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Comments Conundrum

"At the end of the day, it's just a blog. You can dress it up with how ever many ads as you want or fill it with how ever many pretty photos of yourself, but until there's a true passion driving it and some sort of point, it's always going to be just another shallow, insignificant part of the internet." - Indiana, of Adored Austin

Lately, blogging has been leaving me with mixed feelings. I am trying to stay away for social media even after I ended the hiatus. Somewhere down the road I feel I am losing the zeal for it, not because I am not passionate about blogging. I am. A LOT. But because my passion does not seem to coincide with the outcome. I started blogging for myself. PURELY myself. I was alone in a new country. Still am. And this gives me a medium to get my thoughts out of my system. When I write what I am thinking, I get a clarity about myself. 

In the process I have discovered an amazing online community. It nourishes me. But it has also started to undermine me. The mad rush to gain followers. The constant tweets to promote posts. The non-stop requests to follow people on Blogger-Bloglovin'-Twitter-Facebook-Instagram! Something's gotta give?!?!?! I refuse to be sucked into this game. I refuse to feel guilty for not being able to comment/visit 100 blogs each day. And I refuse to follow tit-for-tat. 

However, the problem will not get solved by writing one post. Eventually this will get buried as the new posts come along and there will be always be people doing the same song-and-dance. Hence, I have decided to switch off the comments, permanently. It breaks my heart because I really do love to hear from all of you. I love the interaction. I also love the adulation but the pressure to keep up with all the blogs is driving me insane. 

It can be seen as probably my own short coming in not being able to compartmentalize different aspects of blogging. But it kills me if I do not visit the blogs of everyone who has left a comment. I tried to reduce the number of posts in order to make time to visit blogs but there are just not enough hours in the day. I believe in treating others the way I wish to be treated, and in my books it would be rude to not return the gesture (except for the follow-me-commenters!) simply because, I too was "new" one day and felt "left-out/hurt" if someone did not reciprocate my visit, even once. I have never asked anyone to visit, or follow my blog. EVER. But now I realize, that I had expected it, even if it was done subconsciously. Today, I feel I have two choices; one, experience the joy of receiving comments and/or experience the joy of blogging, and between the two I choose latter. 

More than me, probably some of my readers, especially my parents, will be disappointed about my decision, as they enjoy reading the comments as much as they enjoy the post (if not more!) but I feel I have to take this step for my own sanity. This way I know, that if and when someone decides to visit my blog, and/or I visit their's, its genuinely because we wanted to and not because there are any expectations in return. 

Although, if ever you feel that you really wish to say/share something with me (good or bad!), then please do not think you can't, 'coz I am still around. We can still communicate. If you want to. And you already know how -  Facebook, & Twitter plus there's always email. I hope this will not change anything between us and you will see where I am coming from. Thank you for reading.

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