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Posh Party Invite

Poshmark one of the sponsors of the 2012 Texas Style Council Conference is coming to San Antonio tomorrow. Me and my co-host Linda would like you invite you all to the “Posh” party! Poshmark has embarked on a “Texas Tour” this week where they are throwing three awesome shopping parties starting with Dallas, Austin, and then San Antonio. Join me on Thursday, February 23rd, 6-9pm CST, as I host their Alamo City leg of the tour with cocktails, selling and shopping at the OCHO lounge at Hotel Havana.

Poshmark is a free shopping app for i-Phone users that allows you to sell and buy stylish items from women across the country (including many of your favorite bloggers). The theme for Thursday night is “spring dresses.” If you are ready to part with some of your spring clothing, poshmark can help you find a new home for them. You don’t need to bring all those clothes to the party. Take a few pictures with your iPhone before the party, and then create the listings at the posh party. If also happen to be attending TXSC on March 9-11th, come out to the party and get a chance to meet many the other attendees in advance. Send your RSVP to rsvp@poshmark.com. See you, there!

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