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WUWT: You are so lucky

Disclaimer: I know I have a lot to be thankful for in my life. This post is NOT about me being ungrateful, JUST about one of my pet-peeves!

N.B. WUWT is an acronym for the phrase I often use when something doesn't make sense to me, i.e. "What's Up With That?"

So, I know that I write a lot about my life, and husband, and family and how it can sometimes come across as if my life is like a fairytale and I live among stars! But seriously you cannot truly believe that? Of course I am probably to blame a little if everyone cannot stop saying, "You are so lucky!" but excuse me if it gets annoying after a while. The only reason I do not write about the 'bad stuff' on the blog is because I do not wish to wash my dirty linen in public, or slander people on my blog. But trust me I have equal amount shizz in my life as the next person. So please quit saying, "You are so lucky!"

I might come across as a feminist, but it is more like a case of discrimination here! Seriously how come every decent thing my husband does for me, ends up in this reaction -> "You are so lucky!" from every woman and, "You must thank him!" from every man? 

He loves me, he supports me, dotes up on me, treats me like a queen but isn't this what a good partner would do regardless, when you are in a relationship? And why would you choose to be with a person who treats you like crap and don't support your dreams? And here's a shocker - I, too, love him, support him, am crazy about him and treat him like a king - but no one is coming and telling him, "He is lucky" & "You should thank her!" ... WHY? #notetoself Must ask the husband to start a blog where he writes about everything I do and I shall direct everyone to it!

Some more 'annoying' examples:
"You are so lucky you get to travel so much!" Errr, I don't party, I don't eat out much and I don't buy jewelry - Hence, I can travel! 

"You are so lucky you didn't put on weight after loosing it once!" Ya right! Lucky has absolutely nothing to do with. I sweat plenty for that!

"You are so lucky, you have such lovely hair!" I oil them once a week. Do not use hair products (except Moroccan oil). Do not use hair dryers/curler/iron daily either. And of course I eat healthy! 

However, I do think I am lucky that my parents gave me a good childhood and education. I mean they could have totally abandoned or ignored me to the point that I became a basket-case and was in some rehab! 

P.S. And it just so happens that my fellow blogger Neha had touched up on the same topic few days back! 

Dress - Pacsun [08']
Tights - Hue [10]
Cape - Inherited from Mom [96']
Necklace - Gift from Mom [10']
Cuff - Armani Exchange [08']
Shoes - Local Boutique [09']
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  1. Tanvi, love the cape and the orange cardi! I agree everything in life cannot be alloted to being lucky!

  2. i love all yur posts tanvi..!!! dis 1 was also grt :)
    i love d 1st pic..orange suits u to t T..!!

    N yeah ur hubby is lucky!! ;)

  3. Aww. you're so lucky! Okay ok don't kill me :|
    But yes I agree that people are mean. They judge you from what good you write. But who cares? You know you're lucky and so is everyone who has you to love and care for them. :)
    Be Happy!
    Btw.. I feel we readers are lucky lucky and totally lucky to have you.

    P.S. I love your shoe collection. They give me bumps!

  4. That second picture is wonderful..you look majestic :)

    and totally tell him to start a blog. I shall read it everyday :)

  5. and it should be called my Queen tanvi

  6. people say this all the time as if it's a man's prerogative to be treated well and if the same happens to the woman she is lucky. You look great lucky woman ;)

  7. Loved the first picture, it's gorgeous! Well, I totally agree on what you have to say. In order to consider the things lucky you need to make things work for you and put an effort, they don't come pre-plated.
    Anyways, been following you from a while now and I totally love your posts.

  8. I get the 'husband - lucky' thing time to time. I don't think a single person has said the same thing to him, though!! I can imagine how annoying it must be when people credit luck instead of your hard work, especially for stuff like staying in shape!

  9. hahaha :D that was one cute rant! People say this all the time..most often people can be soo judgmental that all you have to do is paint a happy picture and you get loads of 'oh you are soo lucky' 'oh you have everything so easy' and all the shizz. I am guessing you might continue to get such comments all the time.. kind of hard to change the outlook. Need to just facepalm and move on :)

    You are looking more gorgeous and gorgeous by the post :) oh oh btw I bought myself the nicest blazer! Yet to wear it though.

  10. Tanvi, you are looking fabulous in coral orange !
    I feel that "Lucky " means working hard,( well, most of the time)-"Lucky " people are the ones who create their dream life with their own hands and brains While the "Unlucky" ones are the mentally and physically lazy people who will give the excuse of spouse,children,family , even their profession and gender to NOT do things that can make them lucky !

