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I was having a conversation with a friend yesterday, which I later realized was probably the other side of this coin. I know what to do if and when I'm inspired by 'a source' ... but our predicament now is - What should you do if someone thinks that are you have copied (or are inspired) from them but you haven't? - I don't have an answer for that. [... that is so unlike me, i.e. not having an answer to something ;)] 

I for one, don't care, 'coz what someone else thinks it none of my business, as long as I know my conscience is clear. But I guess that is probably not acceptable on a professional or creative front. Unless, one can draw clear 'copied' tangents it is hard to prove as well. For the same reasons I guess, fashion designers cannot 'patent' their designs and why Louboutin lost the red sole battle to YSL! Creativity apparently cannot be measured and or time-lined! That's got to frustrating but then that is that! 

Now over to the outfit ...

This is another outfit shoot I did with my brother last year! I am sure you are wondering where I am posing? No? You are not. Well, too bad, I am going to tell you regardless. I am a the roof top of my house. The one which looked like this last year, and looks like  now.  

Dress – RNA [11'] Similar
Shoes– Aldo [11'] Similar
Bangles – From Central Market in Delhi [11'] Similar
Necklace - Les Parisiennes Store in Delhi [11'] Similar
Pictures Courtesy – TJ Photography

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