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Shopaholic Tendencies

Last month I was interviewed by a fellow blogger, Komal. She asked me, "Do you sometimes feel that certain blogs urge people towards shopaholic tendencies?" You can check my answer here

Some how this question has been on my mind again lately and I realized I have more to add to my answer. Fashion/Style Blogging DOES push you towards the Shopaholic tendencies. Period. There are no two ways about it. The products and the "in" thing is shoved in your face day-in-and-day-out. "Oh! Neons are In!", "No wait, now Pastels are In", "I NEED that asymmetrical skirt in my life right now", "O.but I must get my hands on that blazer!", "I would kill for those shoes" etc. etc. etc. Sounds familiar? Yes, right? Well then, we are addicts. You and me, alike. 

How do I deal with it? 

1. I have a budget and I stick to it NO MATTER WHAT. On average I am not willing to spend more than $20.00 on any piece of clothing. If it is over $20.00 it really has to be worth it. Like an investment piece - Leather Jacket, Winter Boots, Straight Leg Jeans, etc. Something that will last me for a long time regardless of the fashion or location. 

2. I purchase most of the clothes in end of season sale instead of when they are "IN" and full price. I have said it before, and I repeat, I am not about to be featured on a red carpet or a celebrity magazine anytime soon. No one cares when I wear my clothes. I could have purchased it when it was a "NEW ITEM" in store and just got around wearing it towards the end of the season. Who's to question? And if they do, how dare they? Mind our own beewax!

So what am I saying here? I am saying don't let me, or any other blogger, or magazine or celebrity or an advertisement influence you in purchasing something you really don't need. Think for yourself. Everyone has the right to say and sell what they want, but its up to YOU to buy it OR NOT

I did a couple of photo shoots with my brother while I was in India. 
I thought its about time I shared the pictures. He is good, isn't he? :)

Shoes – Nine West via TJ Maxx for $15.00 [11']
Dress – By Shashank & Prajwal (Indian Designers) [11']
Pictures Courtesy – TJ Photography

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  1. well said tanvi! i follow a lot of blogs and sometimes i feel the same way about wanting to have watever is "in". its all about thinking it u said.

    and i love ur dress!!! the details and design on it are eye-catching.

  2. Nice photos! Like the dress!!

    Oh it is so tempting to shop when look at all the wonderful clothes you guys wear...but then true, sometimes it's gotta do with budget and also whether can REMOTELY pass it off :-p

  3. that dress looks like a mcqueen! lovely!

  4. yes! I know tht feeling. But I'm not very big on shopping anyway, so impacts me a little however, is getting me into a lot more impulse modes...

  5. Your brother is a great photographer! And I love that dress, too.

    As for the shopaholic tendencies, I think we all have to be smart about the way we express ourselves through our clothes. Like you said, having a budget and sticking to it is important. My mantra is to not buy anything that I don't NEED, just because "one day" it might come in handy. If I need something and I don't have *anything* like it, I will buy it. This way, I have really cut down on my shopping a lot! :)

  6. The dress is really pretty Tanvi and so are you.
    I know we have to exercise so much self control cos on blogosphere, we get to see the prettiest of clothes everyday. I too usually shop during the sales!

  7. He is good and so are you :)

    I am learning this the hard way now. I used to spend a lot, A LOT on shopping in Bangalore. I limited in London because I was all lost in London fashion and it didn't make sense why a legging with a skirt? And, I get intimidated. Sometimes, I wish I could wear my kurtis and jeans in London too, but, I do want to try what a Londoner would wear.

    I have had spend way too many £s on shopping some expensive denims as well, trust me, most I haven't worn. So, I do accept I have drained money.

    But, last six months unemployment has taught me something. Buy, expensive stuff but plan well and mostly purchase cheap, affordable dresses, denims. H&M is my fav brand for the same reason.

    I will keep that 20$ tip in my head. There is no reason to throw my hard earned money.

    * I loved that red carpet statement, inshah allah you will! I have a secret desire too but for a different reason.

  8. You are looking so beautiful Tanvi !
    I must say,you are looking great! not only in that dress but also just the way you are looking !

    About fashion and shopping, I am more into mixing and matching my old outfits than buying new ones.

