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Yesterday I decided to go back to my old gym. I hadn't gone there in a long time, simply 'coz I we moved houses and I took up new activities, but that's for another post. Here's the conversation I had with an Indian Aunty lady I met for the first time. 

When I entered the studio, there was just the two of us at the moment:

Lady: Hi! 
Me: Hi! 
Lady: I have not seen you here before. 
Me: Ya, I usually go to the other location, at xyz
Lady: Ah! I go there too, I haven't seen you there either. 
Me: Hmmm ... must be the different timings then. 

Lady: Indian?
Me: Yes! **
Lady: Gujarati?
Me: No! *blank.face*
Lady: Marwari?
Me: No! **
Lady: Then?
Me: Just Indian, from India. **
Lady: Oh! 

Lady: By the way my name is (let's call her ->) Lmnop. 
Me: Nice to meet you, I am Tanvi. 
Lady: I just went to Bangalore. Met so many Indians there. 
Me: (duhh!) That's nice. **
Lady: I went to India after 28 years.
Me: Wow, that's a long time. 

Lady: Punjabi?
Me: No! *are.we.still.on.the.same.topic.?.!.?*
Lady: But Hindu? Sikh? Christian? or?
Me: ** Hindu.*sigh!*
Lady: *with a satisfaction of getting some answer from me* I met a Punjabi couple when I went to India, their daughter's name was also Tanvi. That's why your name sounds familiar. 
Me: *don''* Hmmmm *

Lady: So you go to college here?
Me: No, I am married. **
Lady: Kids?
Me: *here.we.go.again* No. *with.a.stern.face*
Lady: Oh! How long have you been married?
Me: ** For almost 5 years.
Lady: How long have you been in U.S.?
Me: For almost 5 years. 
Lady: So, right after your marriage. 
Me: *when.will.this.interrogation.get.over* Yes! 
Lady: All the while in San Antonio?
Me: No, we stayed in Austin for little over a year. 
Lady: What does your husband do?
Me: He is a scientist. **

Lady: ** What does he research about?
Me: *I.take.two.steps.back* His research is about yada yada yada 
Lady: *starts.her.long.monologue* My husband is a physician, he would understand your husband's work much more [**]. When my husband finished his degree, he too did his research in yada yada yadaMy parents are originally from Bombay but when I was born they moved to Hyderabad. So me and my younger sibling are brought up there. We are 4 brothers and sister. Then we all moved to Houston and I did my higher studies here. When I got married I moved to San Antonio and now we have been here for 18 years. That's as long as my eldest son's age. He is 18 years old. *Pause* Do you have any family or brothers and sisters here?
Me: ** No. Its just me and my husband. 

*** ... right then the aerobics instructor entered ... THANK GOD! *** 

... And people say I don't have patience! 
If this is not the testament of my incredible level of patience then I don't know what is! 

Running errands! *!* ;)

Sweater - Banana Republic [09']
Scarf - Inherited from Mom [10']
Shoes - Jessica Simpson [08']
Earrings - c/o INPINK [11']
Jeans - Zara [11']
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  1. Oh super I am the first one comment today :) Now that was quite an experience. I get these religion/region questions way too often over here. So annoying. was so much fun reading this. Love the teal pants and <3 the shoes.


  2. hahaha..*bows down* you are too patient! She really sounds annoying. I dont know why people are so nosy..
    I am liking these videos.. Love these shoes!!

  3. i am sorry you had to go through that...but it made for a really really good come she met Indians in Bangalore ?? huh ??kaise ??

    the scarf totally makes the outfit a stunner..a typical Tanvi outfit, simple yet makes a statement :)

  4. Oh boy, you really had a lot of patience to sit through that!!! And to think the poor lady didn't realize how much she was boring you in spite of your several hints :-)

  5. Ah, nosy people :D they're really funny, up to the point. At that point, they're just plain annoying :D

    You do run your errands in style, I love those pants of yours :) xoxo

  6. I am sooooo glad you told her you are from "just India" !! I am so proud of you :)))))
    And I am glad you didnt yawn.. One time I actually yawned when a nosy female was interrogating me. :D

  7. teehee look who's having a Delhi metro experience! ;) love the scarf!

