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I am Blue

May be it is a cultural thing, may be it is not but I would not know unless I read your comments but here's what I am talking about: [Disclaimer: I am talking purely about first impressions here and not someone you have known forever and ever!

During my trip to India recently, I realized that my version of a 'good person' is very different from the version of most people in my country (or at least the ones I have met in my life so far!). It is not easy to impress me. I do not get bowled over by anyone and everyone. I am not very generous with compliments or praises either <- that I think I got in my genes. I won't tell from which parent though [:P]. So where were we? Oh! ya I was saying I have pretty high (only 'coz they are rare) but simple standards in terms of whom I will call a "good person" upon first meeting. I was able to make a list of what characteristics I consider a "good person" should have: 

My List: 
- Punctual 
- Well mannered, Polite & Respectful
- Greets you pleasantly
- Treats his/her family right and has well disciplined children
- Let's the other person finish their sentence before speaking
- Takes equal initiative in making small talks
- Says Thank You, Excuse Me, & Sorry when required

You've got all this covered? Well, then Congratulations! You are a "Good Person" in my books based upon first impression. 

But there's a different story among my other countrymen:
- Doesn't matter if you arrive late 
- Doesn't matter if you are loud and behave like a borderline drunk  
- No one cares if your children are misbehaving and tearing the place down
- Doesn't matter if you pick all the wrong topics for small talk
- Also, doesn't matter if you bump into people and never apologize

If you wish to be popular with people (who aren't me, of course!) you need to be syrupy-sweet (a.k.a. fake!), must know how to liven up the party, should be an expert at non-sensical conversations and then should have mastered the art of buttering-up the host to no end. Tick? Tick? Tick? Congratulations! You just became the most popular guest and by default a very-very (yes! thats two verys) "good person". 

P.S. The "good person" from my books will probably called snooty, arrogant and/or boring. Go figure!  

We took these pictures while it was drizzling. 
You must commend me for my blogging dedication, right? 
Also, for my photographer's entertainment I broke in to a dance [check: video!]. 

Sweater - French Connection [05']
Shirt - Tailor Made via Richa [11']
Shoes - Steve Madden [09']
Bow - c/o Sproos Shop [11']
Jeans - Miss Sixty [09']
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  1. Love the first picture of you! :)

  2. Tanvi, I can't see the video. It says I don't have permission :(

    And yes, re buttering people and being sugary sweet, I know a few people like that. What's surprising is that back in India, everyone things they're amazing. But here in the US, everyone sees past the plastic. And this is the same person I'm talking about in both countries. I guess not everyone can be fooled.

  3. Its been always the same back in India..we shouldn't worry about what other's think as "A good person" but set our own standards ,as you did, to judge someone

  4. I love the first picture with the bright pop of lipstick! So well-edited :)

    I don't know what defines a good person, for me. I think it's just someone who treats other people with respect!

  5. I know where you stand, I also know where I stand. In terms of first impressions. You know what I know ;) I love the first picture!! And I want a white sweater tooo!

  6. that first shot is o so amazing The fuchsia lips with the blue pops all the way look great,my fave in your outfit is that animal print bow...Your dance reminds me of the chicken dance I do when am ecstatic at times :D

  7. ow well about the impressions thing,since I don't believe that first impression is the last,I try not to make up assumptions about people before I know them well. Its really irritating when people are late and I mean really late.Most people here don't seem to think that keeping somebody waiting for hours together is really ill manners :(

  8. for its only a Tanvi who can pair an old pair of jeans with such a gorgeous blue and glam it up so well with that jaw dropping lipstick :)

  9. Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this post! So adorable! Love the blue shade

  10. Love the pics and the video and not to forget the shoes!! :D And that list for a good person is pretty doable, don't u think so?

  11. LOL! hear hear--can't stand the latter variety either-especially ones with children who are little monsters---it's basically the parents' fault--they don't have any guiding rules for their kids, they don't stick to any bedtime (very very important--tired kids are hyper kids) and they feed them sugar in every which form. I could go on and on....

    and oh yes, the syrupy sweet, false praise types. yuck.

  12. The blue is sooooo nice.I also <3 the 1st picture!

    You are so right about what a good person is in most people's book!

