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Mix & Match (II) plus April 2011 in Review

Wearing a Dress as a Skirt - Here -> Here

To be quite honest, I am not in a great shape any more to even attempt wearing this tube dress as a 'dress'. As far as, near future is concerned I will probably be wearing it more as a skirt than a dress! *sob*

Also, April is the last month we had missed out in the starting. 

Please poll this and then we shall be back on track with 2011 :) 

Thank you so much! 

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  1. I can't believe you would be in a bad shape, your body is so beautiful! But if you feel more like wearing it as a skirt, let me assure you it looks fabulous that way too :) great combining with theo yellow top, very cool contrast :)

  2. You couldn't possibly be out of shape, the way you work out and look after yourself a few weeks off wouldn't do any harm!
    You are beautiful and look gorgeous in both combos and the green skinny jeans win in the vote. x

  3. i dont think u will ever be in a bad shape to wear a tube dress!!!liked all the outfits and loved 1,4,10,11 ...

  4. Not in good shape- you must be silly. Stop teasing us;-)

  5. You are too hard on yourself, and it is all in your head...DO not go that road, it leads nowhere...
    You are gorgeous in any shape or form.
    Love u

  6. ohhhh should i vote??
    you will cross all the limits....

  7. love the first outfit...simple n classic n u lukin gorgeous!!!!10th n 11th r pretty....but 11th looks super sexy.........

  8. The dress looks great both ways! And as for not being in shape to wear it ... try spanx! :P I voted #9 but I'm not sure if it worked because the poll gave me an error message ... hmm.


  9. wow u look awesome...n awesome way of rewamping the wadrobe..cant wait to try tis my self.!!!
    Chic Accessorizer

  10. Tanvi, I voted for #11 mainly because of the shoes. Also loved the skirt/dress. The yellow is awesone!
    Also, please be kind to yourself....You are in great shape!
    Meetu D

  11. are you kidding us...reallyyyyyyyy?
    you yes YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU are not in great shape???????????????
    please consult the Oxford dictionary to confirm the meanings of "great" and "shape" because from where we are looking-it doesn't get any better;-)

  12. Tanvi if you're not in shape, I might start thinking I am A shape!!! Horizontal oval!! You look lovely in all the photos but my fav is the last one. It's very sexy ;)


  13. That mix n' match is superb!! I like the dress and when worn as a skirt, you did a great job by using that yellow top with it. It looks really pretty.

    I voted for #8 mostly coz of the skirt :)

  14. I love your tube dress as a skirt! It's so chic with the yellow!

  15. i love yellow!!!!!
    n i liked ur guest post on a Artyheart...

    P.S. im ur new follower,
    hope u check mine

  16. Say whaaaaat? Bad shape, c'mon girl, you're perfect! Plus I love that you're wearing the lemon top over the dress!

  17. oh! well...need not worry..it looks better as a skirt :))

    Happy weekend!


  18. I love both look with the beautiful dress. Yellow looks really pretty on you. Have a great weekend!;)

  19. YOU not in shape??? Now, THAT I've to see to believe!!! ;)

  20. Um, I have no idea what you're talking about. I just saw you and you look like you could pull off a tube dress, or five. You look good!

  21. Yes! I totally do that all the time - tight dresses as a skirt - it's a double whammy :) I just have the best time coming up with new uses for clothes!

    PS - either way you wear it, ya look fantastical!

    Dirty Pink Cardigan


  22. I am glad am not a man, for I couldn't have said this publicly otherwise!


    And since I am partial for jeans, I voted for number10. Colored denims are so in and I can not wait to buy one. I wonder though if yours is a denim or a pencil trousers?

    I loved the green, blue mix as well!! How it carefully matches the blue in the T. I think I will learn these little tricks of mixing colors from you, which I am really bad at. I hardly think beyond blues, reds, whites and blacks :D

    And, the attempt to wear tube dress as skirt! I so love. I need to try that next season :D


  23. wearing it as a skirt looks perfect with that yellow top:) you know how it rock it out...

  24. You look like you are in great shape! I saw some friends recently and was reminded to get back on the fitness bandwagon as well as have a better meal plan (we will cut down on carbs now which I love!)

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  25. i love numbers 10, 2 & 4 the best. i voted for 10 though.

  26. u look great in both...I like the dress better as a skirt..the yellow and the floral combination is awesome :)

    from your April review, 6, 7, 10 are my fav.

  27. You should go for check boxes than radio buttons. I wanted to vote for more than one

  28. I think you can carry it off but you know your body best :) no 10 is my fav

  29. it's pretty as a dress, but i totally like it better as a skirt. i think it's the way you styled it.

  30. Love what you did with that skirt/dress. xo style, she wrote

  31. this blog made me want to cheat during my break and comment! :) I LOVE this dress both ways!


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