  8. Hahahahahaha! Why was she so desperate to know WHERE in India you were from?! People are so curious, it really makes no sense to me! But you see, your problem is in giving her the smile at first :P. If you had just given her a grumpy/stern I'm-not-interested look and not answered her questions, she may have backed off. That's what I do, anyway! :P

    Anyway, love the scarf and the dress is such a perfect length. I'm always on the lookout for dresses like that to wear with leggings! :)

  9. hahahahahahahahahaha I hate it when some random lady starts asking me about my pedigree and stuff. Its annoyingggggggggg. U are way too patient than me =D

    Btw u look really cute =D

  10. Oho ho...ladies like these make me never want to go abroad.You did a good job,girl!I'm SO proud of you!College five,then?I'm graduating and you're just starting!Maybe I can help you with my notes or something.But before that,we need to make sure if both of us have opted for a major in nyadanyadanyada(yes,that's what I'd like to call 'our subject').;-)
    P.S.You DO run errands in style!Love the scarf!

  11. Forget ladies, i have even met taxi drivers who ask me and my husband the same questions :) :)
    and its difficult to jump out of taxis when you are being bombarded with such to be patient :) :)

  12. What on earth was that :| I have met Indian women who do this. Forget USA, I was once travelling from college to home and I had to sit next to this lady for good 6-7 hours and she wouldn't spare me for even a minute!

    Bachhe, kitna kama loge engineering ke bad? bhai behen kitne hain? papa kya karte hain? kitni baar ghar aate ho :| phone number de do :|

    Anyhow, I loved the outfit, scarf is indeed catchy!

  13. Nice outfit n lovely jeans...u r quite patient!!!

  14. lol...Truly u r so patient n run errands in style too


  15. U surely run the errands in style...and i have no words for that conversation. U sure do have loads of patience.

  16. I love your outfit!!! Simple yet stylish and chic!! And those shoe *thumbs up*

    Annoying aunties at the gym I tell you.. Thats the reason I never went in the ladies timing.. Used to go crazy....


  17. Tanvi,

    I cannot stop laughing........I can imagine the irritation and frustration on your face.

    But Tanvi, I have just two more questions

    1. How old are you?
    2. What is your and your husband's salary?


    I am asked these questions in the USA>

  18. Oh my God! Poor you. Some people are just nosy and can't help it. Patience is the key. Lucky you got saved by the instructor or else don't know what all you would have to hear and answer. The annoying talk makes a good read though. :)

    Love your outfit especially the scarf and the shoes. Good going with the videos!

  19. Crushing on your scarf and jeans! You look lovely and have some of the most interesting interactions with people, lol.

  20. Love your outfit!! pretty!
    loving the colour of the jeans :)

    and these aunties can be a pain! you have the patience! atleast you dont have random aunties telling you ill find u a boy :P

  21. Running errands in style, ha, ha, that sounds so much like me:) Hubby teases me about it all the time, "did you just do your eyes to go pick up some groceries?:)" Love your look and your conversation with the aunty - such patience!! I was going "God help me please", just reading it:):)

  22. Can TOTALLY relate! We have all suffered in this manner :-) My most recent trip on a very long flight to India had me sitting next to a man who told me his entire life story and all his child and family troubles for 3 hours until I feigned sleep! I wanted to send him a bill for therapy....
    COngrats on practicing patience and love your scarf!!
    Meetu D

  23. Tanvi,

    LOL. So you had all the fun. Hope you have not stopped going there. Next time you be the interrogator.

    Take care

  24. Great earrings! =)

  25. that was an interesting conversation :P :D heehhee..
    Btw loved ur shoess : )

  26. hahaha!!! i would have started choking on my words after the "You are Hindu part" hahaha!!

    Looking nice !!

  27. hahaha, Oh My! Go Tanvi! Lol, I would have walked away. Regardless, I LOVE the scarf :)

  28. HAHA that conversation is hilarious(and totally annoying)! I hate when people talk to me at the gym..(well back when I used to go to the gym). Love the outfit. The teal pants are awesome!


  29. Uuuuuuuugh small talk that will never end is my worst nightmare. Can't we just exchange how are you's and move on??? You are indeed a patient person!

  30. I should give this expression from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Janice. Oohh mmyy Gaawwddd!!
    Is she gone or what? Now I understand! She doesnt actually want to know your religion.. but she just wanted to make Tanvi tell her religion. There is a difference you see! :D
    She is totally annoying!! I wish I meet her! :P

  31. ~Very funny post. People are so nosy lol.

    ~Well Tanvi you shouldn't be so beautiful and interesting:).

    ~This is why I frequent your blog.