  13. I am loving your videos Tanvi:) Love that first photo, you look wonderful. Indeed, there is a definite lack of authenticity in many of the people I meet in India. Also find that you become very popular and seen as a "good" person if you spend money on them:):)

  14. It's not just you, even I feel the same. Punctuality, politeness and good listening skills are a must. But sadly, many people don't understand that and they are the ones who promote others. Also having general courtesy of let's say.holding doors, saying sorry on bumping into someone is missing from many self-acclaimed 'good person'. But than who is someone else to define what or rather who is good in my life so be happy wala Blue :-)

  15. Adore the blue. Absolutely adore the blue. I am loving your recent colour combinations of late, gorgeous!

    Also, haha, your post just made me giggle. How true, those are some very Indian characteristics right there about what 'goodness' entails. Sometimes, it reaches the point of public ridicule.

    Ah well. Fight the herd mentality and maintain some sanity, that's what I say :) xxxx

  16. That first photo of you is so sweet and that shade of blue makes my heart skip a beat. Have a great day, darling. xo

  17. I LOVE the bow tie!And the happy blue!It's been a while since I wore blue without red or yellow.Gotta try this combo soon.And I got all your points covered except that at times,I DO speak before letting others finish(though I stop as soon as I realize it) and I don't have a kid and if a twenty two year old is considered a kid,I'm anything but disciplined!Am I a 'bad person'?*Tears and sobs*

  18. In my books I just want to add one more thing to your list :)
    In a bunch of people from different regions, you start talking in your mother tongue, despite knowing that people dont understand you!

    I love the blue-ness in the pics and the sweater :)

  19. First pic! OMG! Love the pink lipstick on you! ^.^
    I think I'm going to steal that bow tie soon. *Nods*

  20. That lipstick looks amazing on u and how adorable is the bow tie!!

  21. Everything is so perfect !
    Blue - Pink !
    Bow tie - Very bold yet cute !
    That sweater and denim pants - balancing the casualness shirt & Bow tie!

    And above all, that PEPPY side of yours ! :)

    Love !

  22. Oh darling, I could have such conversations with you about the not so funny things people do here! It is all about stroking the ego (which can be said of quite a few cultures!)

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  23. Love the video and all the dancing poses ..So darn cute :) And I agree that the definition of 'good' people differs from person to person and sometime country to country ..I can't stand sugary sweet people either and I can see through them but it is hard to explain that to others because then I become the 'bad' people, if that makes sense ;)

  24. Wow Tanvi! You always amaze me with your super creative outfits! Awesome!!

  25. Love your outfit..you look very beautiful and naughty in the pictures!! My fav pic is the one you put your hands on cheeks..too cute :)

    Deepika <3

  26. Love that jig...Blue is you color :)

    Thanx for your lovely comment

    ♡ StylishByNature.com


  28. I love the bright lipstick on you. I could never pull off such a strong shade, but you look beautiful.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  29. it's nice to see you actually break out in dance. :)

    love the blue heels and hte bow tie.

    by the way, i can't stand people with obnoxious children. it's just the worst!

    you are 'good people' in my eyes. and i can say that because i've met you.

  30. You look adorable in the first picture ! And i love your shoes :)

    I cannot stand people with spoilt, bratty children - They show they way the people themselves have been brought up!

  31. I am so with you! Couldn't have said it better myself :)

    Love these pix. That first one is amazing and then I love all of the blue too! xoxo

  32. You've blown me away with this look cos you're wearing my fave colour girl! LOVE!

    I am literally cuckling away with what you consider to be a 'good person' here. Why, because sooooo many Greeks are incredibly laid back=late all the time, drives me nuts I tell you. People bumping into you and not apologising-big pet hate of mine.

    What happened to good manner anyways?

    Loved your first food pic, it's a mixture of what I had tonight with some chicken bites. Mange tout would be yummy in that dish too!

    Can you tell that i've had dinner in order to talk about food so freely?


  33. OMG!! i love it!! awesome styling!! killer video!! ur a rockstar di!!

  34. that shade of blue is so cool and eyecatching! X

  35. i bow down to that BOW... i love it...and you made me realize how much i was BLUE once upon a time...

    and i love this color....telepathy coz today itself i went shopping and picked up this electric blue..its such a happy color and i really like how you have done up the entireee outfit!!


  36. That first picture is amazing!! I love your entire outfit, especially that bow tie.

    I'm thinking your measure of goodness, is correct; if not, I'm a poor measurer of goodness too.

  37. Haha! rightly said..I especially agree with the last bit..too "good a person" is plain BORING :)
    Anything electric blue and I am floored..and you wear it very well!! Love the bow-tie..cute addition:)

  38. i totally agree with you. i don't consider my standards of what i consider a "good person" to be very high, but i would say the majority of people don't meet them. and that totally makes me sound like a snob!