  11. So true and i agree with u 100%, some ppl just have this habit of apssing off other's hard work as sheer luck! Mebbe its bcoz they dont want to feel bad abt their life.

  12. And hey u look gr8 as always!! :)

  13. I know you won't like me for saying this :P but after reading your post, I still think "you are lucky." Yes, you have a partner who treats you well (and you treat him well, too) but there are many people who choose to marry people who they love, and people change. My mother's friend has been married for 25 years, happily married, and her husband is now going through a nervous breakdown and disappears for days on end. So... you are lucky that you don't have to go through that :)

    There are some people who oil their hair regularly and do all the things you have listed, but their hair is still dry and crunchy. Good genes plays a lot into good hair. My mother dyes her hair, blow dries it all the time, rarely oils it etc, yet it is still glossy and shiny. (Oh, and her diet is fried foods only!) Luck definitely has a place to play in genes and good looks.

    I think it's important to remind ourselves constantly of just how lucky we are. I feel lucky that I have a place to sleep every day, that I never have to go hungry, that I have a loving family. These may seem like basic necessities but there are so many people in the world who don't even have these simple things! So, despite the fact that my life, too, isn't perfect, I still feel lucky every single day. And I think you should, too :)

  14. Recently, I had to give someone a piece of my mind for that. He isn't married, is struggling with few bits and pieces in life and simply said -- not everyone lives an independent life like you do! HELLOOO?

    I did not react but just said, you do not know what I do in my day to day life.

    Tanvii, I do not party either and people assume I am a jolly person so I must be drunk every other night and attending gala events. They have termed me lucky too sometimes, especially with the blog. I disgust it. There is so much hardwork gone in.

    Same thing about Saurabh too. They have no clue how, why and what we have gone through to be a blessed couple but no, they prefer to blame it all on luck.

    Weight bit! Well, I have been told off for that too :|

    I loved the outfit.....The way you mix colors <3

    ~ Chintan

  15. well you are right.. Even I come across people who keep commenting on how lucky I am with few things and blahh blahh.. But well there are moments when even I feel unlucky looking at good things happening to some people, which I have been wanting to happen to me even after doing all things right..
    But that's life.. I cannot hope for it to be Perfect.. : )

    PS- loved ur dress..polkas r my all time fav : )

  16. I love the way to touch upon personal topics in your blogposts..it is quite refreshing! <333

  17. I agree. A decent life, a doting husband and few luxuries are the little basic things we could ask for. I don't say the same for my hair.. You have gorgeous locks!! So, u r still lucky Tanvi :-P

    btw you look great. Love the booties and the cape.

  18. Haha that was one cute rant ;)
    And loving the orange against the black and white :D

    You look gorgeous as ever. <3 :)

  19. P.S. your husband should feel lucky, he has one hot blogger as his wife! ;) Everyone doesn't! ;) :D

  20. Tanvi,

    It is good to let off some steam. Many persons say this outwardly when actually they may be feeling jealous. So just take it in stride.

    Take care

  21. i've just found your pretty blog and became your new follower :) can you follow me back? :)


  22. I think we're all lucky in our own ways, some people choose to see it more in others than themselves and that's unfortunate! I love this whole look so orange :)

  23. I think sometimes people say things like "you're so lucky" for the lack of being able to verbalize anything else, it is unfortunate that women feel that other women are "lucky" if their spouses are supportive and do normal things that are expected in relationships. Making statements like that make women sound regressive:(

  24. First of all I think it's mighty silly to think that a person's blog is their entire life. I think most people's blogs just cover 25% of their life and making judgments of any kind off of 25% is just plain dumb. But yeah though being called lucky is not the worst thing in the world but I can see how it might get annoying really soon.

    I get really pissed when people make a comment on my shopping or the things I have or how I can afford to live alone in Bombay- I don't drink or party and that is one of the best ways to not waste money. I know friends who spend a huge portion of their income on socializing and are always broke by month end. It pisses me off when the same people wonder how I shop and travel and don't realize they spend 6K a night drinking!

    But yay polka dots! Love it!

  25. As much as I like to believe the 'good' in all people, most of them who say you are lucky are saying it out of jealousy (apart from family/close friends).
    Specially about the traveling and weight bits. Only you would know the kind of effort that goes into it.
    I mean everybody has enough sense to know that life is unfair to everyone, yet, they keep dishing out these unnecessary comments. No doubt it gets annoying after a while.
    You don't look like you in the first pic :/
    Loved the pics in the video though.
    p.s - Feels like am commenting on your posts after so long.

