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Reader's Spotlight (VI)

Today's Reader's Spotlight is on - Richa 

*this is paraphrased as per my telephonic-conversation with Richa*

Hi Didi (that's how you address elder sister in Hindi)

I want to send you a picture for the "Reader's Spotlight" segment. Let me know what u think of this outfit. I am wearing a combination of checks with stripes. I would have never thought of wearing these two prints together before I started reading your blog!

a) I think you look super cute. 
b) I love the clash of prints AND the clash of colors.
c) Those hearts on your flats are adooorable
d) I lurrrve the fact that you follow my blog so religiously and are so supportive *hugs*
e) P.S. I want that Trench coat! ;)

This is me trying to be objective since she is family and I love her but ... you guys aren't related [:P], so what do you guys think? Only kinds words allowed ;) 

I would like to Thank everyone who has sent their pictures for the Reader's Spotlight. I will continue to post them every Friday in the same order that I have received the email. 

For all the new followers, this is the segment where my readers get to share their style or ask of suggestions (if they need any!) from all my readers. So if you have been inspired by my blog then Email me your outfit pictures for this feature. If anyone wishes to stay Anonymous just say the word!
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  1. This outfit is fabulous and full of fantasy! I adore that shirt + turquoise socks!
    Lovely post darling!
    Have a nice day,


  2. I lovvvve her looook <3
    Makes me wanna experiment someday :)

    I love that coat and that bag <3 <3 I so wannna steal it :P

  3. Brave use of prints, I really like that :) She looks fab! xoxo ♥

  4. The colored stockings and mix and match of checks and squares is indeed brave ! Perhaps a light colored/ or monotone bag might have been better- again I am not very sure- just a suggestion !

  5. Confidence use of colour!!!
    Great post!!

  6. she looks very chic!!

  7. Absolutely love the colours and mix and match of patterns. She does have courage to wear such a thing and that too so well!

  8. super cute n very chic richa and congrats for wedding n happy married life girl..

  9. The flats are really adorable :)
    The overall look is great too!

  10. Richa looks super stylish ! :) I love her trench coat too hee hee hee

    Reader's spotlight is such a cool feature you've added on the blog, Kudos!!

    Hum bhi kuch bhejenge aapko kabhi darling :D

  11. She's super brave. Not many would brave such bold choices. I heart her flats too.

  12. i think she looks fab and she's as fearless as you are with her use of colours and mixing of prints. love the look!

  13. one of the best I've seen in the reader's segment so far! very nice :)

  14. Brave and fabulous, loving that pattern clash! x

  15. She pulls it off well, although not all of us can. Confidence is the key to looking fab people and you can clearly see that in her :)

  16. I love her bold and funky style!

  17. she is super duper cute. I love the combo

  18. So sweet! Love the colors and matching of patterns.
    I agree with saying,you need to be extra confident to carry those style elements!
    Its a jovious idea"READER'S SPOTLIGHT" of your blog.Love it.

  19. BTW i liked your latest post n pics in Green pants.Very stylish.I need 2 get them stitched:)

  20. Tanvi,

    Very eye catching.

    Take care

  21. I like the combination of checks and stripes :)


  22. love her ambition in mixing prints.

  23. love this!!

  24. I loved the mix in colours n prints. Definitely a Thumbs up to her :)

  25. Super cute!! I like how the bag complements the top and then the stripes in a unique way balances the checks!

    I agree ...that trench coat is a keeper...or stealer! :-p

    Keep it up!!!


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