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Reader's Spotlight (XII) - Gayatri

Hi Tanvi, 

Readers' Spotlight is a great series to let you know just how much your blog has helped us. In my case, I've begun to wear more color, accessories and high heels! 

This particular outfit was inspired by your post on color blocking. I didn't want to go all out just yet so I kept it neutral by pairing this already bright dress with off-white and gold shoes and accessories. I might get more adventurous in the future.


Gayatri! I think I am in love with you your outfit! The side swept-hair, the multi-wired collar necklace, the most awesomest color block dress in the world, the knotted belt, the clutch matching the pumps = BIG *sighhhhhh* You are blowing my mind here, my friend. Keep doing what you are doing, 'coz you are looking like a picture of perfection here. *sigh!*

For those who are new here: This is a segment where my readers get to share their style or ask of suggestions (if they need any!) from all my readers. So if you have been inspired by my blog then Email me your outfit pictures for this feature. If anyone wishes to stay Anonymous just say the word. post this feature every alternate Friday

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