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I don't understand ...

... why some people
  • discuss their bowel movements in public?
  • give opinion on matters they know absolutely nothing about?
  • believe in bringing others down, instead of pulling themselves up?
  • let success get to their heads?
  • cannot reply a smile, with a smile!?
  • cannot behave with a little class and dignity?
  • are incapable of managing their personal finance?
  • resort to whining at ALL times?
  • continue to eat like a pig and then complain about their poor health?
  • don't treat others the way they wish to be treated? 

Previously, have worn this dress as a top, two months back

Dress - Vero Moda [12'] 
Flip Flops - Target [12']
Pendant - ASOS [11']
Tote - via Lyst at TxSC [12']
Sunglasses - Borrowed from Brother [Ray Ban 10']

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