    ♥ www.thegirlatfirstavenue.com

  26. You are a wonderful person, Tanvi. And I'm sure your Mr.Fabulous also agrees :)


  27. Mr. Fabulous is SO lucky he found you!
    Seriously, our lives are a mix of luck and sweat, as you so rightly point out. Good for you!!!
    Meetu D

  28. Luck. I often think that is what people say when they can't figure out a way to describe things. Also envy and sometimes even laziness are often at the root of that.

    Happy Monday! xoxo

  29. My first time to visit your blog. Blog hopping from Mom Trends fashion link up. I so relate your story and make me smile. I will not say you are lucky you are blessed! And so I am. Hubby treat me like a queen and so he is a king to me. As you have said that is what a relationship is, and we work it!! They think that it just drop right on our lap, no way we as couple work it out. We reap what we sow.
    Back to your fashion I so like your outfit. The shoes is awesome and that tangerine sweater and necklace is great as well as the lipstick!
    Thanks for the space and happy Monday!

    Kim, USA

  30. OMG, I think about this so often, and finally someone said it!! I understand that luck is an important part of any success/happiness, but when people use "you are so lucky' with the hidden message of "you are so lucky despite of lack of efforts??"!! WUWT indeed!!
    BTW, love this cape..and the drama of the outfit!!
    BTW, you are lucky to find a good guy:-) and I am sure he realizes how lucky he is too!:-)
    Style-Delight Blog

  31. Haahaha, I love reading your venting posts! Oh and YOU'RE SO LUCKY!! lol!
    Love the cape, your Mom has good taste.

  32. Love the bright red on you Tanvi, you look gorgeous under that winter sunlight, reminds me of winters in India.

    We readers love what you post here, and get inspired by what you have accomplished in life so far on your own terms. And so why should you care about a few people who think life can be easy or one can be lucky? As the saying goes, grass is always greener on the other side. And seriously, people who believe it are the kind who think the whole worlds burden is on them.

    Have a great day :).

  33. I think that it is easy for others to see bloggers in this ray of sunshine wherein nothing ever goes wrong in their lives for the reasons that you mention here--who would want to air out all their shizz all over the web???? I sometimes post things that aren't great, but for the sole purpose of hopefully being able to help someone else in a similar situation or let people know that I am, indeed, a real person with real problems just like everyone else.

    I love this dress on you Tanvi! You are a beautiful girl and should feel very lucky! (I'm sure that you do!)

  34. I was going through the same lines are you. Guess now I am used to ppl saying the same old words at me... I LOVE the colours here ORANGE, BLACK & WHITE.. POLKAs is my all time favourite :)

  35. Absolutely nothing wrong with being the feminist kind :) I see where you're coming from and he is darn lucky to have you I would say! :)
    That cape is to DIE for! What an inheritance!


  36. I guess I'm partially(if not more)guilty of doing(or saying,in this case)the same thing!But lesson learned.You ARE right.And what you said regarding your husband,COULDN'T BE MORE TRUE!

  37. That coral is doing wonders to the black & white combination! And that cape is just one gorgeous bit of your Mom's wardrobe!! <3

    And well......I would say you both are lucky to have one another...and we all MAKE our life the way it is, luck (or should I say Destiny?) has only a very teeny-weeny part of it! :)

  38. Sadly, No one has ever told me I am lucky to not put on weight. Or maybe that is because I *have* put on weight. hehe ;)
    Loved the bright red necklace. Looks so glamorous!

  39. So very right, dea Tanvi.
    You look beautiful too.

  40. ohhh Tanvi...I am in love with you ...truly <3....love each line of this post and its soooo true dear...i feel our wave length do match :)....same thing hpnd with me many times..some people(spclly Indians in America) crave for some reason to organise and time pass their potluck ....really i m fed up of all these..and yes love ur dress too...spcly first pic...u r a darling <3

  41. you make some great points. and look great in that outfit!

