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With time I have learnt to have the least possible expectations from people. It doesn't mean I have given up on mankind. It only means that I have decided to give everyone A LOT of space to be whoever they want to be! It is not easy but it is also, not impossible. Every time I feel a 'grudge' or 'bitterness' growing inside me, for someone failed me or didn't live up to my expectation (how were they to know?) I tell myself that, "Every one is doing the best they can!" There is already so much stress in life, simply to even exist ... why add to the drama with unnecessary expectations? I know it is easier said than done, but it CAN be done. With a little practice and a little mental-tuning, it CAN be done. Anything for the peace of mind! Right? :) 

Moving away from the Browns and the Greys ... 
back to color with the Burgundy & Fair Isle sweaters!  

Jeans - GAP [09']
Shirt - Tailored via Richa [11']
Sweater - Monsoon, U.K. [10']
Booties - Local Boutique [09']
Ear Studs - c/o Moissanite.com
Pendant - Gift from Soomya [11']
People from Moissanite.com were kind enough to send me a pair of these sparkly studs to try. While, I am not an expert but if they hadn't told me I for one could not tell them apart from diamonds. 

What is Moissanite? Well there is an interesting story behind the manufacturing of this gemstone. Click here if you wish to learn more.  

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  1. omg loving the colours :) u look fabulous!

  2. It has a rocker chic kind of vibe...but not quite cos of the wonderful colours

  3. I don't know if I can stop expecting from the people I really care about and the ones who are close to me or may be what happens is that you accept them the way they are
    and for the rest I guess when they do not meet my expectations then I simply let them be and as you said do some tuning and make a mental note of not being bothered.. difficult but do able :) :)

    Loved that sweater... perfect colors :)

  4. Very true.. To live a happy life one has to be expectation proof and also should let other release from one's expectations.
    you rock in this colors..

  5. nice write up tanvi n this pink suits u to core...very electric!!

  6. Love that purply pink color, I have a shirt in similar color :). You look great. And I have the same beliefs of expectations.

  7. love these shoes. I think I like having expectations from people who're close, but the key is then to tell myself the world has not ended if they don't meet those everytime. I really do believe people who care abt u are doing the best they can...

  8. Very healthy attitude :) the only expectations I have of people are to be respectful and polite, and most of the time they are!

    I've been wanting to try moissanite for a long time. I've never seen one close up and wonder if I could tell it apart from diamonds!

  9. LOVE the jeans and the sweater :)

    and yes, even i've learn over time to keep my expectations low from the people who matter .. the people who don't matter - DON'T MATTER :D

    it helps. space helps. let people be. good mantra to adapt to in life.

  10. An year back I would have said its impossible to not have any expectations but now I know I can do it if I really want to. Like you said, anything for peace of mind!
    I love the crazy close-up! Did you change your nose ring or am I noticing it now?

  11. I love the kohal.....<3

    And, you know Tanvi, I don't feel comfi wearing neck pieces on top of a shirt or sweater, but when I see on other women, it looks perfectly alright....Hmm! I wish I could be more experimental...

    Torn jeans, my fav...and such a change in winters...

    And, you speak my mind with the little note...I wish I was half as articulate as you are!


  12. although you are the centre of attraction in those pics...but THE BACKGROUND!!

  13. wow nice colorful post, love the pendent and that fuchsia lipstick

  14. Love the sweater and love your expressions in the pics. :)

  15. LOL! That's what my dad always says--keep your expectations of people to a minimum and you'll be happier. I've never heard saner advice. :)

    You are a very smart person Tanvi.

    Love the way you've layered a button down under that sweater--I havea similar sweater but never know how to wear it--it's too bulky for fall/spring but because of it's bulk I can't wear it under my winter coats. and the short sleeves are a pain too--too short for the colder days and the huge cowl neck makes it impractical for warmer days. I'm taking a page out of your book and layering it on top of something from now on! :)

    wow long comment! I'll stop now! :)

  16. That color looks good on you.

    That's a good piece of advice there.

  17. Tanvi,

    Read 2 posts now. Previous one was so informative. This one give right advice - Less expectations one has, happier one will be.

    Take care

  18. awww...that salute picture-sooooooooo adorable-totally you:-)

    and look at those legs-were you working out even in India?:-)

    and i find myself nodding with you when you say one can reduce expectations...a while back i would have found it impossible...you are my wise, knock out girl:-)

  19. That's a wise attitude to adopt. I came to it from life-experience, which I'm sure is what taught you. Those of us who are high-achievers (like you and me) are surprised when others don't act like us or show the same willpower. Recognizing that other people's lives are different is an important part of growing up. And a helpful one.

  20. Great post as always Tanvi! I have been into positive affirmations lately (in moderation, I'm still a bit of a cynic at heart) and this is so true. Leave the bad and make way for the good, right?

    Love the fair isle sweater and those cute stud earrings!

  21. I love that cropped Fair isle sweater over the long shirt. x

  22. love the sweater!!! :)

  23. True, this only show u're really tolerant person...
    And u look beautiful in this pretty blouse!;) kisses
    Jelena (glamfabchameleon.blogspot.com)
    p.s. One more day 'till the end of TeenyB Bikini Couture giveaway on my blog!!

  24. love your sweater, booties and necklace. i always have high expectations for my friends and it's very hard to break myself from that habit. but sometimes i just can't help it.

  25. True! anything for the peace of mind. I love the burgundy and your boots!

    P.S Thank you for visiting my blog :D

  26. Yay about seeing some colour. Your shirt looks great and love how you added the jumper on top.

  27. That shirt is absolutely fab Tanvi and I love the complementing sweater!
    Also, I agree with the bit about not expecting. Its just freaking hard mostly :'( But we gotta try, yes! :)


  28. Oh man! I need to be like that too. I hold too many grudges. But then I try and give people the benefit of doubt. And they piss me off even more!

    I really like your sweater.


  29. I love the pop of brightness!

    Hope you're having a good weekend darling!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  30. The color is so vibrant! Like the whole sweater shirt thing...reminds me of london days!

    I agree with you on the Expectations bit...and I also agree it's easier said than done..It's just a thing that when you give so much, it's human nature to expect a little in return...not that ZENned enough to be selfless~


    Enjoy the weather and diamonds :-)

  31. HI there.. I like this outfit very much.. a sweater on shirt is common bt till u have made it urs :) Like it..n those boots too
    wer were these pics taken??
    Would u like to follow each other? I'd be waitin fr ur ans on my blog :)
    Maybe u have time to read my
    New post

  32. The last shot reminds me I have to get my eyebrows done sooooon!

  33. Sometimes space is always a good thing! I normally like to give everyone around me space, not only because I want to avoid disappointment and anger but also because I can be a bit much as well. They need a break from me too! great post! love that button top!


  34. wow...nice sweater- love the purple:) And as usual, the accessories just sparkle! Nice insight on stress. Let me try that:)

  35. Love the burgundy.. and those are perfect winter boots.

    Dangling nose ring?? Seriously? lol

  36. Ha ha...super like!These aren't diamonds?No kidding!And LOVE the burgundy!

  37. Absolutely! Peace of mind is so much more important than criticising. Great outfit, Tanvi!

  38. ok i seriously love your sweater and how you wore it over that blouse!!

  39. I love how you've layered with different blues and purples :)

    Kiran @ KiranTarun.com


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