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Makeover - K. Charles & Co.

N.B. I donated my hair to Locks of Love

Everyone I know is possessive about their hair. No one trusts a hair dresser easily. Men or Women, alike. I, however, am very trusting. I like experimenting and put my trust in the professionals. My theory is - Innocent until proven guilty and so far I have seldom been disappointed with the results.

When I moved to San Antonio in 2009 I was desperately in need for a hair cut but since I didn’t know a soul in the city, I turned to my trusted friend - Google. It gave me a couple of options and I went with K.Charles for no specific reason except that they are an Aveda Salon and I had been using Aveda products since 2005 and was/am in love with them still. They really smell like paradise.


Whenever I am trying a new salon I always go for the senior stylist, simply because I feel that since they have the most experience, hence they are less likely to F-up! I thank my stars that I got my very first appointment with Mindy and I have been in LOVE with her ever since. You know how everyone with long hair complains that their stylist is always cutting them shorter than they really wanted? Well, that has never been the case with me. Mindy and I are a match made in heaven. She always listens to what I want and I always give her a margin of creativity to surprise me. For after all she is the expert. In past 3.5 years, each and every hair cut of mine has been nothing less than a hair orgasm. I look forward to my hair appointments with Mindy like a teenager looks forward to his/her date.


Besides, the fact that I love Mindy, I also love the staff over at K. Charles. Everyone is so friendly, polite and pleasant that it’s a pleasure to even wait for the appointment. oh! and they provide complimentary hand rubs while you are waiting. I always look forward to the delays :P ... I have also availed various other services at the salon like make-up for my Anniversary Date, Manicures, Facials, Waxing etc. and I have never had any complaints.

No Gratuity

I also appreciate the Salon’s ‘no gratuity’ policy not because I do not wish to pay, it simply takes the stress of ‘how much’ and to ‘whom all’ away. During a single appointment I come across about 3-4 K.Charles associates (Hand Rub, Shampoo, Stylish, Receptionist) and all of them play a part in my salon experience, so whom do you ‘tip’ and whom do you not? I’d rather they include it in the price and take my worries away.

If you live in San Antonio or are visiting and need a little R&R don't forget to make an appointment with Mindy. 
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