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Hi! I am Anonymous!

Hello Bloggers!

I am 'Anonymous'. I am a troll, you know the one who leaves "honest" feedback on your posts very bravely and in turn ruins your day? Yeah! Now you remember me, don't you? I am sure, I have either visited you or one of your blogging friends.

Basically I do not have a blog of my own (Well, actually I do, but no one follows it, and I do not want you all to discover me, so let's just say I do not have one, K? Shhhhhh!) so I do not care about the blogging ethics or etiquettes.

I am so jealous of everyone who is popular or has it better than me, that I cannot help but vomit venom, filled in my heart. I am fat, and ugly to look at, so I definitely could never become an outfit blogger.

On top of that I do not have the gift of writing or any original thoughts to share, that might interest people to follow my blog. And you know what, I have never stepped into the kitchen to even attempt a food blog. And since I am fat, I do not have a clue about the "F" of fitness. This doesn't leave me with any option but to grow green with envy and hatred towards the ones who are after all talented in more than one way.

I am so insecure about my existence on this earth that I find bullying people with snark remarks from the shield of my computer, is the only way I can feel better about myself.

But I do have one talent - talent to bring people who are doing better than me down. I believe I am giving constructive criticism but to be honest I do not know what 'constructive' means, so I go ahead give criticism. After all something is better than nothing, right?

So next time you cross ways with me, do not feel bad about yourself or your blog. In fact sympathize with me. You see, besides being a total nut-job, I am also unemployed. Hence have way too much time on my hand to go around writing 'comments' under my highly under-cover profile of 'Anonymous'! 

UpdatedThis post is a satire on the 'world-famous' - Anonymous! This is a work of 'fiction' based on the common issue I see around the blogosphere and not just out of my own experiences. I do have the 'Anonymous comments' disabled on this blog, but people are smart they form 'fake' profiles to leave such comments too. I would like to thank Gayatri & Suze, over at Twitter, for inspiring me yesterday to come up with this post! 

Kurti worn as a dress - Mom's [From India, 10']
Bracelet - Gift [From Mom 11']
Earrings - Gift [From Mom 10']
Ring - Charlotte Russe [10']
Shoes - Pier Lucci [07']

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  1. sorry to hear you've been getting negative anonymous posts. i love the fabric of this dress and the amazing gold accessories. you are such a wonderful person and i apologize on behalf of anonymous. keep sharing your lovely outfits, fitness tips and advice on marriage and life. Much love!

  2. lovely dress. i love the makeup.


  3. wow lovely bright colors dress..... looking fabulous in this dress...

  4. Love that Kurti as a dress, gorgeous design and love those shoes:):) As for "anonymous", I delete all comments from anyone not brave enough to sign their name:):)

  5. Tanvi,
    go to your settings and you can block anonymous comments too :)
    do that right away!!
    Don't let anybody let you down, these people are just jealous!
    You look so pretty! :D
    I loved the first picture!!


  6. hahhaha!! hilarious! you should do more satires

  7. what a definition of anonymous. very well said. Loved each world of it..
    THese people are good for nothing and so always try to get other people down..

    Dress is so cute and you look gorgeous.

  8. Heylo Tanvi,
    I love it when Indian outfits are given a whole new turn to the Western world. Totally Love this look :)

  9. such a lovely way to pack a big punch to the "anonymous blogger" ,for every one anonymous blogger u have hundreds of bloggers who genuinely like your posts.....not that u already didn't knew about it, but just wanted to state a fact!!:)........n luv u in indian outfits...u add your own element to everything u wear n how!!!!

  10. oh. Finally someone's showing them their place. Though I have to admit, I hardly get these any more. I think as a fashion blogger, you're in the attack zone far more! But I know they totally deserve this treatment!

    I love the Indianness of this outfit! :)Love the elephant detailing on the kurti!

  11. Haha...What a post! What would we do without sarcasm! :)
    Love your bright kurti!

  12. ha! i love what you've written here about anonymous and the details of this ensemble.

