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More About Me

So I have a confession, I have not done any outfit shoots since ... oh well! since, this outfit. Sometimes it was due to time constraints, sometimes 'coz it was too cold, the other times 'coz I was lazy! But Hail! iPhone. Whenever I did get a chance I tried to get one pic clicked, at least! for your sake. I tell you, the things I do for ya'll!  

Johanna from Handmade Dreams of Mine had tagged me last month! Such a wonderful thing to get tagged and have another excuse to talk about myself. It is like I do not even have to make an excuse any more! :P

1. Who's your biggest fashion inspiration?
- Life!

2. What's your number one place to meet with friends?
- Coffee Shop

3. If you could travel anywhere in the world for a holiday, where would you choose to go?
- Well, I want to go to in the world. But you mean, then that would have to be Costa Rica.

4. What was your dream profession when you were little?
- It kept changing from Astronaut, Teacher, Police Woman, Actress, to finally a Hotelier.

5. If they made a movie about your life, who would you cast to play you?
- Kareena Kapoor if they are making it in Hindi & Scarlett Johansson if its being made in Hollywood.

6. What's your favourite of the spring trends?
- Trends-Shrends! ... but for the sake of answering I am looking forward to wearing flowing-feminine-dresses again.

7. What do you appreciate the most in your life?
- My perfect childhood!

8. What is the movie you have seen the most recently?
- We watch movies every night. [Yes! We need a cinema-rehab, but I'll only go if they allow movies there :P]

9. If you could choose any supernatural skill (or any skill we as normal humans don't have), what would be your choice?
- Fly! Will help me save on airfare while I go visit

10. What's the biggest/most important New Year's resolution you made this year?
- I didn't make any. To make less resolutions, is my resolution this year.

11. Name one person, who has made the biggest influence in your life. (and if you want to, tell why)
- It is hard to pick one person. But if I had to I would say my parents. I have inherited the best from both of them

12. Where could I find clothes that you feature? 
- You might want to check some major retailers or Meijer promotional codes can find some deals similar to my wardrobe.

P.S. In the spirit of the LONG WEEKEND here in the U.S. the comments have been disabled. If you really wanna say something special to me, do email or FB me ;)

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