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Artificial Intelligence

Have you had people steal your thoughts? Let me elaborate. You spoke to someone about your philosophies and/or beliefs in life and they seem all-smitten by your every word and then few days later they present the same thoughts and views to another set of people, in your presence, mind you! as their own and act all mighty and elite. Yeh? That's Artificial Intelligence.

Have you had people steal your ideas? You come up with a brilliant concept or campaign or even a recipe and and then someone comes along and lifts it right-off-your-hands. Goes ahead and implements it using the same fundamentals/ingredients, of course, without giving any credit to you. Hence, becomes the 'enlightened-one' in his/her minuscule life. In other words, Artificial Intelligence

Have you had people steal your creativity? That's when you are creative (duh!) and pitch an idea to someone (professional/personal) and they reject it outright or act like they are not impressed. Then turn around and pitch the same idea back to you like they have cracked the code of life and attained nirvana instantly. You cannot help, but stare at them and wonder, what just happened? i.e. they have gained Artificial Intelligence.

In other words, these are exactly the kind of people who do not have their own stream of thought, or ideas or even beliefs. They exist on stolen identities. They 'pretend' to be intelligent. I would like to believe that often, they are not even aware of it and hence, I give them benefit of doubt. However, sometimes cannot help but wonder if they are doing it intentionally? ... pretending not only to others but also to themselves and hiding away from the reality of their life. I do hope that my friend A Brit Greek is right about this -> 'KARMA: No need for revenge, just sit back & wait. Those who hurt you will eventually screw up themselves & if you are lucky, God will let you watch'.

Dress - Forever 21 [December Sales 11']
Boots - DP Italia [10']
Knee High Socks - ASOS [10']
Beads - From Ladakh [09']
Pendant - From Goa 11']
Earrings - c/o INPINK [11']
Bracelet - Gift [From Brother 11']
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  1. love the outfit.. the whole look is just so warm and earthy!

  2. Hmn... as you concluded, Karma will take its own course :) :)
    loved the print :)

  3. AMEN to the Karma quote sister! Love those boots too!

  4. Tanvi, I really love the look and the hint of tan color visible in most places,in your hair, neckpiece, dress, boots. BTW,tan is one of my favourite colors !!!
    As for AI, I think they are all inspired by you and try to copy you-you should be feeling proud !!! Remember this quote by Paulo Coelho "Haters are your confused admirers who can’t understand why everybody else likes you?"

  5. True true true! What goes around comes around! :)

    Another thing I believe in - Sympathy everyone can get, jealousy is to be earned ;)


  6. That quote is summarizing what I think about life. And you are, once again giving out an interesting point of view. And I really hate it when people don't give the credit to the one person who actually has come up with the idea originally. That can be seen all the time. I rather tell where I copied the concept - or got inspiration from - than go out there telling it was all me. I guess I'm too scared for the bad karma.

    And then, I wanted to mention your outfit is beautiful. That Navajo print looks great on you, and the choice of colour is fabulous! I love your sense of style, and I'd say, you are such an inspiration! Keep up the great work, both in writing and in styling :) xoxo

  7. nice outfit tanvi..even i posted that karma concept on my blog..i really like that way..

  8. I luurrvve the look!! You look slimmer trimmer than ever :D (if at all that was even possible!) and I wish it existed! My daily issues these days :( hence cynical.


  9. Love the prints and i hate such ppl...but sadly they r all over the place!

  10. how it is possible. how can we like all the same songs. freaky :D.
    And I want to be the lucky person to watch. I know exactly what you're saying. I like these boots!

  11. happens all the time especially at work place,I wish the karma thing was true!!! you look great I am very much in love with tribal prints this season

  12. Your dress is amazing and ethnic style is one of favourite trend for next summer!!!
    Have a nice day,


  13. Yea, I've had people steal all of those. And even when I did tell someone that they stole it, they didn't believe me.
    And yea, I realised that Karma was more of a bitch than I could ever be, so I decided to leave things to her. :P

    I absolutely loved your outfit.
    I want every piece of it. Its amazing, the way you pull off those boots with that top!

  14. Can't escape such ppl...Just believe in GOD to take care of them :)

    Love the print :)


  15. Yup, I've had people steal my thoughts, and the funny thing is they then believe that they came up with them themselves.

    Love the navajo print dress. It looks so pretty and the colours really suit you.

  16. I really, really like this outfit, all those browns are somehow soothing :-). And I also really liked the KARMA quote :). To all the 'artificially intelligent' out there : Not Cool.

  17. love the outfit and the bracelet is lovely !

  18. LOVE.this.outfit.

    Can I tumblr it please?

    PS: about artificial intelligence--we meet a whole lot of people like that in our line of work: the way I deal with it is to just let it go. you see, there are always new ideas bubbling in my head, so why bother if someone wants to use my stale ideas? *shrug*

  19. Ha, ha, loved your explanation of AI:) This outfit is probably on top there as one of my all time favorites - gorgeous Tanvi:)

  20. drop dead wow! lurveee the look :)

    And thanks for giving voice to my woes too! :)

    P.S. love the song in the video too!

  21. People without real intelligence can't sustain the illusion of it no matter how often they steal ideas. We needn't get angry with them. They're more pathetic than anything.

    I love these colors on you. Browns and yellows suit you very well.

