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How to annoy, the annoying people?

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Lately people have been getting on my nerves left, right and center. Some intentionally (evil spirits) and some unintentionally (poor souls). For past 5 years I have been leading a some-what isolated life and hence not much affected by who-says-and-does what! However, things are changing. Social interaction is increasing. People are 'again' getting on my nerves. But I am dealing with such society-rodents with much dignity and poise [20 years old Tanvi, is so proud of seeing such phenomenal personality change in the 30 years old Tanvi ;)]

Don't be disappointed. I am no-saint. I have got my own 'annoy-the-annoyer-with-love' tricks. What? You say, you wanna learn them? Why, of course, I am here to share. 

Now have your game face on with a smirk smile ...
  1. The most important lesson I have learnt is to never get into a discussion with the annoyer, as it is so hard trying to make a point calmly when you are boiling with anger within. Instead agree with him/her, and [...wait-for-it ...] end the sentence with "... if you say so!". Hence, negating the agreement. Anyone with half a brain ought to catch that remark and not have a come back, for you are, after all, agreeing with them! ;) [See, the vicious circle of annoyance there?]
  2. Build an arm distance between yourself and the annoyer. Be polite. Be firm. Answer a compliment with "Thank You!" and not a word more, answer everything else with a black face (aka poker face!) and get out of there. And if this is online, then "Thank You!" still works for a compliment, and for everything else: Ignore. If you happen to have other people common between you, this attitude change will stand out more. You are not doing anything wrong, but not sugar coating yourself either. 
  3. Put a lid on it. If you do not want to interact with someone and there is a remote possibility that you don't have to, then don't. Its your time and energy, wouldn't you rather put it to good use? Don't let the annoyer enter your world. Let them suffer on the outside ;) 
I am telling you they work. Make you look like a well-cultured-lady while taking a stand. And I just received a message from the 20 years old Tanvi. She says, "That's the way to grow-up, Tanvi! That's the way to grow-up!"

Mission Accomplished! 

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