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Addicted to Dots

Out of no where it dawned upon me that I have been quite at peace with myself and much happier in general. I am not the one to analyze blessings. If I am happy then why question it? But I have realized that as soon as I distance myself from the 'annoying' people, I am a happier person. Who needs the negativity or snobbery around them? Specially since I try to keep my life as simple and as straight forward as possible. Such people are just parasites sucking my mental peace. Without them on my mind, or around me, world just seems a much nicer place. Yes, it does! 

Excuse the crinkled shirt and the tired expressions. It was the end of the day but I was hell bent on doing an outfit shoot. I don't know why! *hits-her-own-head*   

Top - Oasap [12']
Pants - GAP [11']
Bracelet - C&Co. [12']
Owl Ring - InPink [12']
Necklace - Gift from Mom [10']
Shoes - Burberry [05']

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