  22. You always write so brilliantly.
    I've met people like this and despise them!
    I do hope your friend is right about the Karma thing ;)

  23. If someone copies an idea, it almosr always fails.. so let em try! Btw I love the print :)

  24. Tanvi,

    The world is so full of such persons. As you said it is no use trying to set them right as that will make only you little more restless. They do get caught in their own web some time or the other.

    Take care

  25. Totally true! Super cute dress - love your hair too - it looks fab!

  26. Looking mighty fine in this outfit post - one of my faves... and as I was reading about this I can understand inspiration or a related thought that has elaborated from original idea/thought/chat etc... but when it's the exact copy it's just not really cool...


    "You were born an original, don't become a copy".

  27. All of the above is soo true!
    And I'm sure a lot of us have fallen prey to it(me included).It's the good karma that counts!
    P.S.Love the Navajo print.
    P.P.S.You are looking very pretty and I think you have lost weight.

  28. i am loving this outfit! and also completely believe in karma.

  29. I love your dress and boots!My one and only pair of boots committed suicide on 25th of Dec,2011(Yes,it was Christmas,people!),so,wherever I see a good pair of boots,I feel like crying!And about the 'artificially intelligent' people,yeah,been there,done that.

  30. Your hair is looking just smashing! love the color! I agree here with this AI, this has actually happened to me creatively lately. I wanted to blast her on the blog world since we were working on something together and then she starts selling something very similar! But I am letting Karma, God fill her in on her ethics and am taking the high road.

  31. Love these colors on you--so perfect for your coloring and hair. Pretty!

    xo Mary Jo

  32. wow!!! on the dress. Loved the print and earthy colors!
    I had read the quote on karma some time back and the belief that it is actually true makes 'letting go' so much more easier :)

  33. Tanvi, You are the one and only original! A photocopy is always worse looking and fake, so don't sweat it.
    Love, love love your outfit! It is so harmonious looking.
    Meetu D

  34. First il like to say that every word you speak is so real and I've been dealing with these kinds of people all my life! It really hurts me and on top of it all they act like you did not tell them anything that they are portraying to be. Anyways I wanna copy and paste this entire post on my site! We will call this classic story;).
    So the colors look so amazing against your skin. Your hair is getting so long and I'm living it!
    Thanks for your creative insight! I just love Tanvii!!!

  35. Firstly, you look GORGEOUS. I think is my fave outfit yet. Secondly, I totally HATE when that happens, but these people reveal themselves to be morons in due course. Hang in there! xo style, she wrote

  36. Ain't that the truth!! Amen sistah. Enquiring minds also want to know more detail! :)
    Also, fantastic print on you.

  37. That dress is so cute. It looks great on you. But I love the whole look more. It's accessorized perfectly and I almost want to steal your boots!

    Re the shameless plagiarizers, I said it that day, and I'll say it again ... people aren't fools. They can spot un-originality from a mile away.

    i meant all of it in loud caps :) your style, blended with comfort, the little stories with each post and the subtle co-ordination of colors without being loud and just what you can do.let people copy, wont get them far !

  39. Unlike you dear, some people can't be original!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  40. Hey, you look beautiful...the earthy colours are so you:-)

    And about the artificial intelligence bit-recently I saw something on another blog which I have only seen on yours-kinda a tradiional trademark...I hope that's not the reason for you being miffed...for I had so remembered you then:-)

    Just take it as a compliment-you show the path...others follow.
    everyone is life is inspired by someone somehow...plagiarism is a sin, but then as long as our little world remains uneffected-brush past it without a slightest hint on your pretty face:-)

  41. You look more beautiful these days. Any secret to share? :) Love your dress !

    This dress might pair up much better with some heels and less accessories. I might be wrong here. Would love to see another version of this dress though !

    Love ! :)

  42. Tanvi I can understand your thoughts and I really do believe in this idea connected and sentence with the karma.
    U look very pretty in those earthy tones!!


  43. NOw i know what the print is called!! Never knew it had a name.. :-p

    This is an amazing post with VERY CLEAR, PRECISE and REAL (pun intended) situations/ examples from daily life...

    Sad, in the cases when they do it deliberately (steal ideas for public consumption) and are seeking appraisal need to work on their low sel-esteem BIG TIME!

  44. Tanvii, I love/want that dress! I love it paired with those boots!


  45. Love this outfit and wristband!

  46. Oh gosh, I HATE when that happens. Very artificial, indeed!
    That's a really cute dress :).
    - Laura S
    ps: I really like that Damien Rice song!

  47. The people you mentioned here are usually "one idea wonder" because they can't fool/steal repeatedly! I believe there is no substitute for talent! One of my favorite lines are -सूरज का कोई सब्सीट्यूट नहीं है चाँद भी जितना उजला है, उतना वह सूरज है (hope you can read Hindi! otherwise, mail me for translation!!LOL)
    And then there is karma!!
    BTW, love the way you write!!:-)

  48. I absolutely adore the look. Very well accessorized as well.

    I have met and keep meeting people who steal ideas. They call it inspiration :|

  49. Love the dress, and that flower bracelet is the perfect accessory for it!

  50. that first photo is so incredibly beautiful and crisp! i love it.

    and i totally understand what you're talking about. i haven't had anyone do something like that to me in quite a while, but it totally burns. you just have to say something (maybe take some time to calm down first so you don't say the wrong thing).

    and i like that you call this artificial intelligence too!

  51. interesting and stunning print. I love the fringe, really suits you!



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