  9. I really like that outfit of yours, it's beautiful :) and yes, your brother certainly is good.

    I agree with your ways to handle my inner shopaholic, I usually never put more than 20 on a piece unless it's something timeless. And I do as much DIY as I can :)

    Have a lovely week! xoxo

  10. I'm a total shopaholic! I love the idea of buying towards the end of the season, when something's on sale. I should do that more.

    Also, I love that white dress on you. It's so gorgeous!

  11. Oh he's good!! And u look fabulous dear. And that thing abt shopping, so true!

  12. Ahh..we really are shopaholics! But I too have learned to splurge during the sale season & only go past my paying limit if its worth it!
    We may not have thrift stores in Bombay but Colaba is an amazing place to shop if you have a sharp eye and some bargaining skills!

    That dress is freakin' beautiful btw <3

  13. True Tanvi. Somewhere down the line sticking to a prior budget is crucial. I usually do shop during the end season sale too and that works best for me.

    PS: Nearly bribed a friend to vote :) I hope you win *fingers-crossed*

  14. Oh he's good,he really is.But so is your dress.Who's better?I gotta side with the pretty dress,sorry Tanvi,the didi.:P
    And I find the answer to 'what I need' the hardest part.I try to be as rational as possible though.That's probably why I still don't own a maxi dress or a pair of palazzo pants in spite of seeing them to death on most of the blogs I follow.

  15. Looking fabulous and fit! And I just voted for you :)

  16. I agree Tanvi...I like to shop on my own terms. I do love fashion and there are some essentials I make sure I have, but again at the price I want to spend:):) I know that one can look stylish with a limited budget. Your brother is as good a photographer as the handsome hubby:)

  17. Tanviii i SO love your hair! <3 And yeah, so agree about investing right. :)

  18. Great thoughts! I did a post about how fashion blogs actually drive sales for merchandise by showcasing, featuring, even pushing the brands..I think buying is a big part of fashion too! And I totally agree, one has to be smart about here to shop, when to shop, how to shop!
    The pics are great..your brother is very talented!
    Style-Delights Blog

  19. Tanvi,

    Very sane advice. Navigated to interview post and read. Apt replies.

    Take care

  20. Tanvii I love this outfit on you. I had seen this on the other website you had posted it on!
    You look stunning :)

  21. You looking fabulous Tanvii.Your brother did a great job..:)

    I totally agree on what you said about having control on being a shopaholic.I follow the same, I have a budget and I hardly go over it.

    Deepika <3

  22. I almost do the same while shopping. I feel more satisfied when I can find things that i love in sale than when i buy them in full price. I just have to be patient and look for good deals.

    Thank you for visiting my blog. Your posts are amazing. I'm gladly following you now, would you like to follow me back? :)

    I'm gladly following you now, would you like to follow me back? :)

  23. Gorgeous dress!
    It DOES push people towards shopping more and more. Having a budget and a fixed list always helps!

    Enter giveaway, win $100

  24. Restrain and control are the virtues of intelligent beings and I think rather i know that I fall into that category :) :)
    Great dress :) :)

  25. well said tanvi..u r a saver girl!!!

  26. Tanvi you are right, as usual. I totally agree with you. Even though, I have to admit that since blogging, I have become more aware of my purchases and really evaluated the price per wear of every item that I buy. But, if the trend does not suit you, you should never buy into it just because it is "in".

    I also think that your brother did an awesome job with photos. Your dress is absolutely gorgeous and so are you!

  27. I totally agree with you. VOTED and I wish you all the BEST. Go nail it!! Only concern is that Virtual Hug won't do for me...I want a REAL Hug :)


  28. He is good; and you look fantastic! I agree, I tend to buy things when I see fit and rarely get sucked into trends.

  29. He is good, mind you he's got a fantastic model to work with!

  30. what an absolutely breathtaking dress!!!!

