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Growing up is over rated!

Growing up is SO over rated. There are absolutely no perks for being an adult. Here is what the society tries to 'sell' adulthood with, which I ain't buying no more:
  1. Alcohol - As a teenager everyone gets excited about the thought of being able to drink freely. Guess What? It will, make you do some embarrassing sh*t that you'd wish never happened, make you say things you would never be able to take back and if you are extremely unlucky then it might also kill you via drunk driving or liver failure. God forbid, if you happen to be one of those extremely weak kinds you will end up in AA with some random bunch of people, and will be forced to share your feeling (and what not!) with strangers. #fact 
  2. Driving License - I know, getting a driving license is like a ticket to freedom. We fantasize that once we can drive we will take car and zoom into the sun set and listen to reggae all our lives and end up on a beach where its party-time 24/7. No? That's not your dream? Well, then it was just me. The point is that that ain't gonna happen. What is going to happen is that you will be stuck in traffic for 50% of your adult life, rest 50% of the time you will be running errands for family which you never wanted to. Few years into adulthood and you will be complaining about the poor transport system in your city 'coz you really don't want to take your car out. P.S. Don't even get me started on the forever rising Petrol prices you will be paying for the rest of your adult lives. 
  3. Move out of Parents House - We cannot wait to leave the nest and fly away from all the rules and discipline right? Figure this -> There are no water bills, electricity bills, grocery bills, rent, to deal with at parent's house. Everything gets paid magically while you can stroll around as God's gift to mankind. I wish my parents would take me back forever and I promise I would be back home by 9pm and never ask for late nights, and never even ask for a car. N.E.V.E.R. 
  4. You are a Kid! How we despise this phrase while growing up, eh? only if we knew the 'protective sheild' it comes along with. Being a kid means, you are allowed to make mistakes, it means you will be given a million more chances, it means when you mess-up someone will guide you as to how to go about fixing it. BUT once you are a grown up, no such luck! Made a mistake? Deal with it, or pay a price for it, 'coz ain't nobody is coming to help you out of it. 
  5. Exams - I love studying and attending classes (I will admit, I was a teacher's pet all my life!) but I HATE exams. Like REALLY hate them!!! I am a nervous wreck even at the mention of the word exam. 14 years later I still get night mares about Board Exams (Indian Education System) but now I realize they were so much easier than the damn riddles life keeps throwing at you. For exams, if you study you have a good chance of doing well, but with the random-life-tests (without any prior syllabus, mind you!) how are you even supposed to pass? 
... and that's why I behave like a kid
Why would anyone want to be a grown-up?

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