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Inspired or Plagiarized?

What is an 'inspiration'? Oxford dictionary defines it as [mass noun] the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

Most people seem to define it as taking all the credit for someone else's work or creativity aka 'copying' and then pretending to be a genius. Hence, I thought a lesson in 'inspiration' was a long time due on the blog. 

How to show that you are inspired (for DUMMIES!) :

1. Must mention clearly (where everyone can read/see) from whom or from where were you inspired. You are not fooling anyone, if you don't mention. In today's world with blogs-facebook-twitter-tumblr do you really think people wouldn't find out the real source? Really?!? Are you that dumb?

2. Must make the inspiration your own. Bring your own creativity - personality - opinion - twist (you gotta have one of them? No? ... something!!! ... anything???) to the subject. "Tep-o-ing" (translation: copying) everything from A-Z and then mentioning the source is not inspiration but just another form of dumbness! #fact

Quite simple really! You might even say it is common sense, but like ALWAYS, common sense is not common. And that's not about to change anytime soon. 

Let's see who is inspiring my today outfit:

Inspiration - Rachel Roy
Shirt: Banana Republic [10'] Similar
Necklace - Gift from Mom [India, 10'] Similar
Cuff - Tanvi's Closet [12'] Similar
Clutch - Shashank & Prajwal [11'] Similar
Jeans: Zara [11'] Similar
Shoes - BCBG [10'] Similar

P.S. If you look closely, you can see tini-tiny rain drops in the pictures above! 

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