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I have been browsing through my old posts a lot lately. Re-reading them and assessing how far I have come and how my thoughts have changed. Something I have realized (and so have some of my old readers!) that I used to write much opening and bluntly before. Lately it is a diluted and subtle version of my my real thoughts (and yet! some of you think my writing is harsh). The thing is that if you were to meet me in person I would not share my thoughts and opinions with you. Hell! I wouldn't even give you an advice even if you asked for it. I have learnt that no one really wants to hear the truth. They just want you to tell them what they already believe in. In a way 'approve' of their thoughts and actions. And I am someone who wouldn't say something unless she meant it. While I do not apologize for my opinions, I do not even try and change other people's either. One has to live with themselves, so whatever rocks your boat is fine with me. What I am not interested in is a tug-of-war with someone who either doesn't know a thing about he/she is imparting wisdom on or in the past has proved incapable of 'agreeing to disagree'. So I only find it amusing that how my blog could easily portray an absolutely opposite picture of who I think I might be in real life. For I share more in my writing than I ever would in person. Which could also mean that my writing is more honest than I am as a person. In turn, as a reader, you know me more than someone who knows me in real life. 

... Nice to meet you too! :) 

In other news, ... I liked 'today'. It was a good day. I was productive, active, positive, and creative. What a rare combination, right? I marked the date on my journal. Will look back at it on a crappy day! 

SAFABB met at the Adelante Boutique at Pearl Brewery this Saturday
And this is what I wore to the Sip & Shop ... 

Tunic - Zara [05']
Pants - Delhi [11']
Wedges - Dolce Vita via TJ Maxx [12']
Earrings - Gift from a friend [Sakshi, 11']
Owl Ring - c/o InPINK [12']
Bracelets - Here & There

With Linda. Picture via SAFABB

P.S. The winner of the Giveaway is Rocquelle P. 
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