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Shorts Galore

Do you have sudden OMG-Moment? I do. Often when I am doing mundane tasks of life, I realize, "OMG! when did my life become like this?" It is not a good or a bad realization. It is merely a passing thought. Like when I am doing laundry after a long tiring day, but you gotta-do-what-you-gotta-do. Or when I really do not want to cook, but eating out would not be a healthy decision, as I am after all responsible for the budget and for husband's and my health. Or when I have to make a choice about whether to buy this awesome pair of boots without which I cannot live or to save for a future trip 'coz I will die of suffocation if I don't travel. Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. which I seem to have to make more and more with every passing year! I really HATE being a responsible grown-up! Rant over.

On Friday I was going through my blog archives and realized 
I hadn't worn these shorts since a long time, hence the outfit!

Shades - Dior [07'] Similar
Shirt - Banana Republic [12'] Similar
Shorts - Banana Republic [07'] Similar
Booties - Nine West [09'] Similar

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