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Reader's Spotlight (IV)

Today's Reader's Spotlight is on - Sneha

Hi Tanvi,

This is my entry for the Reader's Spotlight.

This outfit was put together just to flaunt my new red pants. I wanted a pair since a long time and I my wish was finally granted when I spotted these beauties with a "ON SALE" tag above them. It was love at first sight and a perfect fit.

I was really skeptical about what to pair them with. I did not want to pair them up with black so i went for white instead. I wanted to keep my footwear simple so as not to distract or divide the attention from my pants. As such I opted for my black strappys. 

Would really appreciate some suggestions on what else to wear with my red pants.

I love it that you took the plunge and bought colored jeans. Pairing it with a neutral color top for the first wear was perfectly fine but the next time you should definitely have more fun with polka dots, brights colors (think purple!) and/or stripes. What say? I promise you that you won't take them off once you start experimenting! You can see how I can't get enough of my red denims. Also, I think if you picked up more flowing fabrics like silk, crepe or even soft cotton, it would look more flattering on you. But for the first time, I think you did GREAT! Right, people? P.S. Please keep the feedback civil! 

Thank you everyone who has sent their pictures for the Reader's Spotlight. Please bear with me if you do not see your outfit on the blog. I will be posting them every Friday in the same order that I have received your email. And for those you have been inspired by my blog and still haven't sent me their outfit pictures, what are you waiting for? Email them to me, NOW! If anyone wishes to stay Anonymous just say the word!

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  1. even i bought red capris getting inspired by tanvi!!!i wore them with a sky blue shirt!!!u did gr8 sneha...

  2. Great first look! I can't get enough of my new Red pants too!!


  3. Oww.. Sneha looks great in red pants as did Tanvi! I hope I can muster enough confidence some day for this :)

  4. Sneha is looking fab ! The Color red can really do wonders to a light coloured ensemble !

  5. Sneha looks great!

    Got to buy my own pair of red pants now!

  6. i want to get red denims too! can't wait :)

  7. i love the tan and red combination that's there....

    red pants are tempting!!!

  8. I'm obsessed with my red pants too!I'll get green and electric blue pretty soon.I love her blouse!So simple yet elegant!I've a similar one in blue.I don't wear it very often but I love it to death!Her belt and bag spell out LOVE!However,I'd have liked a little more interesting footwear.But her point(of not wanting to take the limelight away from the pants)is valid too.

  9. She is really rocking those red pants!!! Love the top too!! All in all, a great outfit :-)

  10. Sneha, u r looking red hot in red! I am trying to muster up the courage to buy them...
    Tanvi, am so pleased that you run this column and share the limelight....we all get to be stars for a day if we want!
    Meetu D

  11. What a gorgeous girl! Love those red skinnies and adore that tee! x

  12. Tanvi,

    Looks a good combination.

    Take care

  13. looking great Sneha!!
    I love my red pants too

  14. Never owned red denims and always wondered how it will look on an 'indian' frame. This changes my mind!! The outfit looks great!

  15. You did absolute justice to the red pants Sneha! But,as Tanvi rightly said, and as I would also say from my own experiences with my pair of reds, you can actually try out anything & everything with it - from polkas & stripes to different colors like pinks & navys to various fabrics like cottons & chiffons.....we'd like to see your other looks too! :)

  16. Loved ur pants Sneha.. Even I got my perfect pair of red pants !! : ) and m loving them..
    Nd d best part- they go well with soo many of my tops- stipes, leopard print, polkas !! : )]

  17. Thanks a lot everyone for the feedback and the suggestions!

    A special thanks to Tanvi for featuring me on her blog!

  18. Love this color on you!!! You are way too adorable doll!!

    Have a fabulous day!!


  19. Big yay for red pants! I love my own pair to bits so it's fun to see others enjoying their's as well :) She'll go far with those pants :) xoxo ♥

  20. Cool! I think it's great to try new things.....might be scary at first but you'll never know, you might love it!

    Rucha from

  21. She looks gorgeous and rocked that red denim :)

    I love how you've inspired so many with your talents, Tanvi. Keep it up! :)

    Kiran @

  22. I love red teamed with white - it's so crisp and friendly (and they're also the tantric colours).


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