  39. There's nothing wrong in having some standards. I think I'm one of those people who are considered even ungrateful as I really don't have the energy to butter up every single person in the room :D I'm polite, sure, but in a party with 50 people or so, I can't possibly go on telling everyone they have amazing, shiny hair and best outfit in the room. :D So, I kinda get your point there. Right?

    Well, anyway, I still must say that bright blue looks great on you :) It's a pretty outfit! And going out taking photos in that weather sure is dedication ;) xoxo ♥

  40. Moving between cultures can lead to interesting observations, can't it? I have similar problems with the German-English culture. Now, don't ask me which are the rude ones :)
    Great styling, Tanvi!

  41. Being late is very common amongst us isn't it? Indian Standard Time and all that! Like another commenter, I too feel that talking in a language other than English is quite rude! Unless everyone in the room knows the other language of course.

  42. Oops forgot to add this shade of blue is my fave and looks fab on you

  43. Super cute outfit! Love the bright shoes. And punctuality is always a good trait! xo style, she wrote

  44. loving the lipstick colour Tanvii... and of course that shade of blue is gorgeous on you!

    xx Aarti

  45. My first impression is largely determined by punctuality and the style and volume of talking. I hate people shouting in my ears when I am standing a mere feet away from them.

    Really I could write an essay on this but lets just stop at this much.

  46. Well......I got a tick on all YOUR points, but not on the other one! Is it better to be GOOD or POPULAR....I wonder...??? ;)

    Well.......guess I'm just HAPPY the way I am! :D

    Love the bright blue accents & the bow! <3

  47. I love the ' fun and whimsical element' in your dressing !

  48. Ah my dear Tanvi, there are less and less polite people, everywhere, it's hard but we- how know to say please or sorry, shouldn't change...
    U look very sweet with this bow!:)

  49. Tanvi,

    What you listed are basic qualities one must have. Very delicious looking and tempting dishes in previous post.


  50. so i just wrote a lengthy comment and it's not showing! anyway, i mentioned that when i'm excited about a topic, i might not let you finish your sentence...but i think i am a "good person" besides that:-). blue is one of my favourite colours on you and love the look you created above.

    p.s. i am waiting on feedback from you re my choice. xx

  51. I absolutley HEART your outfit and you're right about our countrymen....but I have found that its people in general too.


  52. Luv the first pic tanvi :) you look fantastic in blue.

    I am off to India in a few weeks times and already somewhat dreading meeting these kind of people. Somehow the entire nation seems to be filled with these kind of people *trying hard not to stereotype* be it Delhi or Bangalore. I end up counting to 10 many many times every time :)

  53. That cobalt blue is so gorgeous!

  54. Love your Valentine's Day picks! That ring is lovely. xo style, she wrote

  55. Oh my god. Now Ashish has to photoshop pictures too make them b/w with some parts colored...you should thank him

  56. You have made it DEAR!Looking awesome!First pic is shockingly beautifull.Loved all of them but cud not c the video:(

  57. That would be me :| I am never loved for whatever qualities you mentioned because I "DIE" if I have to compliment someone and not mean it. One can read it on my face. And time, forget arriving late, we do not respect each other's time on twitter, blogging etc. too. It's like, "READ MY BLOG", excuse me? A please may have helped! And if you insist, they call you westerners, fake attitude and what not.

    I love that blue!! So so much...Guess I am the only one who eats, sleeps and drinks navy blue :(

  58. Love the shoes, shirt and bow tie :)


  59. What a fun outfit! The tie is sweet!

  60. i love the kick of electic blue ! lovely !

  61. blue is one of my favourite colours and it looks fabulous on you!

  62. Are we by any chance twin sisters separated at birth? Not fashion sense, but the views and observations of nonsense around us ;)

    Kiran @ KiranTarun.com

  63. Girl, I just found your blog recently and let me tell you that you seem EXTREMELY egoistic and very demeaning! Here you're talking about how people in India are rude, not mannered, not polite? My question to you is.. who are you to judge the people living in India, how do you know that not everybody is the same. Also, let me remind you that your family and infact, you, lived in India before you got married to your green-card-holder-fabdab-hubby! So girl, learn to respect your provenance and stop acting as if you are americanized because you're clearly not! and oh yea.. as a tip.. throw out all your gaudy leggings.. you look hideous and also western clothes dont suit you at ALL! you look much better (read: civilized) in Indian since you have a very Indiansque face..! Alost, you should subdue your egoistic nature a bit because you're not all that.. honestly, just what I have mustered from your posts.. you seem like a very judgmental person who is full of herself! I dont think you are pretty or ugly but your personality and characteristics push you towards the UGLIER side of life. Please become more humble and a bit down to earth.. And please let dont efface this comment, its from the heart!


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