  13. i love the kurti!! especially the black border...its so lovely! and loving the jewelllery too!

  14. Do you really get these kind of anonymous comments? Seriously...people must have way too much time to sit and criticise for no ryhme or reason.

    On a happy note :) love the dress and shoes :)

    It is still thursday is'nt it..sigh

    Have a great weekend :)


  15. this was awesome... thankfully I haven't had any anonymous posts till now, but then again I see it on almost every blog... and sometimes it can be really mean!

    Go girl for posting this :D ♥
    Oh and I ♥ the heels and the kurti :D

    P.S. First-timer on your blog.. Liked it :)

  16. Ohhh honey... that's how you know you've made 'it'... when the trolls come out... your very existence feeds them and destroys them. They can't be you, can't be with you so they want to cut you down. What they don't realise is that their weakling methods only serve to make you stronger.

    Don't apologise for the gist of this post. It's spot on! Bravo! These pond scum can speak their trollyuckery (their offical language :) all they want. They will never be you. Never be like you. Never be. Fullstop.

    GAWD!!!!!! Your hair!! Your body!! Your dress!!! [faint]...

  17. Loved the satire :) and the attire as well :)

  18. Ignorance is bliss :) & you look beautiful :)

  19. Love your text, you should do more satires! :-)

    You're outfit is also really gorgeous! Love the colors!

  20. Who's been giving you negative comments? Temme I'll leave my doggy behind 'em! Btw I love the kurti dress and the bracelet and ring look so nice.

  21. I'm sure every 'Anonymous' out there is shaking in his/her boots right now :-). The bracelet and earrings are beautiful!!!

  22. Oh un, sorry to hear you're getting saddo anonymous stalkers who have nothing better to do than write nasty stuff. Big Fat Boo to them!

    I don't understand why people feel the need to do that other than to make themselves better (whilst bringing you down perhaps)?

    Well, it's September doll, i am raring to go (like you were last month), so don't let ANYTHING stop you!


  23. Pants, I so forgot to say how amazing you look, and the SHOES!!!!! Sigh!

  24. So sad and so true Tanvi...:(( But I don't care cause here I see only your beauty and intelligence, pretty face and great look!:) kisses
    Jelena (glamfabchameleon.blogspot.com)

  25. i adore u tanvii.....love the shoes too.....

  26. I am fashion crazy but I must admit I don't have such a fantastic personal/fashion blog going for myself. And then came along one such troll who decided to rub it in and make me feel ashamed of even coming out to try and blog about fashion..And this ANONYMOUS who visited me WON!!!
    So I believe thats how they are growing in no. by victimising the weaker ones like me!!!
    POWER to you gal..they just don't know WHO Tanvii is!!!
    Mucholove for this whammy post!!

  27. Turning an ethnic kurta into something like this. Brlliance.
    Ahh Tanvii - I love your creativity :)

  28. Gorgeous! Definitely one of my summer favourites of yours. I am always so envious of ladies who have such lovely indian clothes (something I sorely lack)! Loveee it! xx

  29. Looks like those comments actually work huh? I just opened ur blog and I saw most of the prev posts are 'inspired' by the negative comments you got.
    Getting negative feedback isn't all that bad. sometimes it's the reflection of truth and sometimes it's jealousy. Take it equally and more over if u r strong headed why would that bother you even! lol

    Liked the kurti.. but not as a dress. Pants seems missing there. The lip color and eye shadow (if it's a mix of green and yellow! ew!) looks tacky. I'd rather see the open pores on your face.

  30. Love this dress! I guessed it was from either India or China by the elephant.. hehe.. :) The colours are spectacular!

    Love your blog. It's hard not to ignore negative comments, but this was a pretty funny post. :) It's good to poke gentle fun at negativity.

