stuck to Blogging continuously for 3 years. So it is no surprise that I cannot stick to one fitness activity for long either. I am regularly switching between running (outdoors), elliptical, step class, boot camps, yoga, pilates, kick boxing. The key to my weight management, besides cooking my food, is that I am constantly looking for ways to motivate myself. And adding new routines is what works for me. 

My current love is - Dancing. Zumba, Salsa, and Hip Hop. Dancing is one form of exercise which makes me feel beautiful. The world suddenly become a wonderful place where everything is possible. O! that was kinda-philosophically-poetic! :P

Some of the changes improvements I have experienced in last couple of months that I have been dancing:
  • Stronger obliques 
  • More definition in my abdominal area
  • Improved posture
  • Sexy shoulders
  • Improved metabolism
  • Better balance
Dance is definitely a total-body-workout! If going to the gym isn't not your thing then I highly recommend this.  

P.S. Everyone who asked for more "Fitness" posts - I am posting about Health & Fitness every alternate Friday at the moment. With everything that this blog is about, that's the best I can do

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