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Photographer Appreciation Week: Part 1

I am lucky to be surrounded by photographers, considering  I am an outfit blogger (Its like a match made in heaven). Hence, I have decided to dedicate this week to the photographers in my life. They deserve all the accolades, as the pictures are 50% of this Blog!  

Photographer Appreciation Week: Part 1

Photographer? Tanuj
Relationship? Brother
Qualities? Patient, Caring, and Fun

I became an Outfit Blogger in 2010, that year he was visiting me for a week  and that's when he officially started taking my 'outfit shots'. Although we live on two different continents, he has taken a number of outfits pictures of me. For instance, last year when I was in India, (for his wedding - mind you!) and he was neck deep with work, fiance and wedding preparations, he would never give me any trouble when asked to take my infamous outfit shots! I could not help but feel vain, while saying, "Please take my picture. I need to post What I Wear in India!" but I blame that on being a dedicated blogger [Major OCDs]. Just so you know, all my outfit shoots from India are done with him. 

Photography is one of his passions and some of his pictures can be seen on his Facebook Page. My favorites are Disturbance and Lonely. Though he doesn't pursue this as a profession but the result sure is professional. Some of my favorite shoots have been with him (here & here), just as one below. It is, too from my India trip last year.  

Dress – By Shashank & Prajwal (Indian Designers) [11']
Neck Scarf - Gift from Sonu [JSo, 11']
Shoes – BCBG [10']
Pictures Courtesy – TJ Photography

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