  31. I bet Anonymous is green with envy after seeing you look this fabulous. Great post, good for you.

  32. Just today I was about to wear my mums kurti as a dress!!!:P But it can be easily passed off as one!:P
    I love the yellow lids and YOU are very funny!:D Oh and I wanted to say that Mr Saxo beat was so stuck in my head because of you!:P

  33. I love the elephants on the kurta and your hair! My Lord, so long and pretty! Reminds me of a fairy tale :)
    And that Anon b***h can shove it up her/his ass! Argh, I've been getting such nasty comments and I KNOW people who are like that. But it doesn't matter, shouldn't matter! Don't give them importance, you're right - they are good for nothing! :)
    I was smiling through this blog post, love it! :D


  34. Tanvi,

    I think you should write more. This is so comprehensive and good - honest opinion. Sometimes I honestly say positive about others. :))))

    Ignore that person. Attention seekers need to be ignored.

  35. Brilliant! You said what needed to be said, in a humorous way. Thank you. On behalf of all of us bloggers who've had days ruined, we appreciate this.

  36. Haha! Love it. I think everyone who's ever received a nasty comment will relate to this! As far as the trolls go, couldn't have said it better; Jealous, jobless and crazy! Love the kurti. That orangey red is my favorite color.

    And Kalpana, since you have such wonderful insights into fashion, skin and morals, I'd really love to read your blog. I mean with such eternal wisdom that you're imparting to Tanvi, we could all learn something right? Why is your profile empty? Are you just a one-time preacher?


  37. you look lovely in that kurti.. and adore the shoes..

  38. I'm sorry to hear that you're getting mean Anon posts. Those certainly aren't any fun!

    I really do love your outfit though! I love the colors in your dress, and your makeup is so fun!

    Thank you so much for my birthday wishes!

  39. I'm just not impressed.

  40. Love your shoes and how you paired them with an ethnic dress!
    I don't mind negative comments (but then I haven't had many of those yet) I just whish people had the guts to write their name under them.

  41. What an awesome twist on the good ol' kurti..looks awesome! Love your shoes :)

  42. I am giggling , giggling and giggling :D :D the way you wrote it up, it brought up a very different avatar of you and I loved this avatar :D I mean seriously "who the hell these people are to criticize!!" Honestly, I feel, we bloggers blog it to express ourself.. if you like my blog, follow me, if you dont, dont follow!! as simple as that!! :D but as you rightly mentioned that there are Anons who are ''unemployed'' and its just devils workshop that builds up on their head ;D you know that you are awesome right?? and 600+ people also believe the same ;) so dont let these few anons affect your posivity at all .. you are so much loved and respected :)

    Its Ganesh Chaturthi today and seeing you wearing this ethnic wear felt nice!! :) and oh your hair looks awesome too!! :)

  43. What a cute take on a kurti - love the emerald green ring!


  44. Well written. Red and green look good on you. Very striking. Xxxx

  45. Ah satire! I love where you went with this post and I'm glad I was able to help give you alternative topics to think about.

  46. i had mixed feeling when i read the Kurta worn as a dress (while the image was being downloaded). Have to say it does look lovely and does not look incomplete. It is difficult to pull a kurta as a dress. Awesome work at styling.

  47. Great post! I hate anonymous comments that only leave negative comments to bring us down.

    Also, love your outfit. It's such a pretty dress.

  48. I love, love, love your kurti and it looks so pretty as a dress! Really lovely jewelry as well :)

    As for cyber bullying, I don't condone it at all... although it's good to be able to laugh about it :)


  49. I looove how you’ve work this Kurti as a dress! Isnt it time we embraced our beautiful indian heritage and its clothing? And make it work with a modern twist. xoxo

  50. LOL you are cracking me up Tanvi! This is a great post. I oft wonder why someone would waste their time being mean and hateful. What's the point??? Recently, a "group" called "your blog sucks" liked my FB page along with several other bloggers I know. Really? Do you have nothing better to do with your time? Also, when I first got into fashion blogs, I found this blog about hating fashion blogs. I'm like "who are these people? they had fashion blogging so much that they take time out of their day to write blogs about posts from the fashion blogs that they despise?"

