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Mix & Match (XII) & Life without Sugar

Wearing packaging material as a bracelet - Here -> Here

If you are a regular here or on my Facebook Page, you know I had taken a sugar sabbatical for 6 months from 1st June to 30th November 2011. A lot of people have/had a lot of questions about my this action. So here I am giving the run-down on all the why's and how's, 'coz for most parts I am a nice person and value my readers' requests and questions ... for most parts! ;) 

Sugar Sabbatical

Two reasons:

1. I was going to be in India for the complete month of June (2011) and by experience I knew that I would be od'ing on all the Indian sweets hence decided to take the pledge to avoid the damage. You know I work hard on my body so it hurts me literally (in my heart!) when it all goes down the drain. 

2. Earlier this year, I some how became addicted to having some form of chocolate on daily basis. Like I had to have a KitKat or a cookie or a cake every.single.night else I wouldn't get sleep! I husband had to ration my chocolate intake and hide all-things-sweets before going to work! So I had to take some drastic steps to break that habit. I do not like being addicted to anything. I repeat, anything! I am a super woman and I can do anything! 

I took the decision to quit quite spontaneously sometime in May! I didn't think much about it prior to taking the giant step! Once the D Day arrived I started educating myself. Obvious things to avoid were chocolates, cookies, cakes, candies, bottled beverages, etc. (you get the idea). Slowly I learnt that a most of the pre-packaged food items like chips, breads, canned foods, etc. all have added sugar in them. 

Within the first week I had the clear idea of what all I could not eat any more and the answer was pretty simple - ANYTHING WHICH IS NOT NATURALLY SWEET! 

So what did I eat when I got the sugar cravings? - Fruits, Nuts and Vegetables! 
Breakfast was the hardest meal to manage as I realized that most of the options had added-sugar (yogurts, protein bars, cereal, etc.). I chose Muesli for most times, which tastes like cardboard so I added raisins to add some sweetness. All the other meals were easier with the option of lots of veggies. 

1st Dec. 2011
We were celebrating my sister-in-law's Bachelorette Party on 30th November, so as soon as the clock turned 12 midnight, she nudged to break my sabbatical on her special day with a slice of chocolate cake and of course there was no question of turning her down. However, after having it I felt quite sick in my stomach and didn't feel I was missing out of anything (though everyone else seemed to enjoy the cake a lot!). Later in the day I had some Indian sweets (courtesy: Dad!) which gave me some major stomach ache, i.e. I was over sugar and nothing seemed as sweet as before (literally and metaphorically, both

Now what?
Oh well!
  • I am trying to stay on track. 
  • I do not get sugar cravings any more. 
  • I do not "need" chocolate any more. 
  • I get satisfied in small portions of everything.
  • I hope to keep the 'added sugar' to the minimum in my meals
  • And continue on my path of ultimate fitness!  

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  1. Thats a very inspirational post!! I am thinking of starting a no-sugar diet for 3 months (You see I can't literally starve myself for so long as you did!! So starting out with baby steps). Hope I can remember your words and stick to my plan...thanks again :)

  2. You have a lot of self control and self-discipline.

    The quote from Gwyneth Palthrow nailed it for this post.

  3. My sugar cravings are pretty low so thats not the issue though I need to go on a no rice sabbatical and no fried food sabbatical :) :) whenever that happens :)

  4. You are an inspiration :) And I love that quote by Gwyneth Paltrow..Such a 'real' woman quote :) And the bracelet idea is perfect!! I wouldn't have known if you hadn't mentioned it's from a packaging material :)

  5. Now that I think of it, anything that is NOT natural, has sugar in it in some form or the other.
    I am not much of a sweets-person though. I can only eat a tiny bit at a time. No cravings what-so-ever.
    Anyway kudos to you for achieving your target :)

  6. Really inspirational!!

    love the way u took up the challenge

  7. i have a question !!! i was a fitness freak before and i did the same thing but when i started consuming normal or little amounts of sugar , i EXPLODED !! LITERALLY and now i am paying heavily because now its more difficult to reduce the weight :( but i am still trying . Do you think its because everyone has a different body?
    Ps it wasn't just not eating sugar but i exercised too . i am confused :( HELP

  8. Eek.. You have a strong will & tons of determination to pull off something like that

  9. wow you turned fiction into reality! kudos :)
    I am not much of a sweets person, so can not relate, but understand the addiction part. I don't like being addicted to anything either!

  10. omg..u r strong tanvi...earlier i never was a sweets person but somehow now i m addicted...shud try out something like this one...

  11. Love this post, it's very inspirational :) xoxo

  12. Tanvi,

    What an innovation on bracelet! You do have strong will power to avoid sweet things.

    Take care

  13. congratulations! i like knowing i can get out of habits too...i love that quote in the end!

  14. You are a real-life inspiration, not that Gwyneth isn't great in her own right. I agree that most of us have to WORK for the bodies that we want.

    Over the last several months, I cut salty snacks and limited sweets in my own diet. It feels good to fit into my skinny jeans, and I don't have to eat all the time anymore. We are more powerful than our cravings.

  15. Great post!Hats off to your determination!!
    Love the bracelet too.It feels so good to b fit and still gracefully feminine.Love you.

  16. Wow! Very ambitious (especially at Christmas time!) Good for you... keep it up!!


  17. Thank you for your lovely words. I would love to hug you too.

  18. I've always said that you have a career in motivational techniques. That last quote should be stuck on all our refrigerators.