  42. That's a VERY cute outfit, especially the necklace and shoes!
    Personally, I think I'd be flattered by people saying how wonderful my significant other is even if it should be a given, just because I know so many people who've chosen awful people to be with. Other than that, though, I completely understand what you mean. I can only imagine how frustrated I'd be when they give credit to luck for keeping weight off - I think anyone who knows you should know how hard you work to stay healthy.
    I'm curious, though - all you do to your hair is put Moroccan Oil in it once a week? Because you DO have really nice hair. :)
    - Laura

  43. So true - if you work for it (and keep working for it, like with fitness or a good diet), you deserve it!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  44. I think it shows you have good taste in marrying someone who is so good to you!! Just ignore the funny things people say. Love the black and white cape you have on

  45. Oh Tanvi, you are sooo lucky that you are gorgeous:):) Sorry darling, I just couldn't help it:) But, jokes aside, I do know what you mean about the "lucky" part. It's not luck, it is about what you put out there, that is what you get back, right?

  46. when someone says "you're so lucky to have long pretty hair" or "you're so lucky you can travel so much", i don't think they literally mean that you have these things due to "luck". i think people just use that phrase to mean...i wish it were me (travelling, having great hair, a loving hubby etc). when anyone tells me i'm lucky for anything, i generally take it as a compliment and say "thank you, i know". i don't think any of the examples you stated should annoy you...i think you should be flattered :)

    loving your outfit and the red really looks great on you.

  47. What style love it!


  48. Yeah, I hear that. it's annoying...on another note, rocking look today. I'd totally wear this ;)

  49. Love the color. You're lucky to have such great style ;)

  50. heyy....have joined ur blog recently....just love reading it...!! the orange cardigan is hawwt...n awesome coordination..!!

  51. You aren't lucky to dress well--you work at your style and it shows! It's no accident. Thanks for showing off your fashion-sense on Monday Mingle over at Momtrends!

  52. Love those boots. And the cape - you are so lucky to have inherited it. Gorgeous!

  53. Loving the red (orange) black and white and the cape is amazing. Very striking look. Xxxx

  54. Love how chic this look is! :) and you look so fresh in these pics!! I mean in a glowy kind of way.

    P.S. I wrote a blog post myself about WUWT topic. so wont blabber here.

  55. I don't know what I like more here!! U look so stunning Tanvi, divine combination, very elegant!!! Wow!;)


  56. Very beautiful look.Like it so much.I'm your new follower.
    Skip to visit me, I'd appreciate your views on my page .. about a project that is close to my heart,and if you like it, you can follow me too!

    A hug ♥

  57. I neeeed that zebra cape! You're so lucky! lol - had too ;) xx -Taj

  58. This outfit is so chic. Orange looks hot on you. Oh did I say how perfect that shade of lipstick is on you.

    I feel that you are blessed. I don't believe in luck. I feel like you are a great person so great thigs happen for you, but how would you know that there is a good if there was no bad...

  59. you look so hot girl!! love love love ur dress, cape, shoes et al!

  60. You're right! Luck often doesn't have anything to do with it! It is is hard work and sacrifice that get you where you want to be! Gorgeous outfit! xo style, she wrote

  61. Ah, this whole attitude is very interesting (not in a good way) to me. Firstly, I think people like to stir up gossip. As in, a fun and carefree blog is impossible in their eyes. Personally, I don't get it. A blog that complains is not for me. Also, I strongly dislike the "you are so lucky attitude."Once in a while if people get off the couch or do push-ups while watching TV, it might help ;)

  62. i will say that you are so lucky that your mom has great style that you were able to inherit that awesome cape! :)

  63. Haha, that's so awesome point :D and I really agree on that husband thing - adoring each other should definitely be the whole point of a relationship, not something you just get if you are lucky. That ways, I don't believe in luck. When it comes to winning a lottery, well, that's another thing. Oh, but wait, that might be karma, too...

    Anywho, have a great day, Tanvi, can't wait to see your next post :) xoxo

  64. Good you gave a piece of your mind-waise bhi I always say "touchwood" whenever I praise you in any way Tanvi-you are one of my favourite people here:-)

  65. i'm in love with ur cape! so Cruella de Vil!

  66. That cape is so fab...You are so lucky to have it. Hee hee. Seriously though, I think sometimes people forget that bloggers are real people with highs and lows!

  67. WOW!!! the cape is super HOT...charming look..

    but listen...you are SOOOO LUCKY u have me are your friend :-p hehe...

    it's true, it's annoying when someone gives credit to luck and not all the effort and sweat that goes into things we do... but then again everybody has a different outlook of DESTINY and luck and all that!!

  68. Luck is definitely an element in everyone's life. But to attribute an entire lifestyle to luck alone, would be wrong. And yes, I get annoyed too when people make assumptions about my life. Mostly, they get it wrong.

    1st photo - FRAME IT!


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