    I love your dress. Absolutely stunning as usual. And the heels are phenom.

    As for anonymous nasty commenters, just remember what Salt N Peppa says "opinions are like a-holes, everybody's got 'em".


  51. oh and anonymous has left me some pretty mean remarks too.

    the greatest thing i can CHOOSE to delete!

    even if it stings for the moment or two...or three.

  52. heheheh really funny !!!! lol @ fat and ugly and unemployed . Miss Anon sounds like a sad piece of... work.


    kurti as dress - wah!! thumbs up loving the make up and hair and shoes too. gorgeous hair Tanvi *nazar utaaroes*


    Way to show em Tanvi! Killl them with a killer outfit, smoking slightly red hair and that sexy smile:)))) wait did I mention those beautiful shoes.
    A Beautiful girl like you.. I see why they hate cause they don't understand how you do this. Package deal.

    Go get a life haters and leave my friend alone...

  54. Okay I'm not anonymous, hence I'll be sweet ;)

    And yesh, you look totally gorgeous as always and the satire was fun to read. :)

    Ur blog is this big entertainment package!!

    Thanks for stepping by!!

  55. Tanviiiiii I just forgot to tell you on phone that this is what I've been meaning to wear for Tushar's 25th! =) He was around when we were talking so didn't say anything! :P I'll definitely post pics. My kurta is a lot similar to yours! You will see! :)

    And yeah, you're looking goregous here. Love the shoes too. Very well matched and styled everything. Plus, this post is one of the best you've written.

  56. You go girl! I do hate those anonymous 'hater' comments that seem to appear on most of the popular blogs. Jealous. Yes, that's what they are. phhtt. We should just ignore them.

    Anywhoooo, I love your Kurti! That cute little elephant embroidered in the front is adorable. :P

  57. brilliant write up Tanvi and i almost laughed out loud on the fact that you had to declare it was a satire-people can be dimwits really!

    u keep going at your pace girl-the nonsensical stuff will eventually change track when they see you not bothered...

    it's only cowards who hide behind the anonymous garbs...they don't have the balls to say things on your face!

  58. To be honest, anyone who leaves a 'constructive' comment but is too cowardly to use a name would get deleted on my blog. It is not that I want everyone to agree with me but too many malicious people hide behind anonymity.
    Anyways my dear,you look fabulous as always and I love the outfit.

  59. i love the combination of the kurti and the shoes, the east/west fusion is perfection

  60. you know i love this post. and of course the dress.

  61. oh the infamous "anonymous" - total cowards!

  62. Your shoes are AWESOME! And I hate anonymous bloggers, too! Cowards! x o style, she wrote

  63. LOL Tanvi, great post. So true! I'm going to continue the trend of comments --TOTAL COWARDS! I love the outfit. I would never be able to wear my khamese top without the pants. You pulled it off amazingly hehe.


  64. Hey,

    I love the kurthi but i am so used to seeing kurthi's with their bottoms that this felt like "did she forget her pants?". Just my opinion.

    Love your blog anyways. =)

  65. Nice colors...make you look even more gorgeous :)


  66. Fun post, Tanvi. You speak for all of us in addressing Dear Mr/Ms Anonymous. I have had people leave nasty comments on the blog, but never owning up. I would be able to accept criticism better if it came with a name and face to it. "Anonymous" is like a bomb dropped into your living room in the dead of the night. Thieves are anonymous. Terrorists are anonymous. Bloggers with balls are NOT anonymous.

    Thanks for the post. Loved it.

  67. Ha ha, Tanvi - I bet you are a magnet for the sad anonymousses of the world. Don't ever let them ruin your day...
    Looooving your dress! You wear it so well.

  68. Your makeup is flawless and this dress is beyond perfection
    lee x

  69. Anonymous comments can really mess your head. It just means you are not brave enough to present your own views.

    I think the kurti looks absolutely fab. Heels=total love.