    I'm more a fan of savory than sweet. So I'm borderline addicted to things like french fries, samosas etc. Horrible, I know. I have phases when I don't eat it at all and then sometimes, I just HAVE to have one. Maybe I should try your method and just quit it. Great post Tanvi.


  19. Congrats! It's so good to have a diet with little to no sugar. Good luck keeping it up! I don't like being addicted to anything either this is why I deactivated my facebook for a few months.

  20. So proud of you for completing that challenge. Quite honestly there are very few who are gifted with good genes, the rest of us just have to work our arse off!!!

  21. That's great, sweetie! And I can totally understand not craving it anymore and actually feeling ill from it. Keep up the great work :) xoxo

  22. tanvi i so so need to get rid of the baby flab...gosh this post f yours is like a wake up call..and i am sipping chai in the office !! tch tch

  23. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog ^_^ Well If I happen to produce this creations of mine for real, I will definitely gift you this theme ^_^

    Please do visit again.Your comments are precious to me. :)

  24. That upcycled wrapping bracelet is just gorgeous.
    I've never really liked sweet things, I wasn't given them as a child and so I've never developed a taste for them. x

  25. I loved reading this! It's amazing that, with will power strong enough, you can kick any addiction. I remember being at university and taking 3 tablespoons of sugar in my mug of tea, and I couldn't even drink herbal or green tea unsweetened! Just by weaning yourself slowly you're able to get used to a less sweet taste. I'm so glad you've been able to kick your addiction! :)

  26. Love your resolve, girl. I have been keeping my sugar in control, and it feels so good to find that your fight against bulge is showing results. I have shed several pounds, but it's an uphill task that you keep at every day. So your decision is inspirational.


  27. Good for you Tanvi...stay off the sugar. I just got back from a cruise and felt sick by the time I got back...too much food:):) And your body just rebels, especially when you train it otherwise. Yep, 55 and working my ass off:):) Missed you. Hugs!

  28. We are doing low carb and low sugar and it can be so hard to do low carb (low sugar is easier for me). Natural sweetness helps as well as knowing to take things in moderation.

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  29. U truly sound like a super woman here! Wish i cud imbibe it...i love sweets too much to give it up! And that last bit by Gwyneth is so true...thank god for her, else all we get to hear from actresses is that they r blessed with good genes and crap like that.

  30. I had no idea your sugar sabbatical was still on!!!!!!

    You wonder woman you!

    I was aghast when I found my mil actually uses sugar in whatever she cooks - in.the.every.single.thing! Thankfully I managed to tone that down, if not eradicate since she thinks sugar is a major seasoning ingredient.

    I could not agree more on having to work your ass off to be in good shape. And that does not mean just hankering the treadmill 30 min a day, or a walk once in a blue moon. Its a lifestyle. Its the constant decision of being careful what you put into your body every time you open your mouth.

  31. So inspiring! Thank you.


  32. You are truly inspiring Tanvi - Not just by the fitness regime you have, but even through the amazing person you are :)

  33. I remember when you said you'd quit sugar and I thought you were bonkers! Have to hand to you hun though, i'm totally inspired... only I don't have that much willpower. My addiction to chocolate is insane... But at least I make and bake my sugary stuff and im relatively careful about the non natural stuff in when I shop.


  34. Oh! How I wish I can be a super woman like you someday!!

  35. definitely a big kudos to you for getting rid of artificial sugar in your diet. if only i were that brave. :)

    totally love what you did with the mix and match turning the package decoration into a nice bracelet.

    hope you had a fab weekend!

  36. I have been reading all the recent posts without signing in but this sugar-free post compelled me to sign in and post a reply. Wow, this is a huge step, a major lifestyle change! Big pat on the back for undertaking it! I will think about it.....or shall we say "food for thought" ;-)
    Meetu D

  37. kudos to you baby...
    i can't tell you how many times this off-sugar thing has inspired me and sadly how the chocolate and the likes lure me like the temptress:(

    you say there is no craving now-wow, amazing...maybe this time I'll take the inspiration more seriously...loved the Gwyneth Paltrow quote...maybe a few years down the line, we'll be quoting you in the same way:-)

  38. That is a very admirable thing to do, Tanvi! I think I may give it a whirl! It is certainly a good way to avoid extra pounds around the holidays. xo style, she wrote

  39. I think this is awesome!! I did it for an entire year a couple of years ago, and it was really good!! I am going to share this post on my Facebook page! YOU GO GIRL!!

  40. Omg..You are amazing..I can't resist anything sweet..Thats my weakness.. Every time I tell myself that I am going to quit having sweets but No I can't..I am just addicted..i guess :(

  41. gweneth and u both are inspirational...

    hats off to your sugar sabattical...it's an accomplishment of gigantic proportions!!

    cute bracelet!

  42. Very inspirational. Isnt it amazing how much we actually dont need added sugar. You are my hero. Could I do it? Might be afraid to try..... Love the quote at the end too. Xxxx

  43. Wow!! I've sorta believed I could do anything too.. I stayed without tv for a year and stuff like that.
    but i cant do this.


  44. Love her quote. You are such an ispiration!

  45. awesome!!! I "need" choco every single day too :( I am seriously thinking of giving this a try for a month atleast .. once the holiday season is over ;D

  46. Thanks a lot,i have just got onto your blog, it's awesome, especially your take on fitness. i ran almost after 2 years AFTER reading you. always meant to. thanks.


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