    ~I Love your entire outfit!

  32. Some time ago something similar happened to me and when I started getting irritated I turned to the other person and with my widest smile said... "would you like to know the colour of my knickers too?".. turned around and left her to it. You're right - you are patient and too well-educated to be rude.... I was in a bad mood on that day... !

  33. Gorgeous shade of blue.

  34. hahaha! one of your best conversations wali post :P
    okay these indian aunties can be really annoying at times. u are lucky you come across them once in a while...i have to struggle every freaking day!

  35. hahah so funny! this lways happens to me at the worst time (i.e. when i'm NOT in the mood to talk!!)

    Love your outfit xxx

  36. LOL Great story, Tanvi! You were very patient! Lovely outfit, too. xo style, she wrote

  37. How how how did you not punch her in the face? Or at least say something mean?! You really are patient. I was getting irritated just reading the qs she was asking you.

    PS - Same same pinch for same same pants!

  38. OMG! That womannn..Reallyy??!!I loved the part hwen you almost wanted to tell her that your husband is working on something that will make people (annoying and nosy)! Love the way you have written it :) And I am crushing on your pants..

  39. Haha nosy people can drive me crazy but sometimes I just have to laugh at them. You definitely have patience :) xoxo

  40. Sounds like dozens of convos I've had with similar nosy females! Why do they have ask so many questions? Once they know you are married the next question is 'How many kids?" LOL!

  41. HAHAHAHAHAHA..... this was just hilarious. Sorry u had to experience it. BUT wat a good read.

  42. That must have been hard. Sometimes polite smiling and nodding can only go so far when you are really thinking "help!!!"

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  43. Bravo for the patience!:D
    U look great Tanvi, I love so much your jeans!!

  44. you are too funny! i probably would have left! and loving the outfit. great shoes!

  45. bwhahahahahaha! That is exactly the aunty convo we've all gone through; how horrific that you couldn't get away, though!!
    My hubby is also a scientist!! :)

  46. ha ha ha happens quite a lot sometimes I feel I am interrogated every time I meet a new auntie
    you are looking super stylish

  47. Punjabi?haryanvi? Kashmiri?pahadi?bhaiya (common derogatory term used for folks from UP and I am a bhayani)? Wait I have 22 more states to interrogate about.... :):):)

    She had no willingness to give up now did she?! And no kidding now that I am on my way to have a kid after 5.5 years of marriage, just the other day an Indian lady asked me why I waited so long? Are you freakinnn kidding me....ugghhhh.

  48. Hahaha...cannot help but wonder at your astronomical patience:P I would have slaughtered AUNTY right there!!! Love the scarf in the pic:)

  49. "just indian, from india" LOLLL!!!

  50. I can so well imagine ur plight:)
    Love your writting skill.Enjoyed this melo-drama.
    This outfit is chic n stylish.

  51. hahahhaaa i like your post ! ppl can be irritating at times !!

  52. What an incredible nosy woman! You've been incredibly patient and curteous - I'm sure I would have blasted NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS much earlier!

  53. hahahaha at that convo! Maybe she's lonely? Or looking for a wife for a son, lol.

    Lurve your running errands look

  54. Have i vented my frustration at these types before? I think I have, but just in case I hadn't, let me tell you--I feel your pain, sistah. SIGH.

    Kab sudherenge? not in my lifetime, I'm guessing.

    So my reaction as always, would be flash the biggest plastic smile I own and act dumb.

    Love just "indian from india"...I'm so stealing that line for next time (I use that with non-Indians, who probably see me as representative of 1.2 billion folk as it is, but I've never used it with an actual indian--I just say delhi which appears to appease them, and for the ultra nosy ones, I usually give them a fake smile and not answer anything beyond that.)

    Next time, I think I'll break out into sare jahan se accha.......LOL!

  55. First, I LOVE this outfit, effortless chic! the pants are pure love!
    Second, I SO enjoyed reading this post lol!!! it made my evening! Thanks Tanvii!!!!!!!!!! :)

  56. Argh!! They are all the same, this proves it. How frustrating. Babe, you were too patient. I can't stand "baby" questions either. Back off, you nosy people!!!

    Kiran @

  57. Babe, you really neednt mention you run errands in style - we already know that. :)

    And she met many Indians in Blore, eh? LMAO!

    Why didnt you just turn around and saunter off straight-faced, found a bench and pretended to sit and fall asleep right away?!!


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