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Purple & Orange

I do not know if it happens with anyone else but whenever I am watching a movie or television series (of non-Indian origin) and the credits rolls-in my eyes automatically catch the names of Indian origin. Even if the credit are rolling in at an lightening speed (#truth!) ... and then exclaim, rather loudly, in delight to whoever is sitting next to me, "Did you notice that XYZ was of Indian origin?". There is a sense of pride, like I am talking-in-my-head-Go-Indians-Go! Never mind even if they are 10th Generation-American-born-Indians, or Kenyan Indian, or British Indians who have never even visited India. As long as they have an Indian name, they are Indian in my head :o)

Moving on to the outfit post ... This is officially my last outfit post from TxSC. I will get out of the house this weekend and take some new pics, in spring colors! Promise. I was prepared for a rainy weekend but not for a cold-wet-shivering weekend. Thank God I got a pair of these bright-orange-skinny-jeans in the Swap from Lulu*s 'coz no way could I have survived in a skirt or a dress (even with tights!). Then I stole borrowed my husband's sweater, added the scarf as an accessory, paired it with my leather jacket and voila - I was still COLD!

P.S. I blame the ruffled-look on the darn weather. 
TxSC weekend was all about making emergency changes to my perfectly-planned-spring-looks!

Jeans - Won via Lulu*s at TxSC [12']
Scarf - Shashank & Prajwal [11']
Jacket - French Connection [04']
Sweater - Husband's [GAP 10']
Boots - Børn [10']

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