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I ❤ Organic

... yesterday's post got quite intense even without the comments. A lot of you had questions, concerns, and as expected even disappointment but I know, more than ever, that it is the right decision for me. And I thank you all for understanding. Lets move on and make a new start of sorts! 

I have attended total of three Blogging conferences so far (2 TxSC and 1 IFB) both of these avenues I have enjoyed immensely. The joy of meeting your favorite bloggers in person is unparalleled. The lessons I have learnt from all of them have been the same. While I have never attended them to 'learn' but more to interact. However, one common question all budding bloggers ask the panels is 'how to become popular' or 'how to get sponsors' or something on the same lines. These questions and this discussion in the blogging community all round the year has made me realize that I ❤ Organic. Not just the food. Everything. That's probably why I am not made for a corporate culture. I could never be on board with a 'set' strategy and game plan. Considering we all are different, the situations around us are constantly changing and everyone has their own agenda for their life so how can a set strategy work for all. Let me mention this here, that I do understand the need for it. I am not illiterate but just that it doesn't work for me. 

Stories where things just happen and are passion driven motivate me more. I believe when you do everyday tasks with tenacity and fervor you create greatness. And then for someone else to come along and think that they can 're-create' that greatness with a strategy is foolishness according to me. Instead of replicating one should go ahead and create their own wonders. That's the only way to move forward, else we would all keep revolving in circles. At least thats the path I wish to choose.  

This is what I wore on the day of the TxSC Conference. 

 Lace Top - Urban Outfitter [10']
Cardigan - Ted Baker [09']
Pants - Urban Outfitters [12']
Necklace - Ladakh [09']
Shoes - Giftcard via Lulu*s [11']
Bag - Da Milano [07']

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