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October 2011 in Review

Firstly, THANK YOU! I am glad the Mix & Match series are so well received. Made my time & effort that much worth while! :) I am aware that most people can't help themselves but 'pick' their favorite among the two looks, but the purpose is to show an item worn creatively, just fyi! 

This was a rather slow month on the blog. My enthusiasm for blogging always goes down as the year ends. This is rather becoming a trend I feel. On to the topics we discussed in the posts this month .... It is amazing that how we all are from different cultures and background and yet when the topic of women comes up there are so many similarities. I guess the struggles and stereotypes associated with women are same all around the world.

I had mentioned that my spirits weren't all that high earlier this month. So I decided to start running to leave my blues behind. I can say that it WORKED! I am feeling awesome lately *runner's.high*. 

I am also feeling awesome, 'coz when I asked Surbhi to go read my post, which I had written about her, she said that it made her day. This was the first time I was mentioning her on the blog, so I am glad she liked it. 

I never explained what the acronym WUWT meant. I assumed it would be self-explainatory. But I guess not! So here it is - it stands for 'What's up with that?' a series dedicated to my everyday rants and bitching. 

While it is true that I love sharing my pearls of wisdom on the blog, this post however, wasn't about my wisdom but more about what I had recently learnt. [Also, lack of matter to blog about pushed me to take this easy route :P] Also, I have learnt and made peace with the fact that I will always be 'hard on my myself' and always 'speak my mind'. I do not know another way to exist. It is what it is! 

Lastly, I *blush* with your kind words on this post. What can I say? I ♥ my man! ☺

Please, pick your favorite outfit from below 
& I will see you guys next month ;)

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