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Photographer Appreciation Week: Part 3

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... My knight in shining armor, hero of my soon-to-be-made-movie and the man behind the blog. 

I am sure everyone would relate to this incident where a stranger (1 or more) has approached you, rather awkwardly, and asked if you wouldn't mind taking their picture? When such a person/people approach my husband they don't realize they have hit a jackpot. For Mr. Fabulous will not only take their picture, he will make sure he gives them their 'kodak moment'. He will direct them, tell to stand at a point where the background complements them, take their picture from different angles, 2 of each (just in case!) and horizontally as well as vertically and will keep clicking till they are satisfied. Needless to say, by the end of their photo session the strangers are grinning from ear-to-ear. So imagine if he does that for a complete stranger, what he might be doing for me? Literally moving mountains, I say! Catering to my whims and fancies. Learning the art of photography and editing, from scratch. And making his subject look much better than she really is (without photoshop, of course!). He has an eye for detail, loves to try new angles, never stops pushing the envelope and never gives up. Wouldn't expect anything less from the scientist after all, right? 

Besides taking my pictures, he loves nature photography (national geographic calling!). But he refuses to start a Facebook Page for his pictures. Sometimes I post them on my Blog Page under travel albums. HawaiiNational HarborLondonChicago. Amritsar. Washington D.C. etc. etc. etc. 

All the outfit shoots are done by him unless stated otherwise in the respective posts.

Grey Top - GAP [11']
Pink Tank - VS [09']
Jeans - UO [11']
Shoes - From a store in Tehran [Iran, 07']
Accessories - Here & There

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