  31. love your thoughts on the topic. i often think i could never take daily outfit shots bc id have to be shopping weekly to not repeat outfits. lol

  32. Wow no more than $20 on a piece!?! You blow me away! You always look so fabulous. You're a true inspiration. I should take a lesson from you :) xoxo

  33. tee hee..I am not into shopping, so does not affect me much :D. I mean, someone literally has to force me into malls, for me to shop ;)
    But "think for yourself" message works, in all walk of life!! :)
    I think you are looking really glamorous in this dress. me likes :)

  34. Love the honesty Tanvi and excellent tips! I hear what you're saying that style blogs make you a shopaholic, but I actually feel they put less pressure than the avenues I turned to before blogs - like magazines and celebrities. At least with blogs, I feel like these are real women, with real budgets, and there is an acknowledgement that we have to live within our means. Anyway, lots of food for thought here. :)


  35. Funny cause I think a lot of fashion blogs challenge me to rethink what I already have in my closet, which is the key. Buy fun new trendy items at F21 and H&M and mix them with existing stuff.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that lace dress. Amazing.

  36. An interesting observation, Tanvi! I'm getting quite bored by the consumerist tendencies that blogs feed on - especially 'want want want - shop shop shop' blogs.
    And may I say you're looking absolutely beautiful in these photos.

  37. Nuff said. I have closets full of clothes, I don't buy anything else anymore unless it's a piece with longevity and style or you can mix and match with other items you already own.


  38. Two things: Budgets are important and that is an incredibly gorgeous dress.

  39. Thanks for sharing your shopaholic confessions! I have a lot of the same habits. And amazing pictures -- you look great! xo style, she wrote

  40. This is very true! I'm really impressed with you Tanvi! I can't believe that dress was under $20. I think it's you that makes things look like they cost a million bucks!

  41. So true! I always get my clothing on sale and look for great investment pieces that are worth the cost!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  42. I definitely follow #2 but I don't know how you do #1. I give myself an overall monthly budget and that never waivers.

    You look fab as usual. I know these images from your Facebook page.

  43. Hi Tanvi,

    I am one of your regular gawker/stalker/readers..You are really are an inspiration to be about keeping myself fit..

    Your dress rocks..I think you look the best in the following order , when wearing..

    1. Short dresses
    2. Long skirts
    3. Shorts/cutoffs
    4. Jeans/leggings
    5. Short skirts
    6. Indian casual wear

    Keep going..

  44. you look great, I have reduced my shopping to almost nil starting this jan and am quite happy about it :)

  45. Hey tanvii, u look really nice and th dress complements your skin tone beautifully.

  46. Hey Tanvi!!! Long time since I've left a comment. I've just been know how it is sometimes...

    Anyway, couldn't agree more. Blogs can be very dangerous to your shopping budget. Resolve is absolutely necessary if you want to stay out of the poor house!

    Love the dress, and you look stunning as usual.

  47. u know same is in my case I prefer doing shopping during sale period and try to keep a fixed budget .. btw lovely dress and I love the pop of color through pumps

  48. Good advice on sensible buying. Yes you brother did take lovely pictures of you. Great look as well. Love the dress. Xxxx

  49. You look gorgeous! This post is so well said. I find myself making lists of "must buy"(seriously) items when I'm searching through blogs.


  50. absolutely wonderful! my blog with DIY

  51. I guess what you said applies to any facet of life..combining discipline while shopping and having fun at the same time!

  52. We must be related! I have a $20 budget too. But on special days, I let it swing between $5 and $30 :)

    When I initially started reading fashion blogs, I did shop a lot. I ended up buying a lot of pieces that I still use. But I really don't know whether I "needed" 5 types of jackets!

  53. Shopping smart is an art, isn't it?

    That dress is really good and your brother has done a great job!

  54. All the best with Refinery29 The Next Style Blogger challenge. Voted for ya. Hope u win <3

  55. You are SO right about the shopping part......thank God for End of Season Sales! Phew!!

    That's a beautiful dress you have on!! <3

  56. Lovely ensemble!! And good luck on Refinery 29 - you have my vote, sweetie :)

    Kiran @

  57. Contrary to what you have written in this post:
    Where can I buy this dress from...just love it!!!!!!!

  58. Absolutely true!!I totally voice what your saying,I too shop during end of season sales and wear those clothes as and when I please.
    PS That dress is GORGEOUS!!!

  59. Why just the brother...his sister is "gooooooooooooood" too...the dress and you look fab!

    Sleek and totally a head turner-and a sensible shopper to boot too-does it get any better?:-)

  60. Wow lady...Your budgeting ways are inspirational and that dress is gorgeous! Thanks so much for linking up to Monday Mingle!


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