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Dots & Stripes IN Black & White

I don't strive for popularity. In fact I will go on a bend and say, I despise popularity. It creates chaos. Too many expectations. Too much pressure. And I for one, like my life simple (Avoid popularity if you would have peace. - Abraham Lincoln)If something is popular then everyone has it and if someone is popular then everyone is aping him/her. Where's the adventure in that? Like I have said before, if we keep aping what already exists how will we move forward? 

I like trying new things and preferably before someone else has tired/used them already. In marketing terminology, I would be called an "early adopter" and my terminology I would be called a 'rebel'. The "IN" thing means absolutely nothing to me. If it is "IN" then it is probably time for me to donate or throw it away! Just like Twitter & Pinterest! I had joined twitter in 2008 when barely anyone was on it and the tweets were scarce and more meaningful (Yes! even in 140 characters). Current twitter conditions make me miss the pre-twitter-times when we all kept our thoughts to ourselves and didn't feel the need to narrate our every action to the whole world (I am in the car now. I am stuck in traffic now. Oh! The car is moving now - NEWSFLASH: No one cares!). Then I had joined Pinterest in 2010 when it had just started and it was truly a place for curated images. A land were everything was pretty and you had a chance to escape to a world filled with inspiration and dreams. Unlike now when it almost looks like a page from google images. Everything is being pinned! Seriously?!?!? 

So what was I saying? Yes. I like things new and fresh ... and if they aren't "new" then they better be different and unique. On that note, here's what's not new - the two dresses below. Both are from 2007 and I like them too much to part with them!

Dress - From a shop in Tehran [Iran 07'] Similar
Shoes - Jimmy Choo [07'] Similar
Shades - Borrowed from Husband [12'] Similar

Belt - Thrifted [J. Crew 10'] Similar
Dress - Karuna Khaitan [07'] Similar
Shoes - Børn [10'] Similar
Shades - Miu Miu [10'] Similar

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