    Indian attire really suits you. :)

  70. Love the colors...and u look lovely as ever!!

  71. It's a great idea!I'm gonna do it soon.You look so darn pretty!

  72. I LOVE what you have done with the kurta top! This is so creative and it doesn't looks like a complete outfit! I must steal this look :)

  73. Love your sense of humor! Haha! Hate trolls as such anyways :)

    Nice job on the kurti!


  74. First of all, that look is amazing! Second, your text was hilarious, but of course you had great points there ;) I don't know what charm it is, but as soon as I had read this earlier, I got my first two troll comments. Okay, I get that my blog isn't the best it can be, but it is still so funny that someone actually has the energy to try to bring me down with nasty comments. :D Anyway, keep up the good work, and don't mind the mean ones.

  75. @Silvertigo
    P.S: I just had to link this to my blog, it's so well written.

  76. what a beautiful dress and i love the little elephant on the front!!

    and haters will always be hatin'. i guess you just gotta learn not to let it get to you. easier said than done, i know. :\

    meanwhile, keep up the blogging!

    cute & little
    TJMaxx Satchel Giveaway!

  77. Your dress is beautiful, i especially love elephants. This is a great post - it really exposes what how horrible some people can be on our blogs.


  78. Well said Tanvi!! Ι really like your sense of humor! I don't understand all this negativity (in blogging or real life) and I'm surprised actually because I've never received any "bad" comments before in my blog! I'm sure I'll get them eventually, but I'll probably be more surprised than hurt! Kisses :)

  79. Burn!! That was a good post!

    love ur kurti - the color combination in really pretty. btw, i left a comment on the previous post as "sonrah"

  80. Ahhh forget about the anons out there - like you said they really have too much time on their hands :P

    Btw - when did your hair get so long??!! This is going to sound weird and forgive me if offends - but did you get extensions or are you a superwoman when it comes to growing hair?? It looks gorgeous! :)

  81. The kurti is beautiful. I thought of wearing one of mine as a dress but I was not bold enough like you. The thought just vanished into thin air.

    I like the yellow eye shadow too :)

  82. Oh that elephat motif is to die for on the empire waist line!

    Anonymous comments (the sick ones!) are quite annoying indeed and i have disabled them on my blog recently after having been spammed literally!

    Adithi's Amma from Adithis Amma Sews

  83. Ugh, stupid anonymous commentors! Really, some of those comments can be so stupid sometimes. Don't let them get you down.
    That's SUCH a great dress, it's lovely and fun and colourful! :)
    - Laura S

  84. Yeah, I love people who have balls, anonymously. Uh huh.

    Anyway, love these shoes, especially with this outfit. And your hair has gotten sooooooo long!

  85. Your eye makeup perfectly complements not just your outfit but also your surroundings! Awesome!
    Meetu D

  86. this song comes to mind:

    DESI kali.main hoon desi kali!

    i ACTUALLY like the yellow eye shadow...i haven't seen you with this color (or maybe i don't remember), but just blends with the look!

    The post was a nice satire on BEING ANONYMOUS and opinionated. TO ANONYMOUS (aka CHICKEN!!) If you had confidence of what you have to say and not afraid of consequences or guilt, you'd say it unmasked and not shielding yourself behind the ANONYMOUS label. Even better, SHUT UP! Move on and don't bother commenting if you want to be sadistic and E.V.I.L.

    Thank you, famously NOT ANONYMOUS,

  87. I've been getting anonymous and sleazy comments on my past few posts... which is why I started moderating comments.
    More than the hate comments, what frustrates me even more is the fact that I have no way of finding out WHO that person is!

    Then I remembered this post of yours, read it again and had a really good laugh! But there is no way of stopping them. Its so easy to create as many fake profiles as you want. I am so tempted to reply back but I keep telling myself to let go and ignore.


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