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July 2011 in Review

Gear up, people! Unlike my previous post, I have A LOT to say today... [Also, I apologize in advance for a lot of 'here's i.e. embedded links, but this IS a review/recap post, so that kindda comes with the territory, no?! :)]

So now we have completed TWO FREAKING MONTHS without SUGAR & SHOPPING! With an exception of a certain yellow pants! And that is bloody awesome in my books. 

First of all, I am happy that you all like the new banner, which by the way, already seems old to me in one month. I know ... I know ... Aarti did the sketch, but hey! typing takes a little effort too ;)

Oh! and by the way I cannot believe how many of us are (were!) 
mature for our age! No wonder the wisdom flows in abundance between all the blogs I follow and clearly birds of same feather flock together! 

I am glad I could provide some amusement with my positivity here. Oh! I have one more to add to the list:

Upside of people plagiarizing/copying youYou are always driven to stay ahead in your game and 'they' shall forever remain your followers (even if they do not acknowledge it!)

Since I am not shopping I looked for inspiration to dress on practically daily basis, like here, here, here, and here.

You got to know a little more about me and my friends here, about the my current song obsession here, and about how I avoid drama in my life here. Oh! And I also did my SECOND vlog *very nervously* this month. Thank you for all the positive feedback. I am just not too comfortable in front of the camera talking, but we shall get over that soon too! Now won't we? ;)

In between I did disable comments several times (here, here, herehere
and here), 'coz sometimes it is just nice to blog without the anticipation of the reaction and comments. Specially on the days when I am busy I like it, like that. But I realized that when people have some to say they always find a way (email/facebook/twitter).

Last but not the least, THANK YOU, again for your kind words and best wishes
. It meant a lot to me and I really appreciate it. 

This was a really jam-packed month on this blog. Right? Wayyy too many things happening! 

Click on the image to enlarge it. 

If you have had enough of my talking for the day then just let me know which outfit you liked the most and I will get out of your hair! Happy Sunday! 


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  1. All i can see in this post is here here here and more here!!!
    Am kidding!
    I like your end-of-the-month posts, and usually i re-read some of my fav posts from here :)
    My absolute favs are 4,7,11,13!

  2. FINALLY July got over...huh??! :)

    Yeah! It sure has been one busy & FULL month for all of us (yours is evident from this post!)......looking forward to a promising August.....keep rocking! Mwah!! <3

    P.S.: 5, 6 & 13 are my hot faves out here... :)

  3. cant wait for August!!!! :) loved the maturity post the most ...and ya always goood to ride positive energy!

  4. hye tanvi ur last all collection too good but i like no.3 and 4 the post beautiful dresses from all ..........

  5. Love it! This is such a good idea for a post. I think I will copy you. Just joking! I actually COMPLETELY understand your sentiment there--someone did that to me the other day. It's best to stay on your game, like you say..

  6. Done with July :) yay! Tanvi it is so hard for me to pick my fav outfit whenever you put up polls like this :) I really really like the way you style all your outfits!!

    That being said...the Indian in me made me vote for outfit no 9 :P the cute lil bindi had to be the winner :)


  7. It's number 13 for me! Love it so much. x

  8. sounds to me like you had a really great month. glad i was there to enjoy it with you through the blog! i really liked your Vlog too.

    i'm ready for august too--i will be taking a trip back home to florida in august, so can't wait!

  9. all your outfits are amazing!


  10. Phew, the last day of the eternal month... and you managed to look amazing and stylish ALL THE TIME!
    WELL DONE with the no sugar and no shopping!

  11. Oh lord, the summer is flying by...

  12. Congrats on the 2 months without sugar!!
    Loving all the outfits for the month!! Number 12 is my favourite :)

  13. Congrats on the two months, cute post!


  14. There are several outfits I like in this series but I think #9 is my fav!

  15. I don't want July to be over--I want to wear fall fashion and all, but man I am going to miss the summer months when it starts getting dark at 3pm!

    It was so hard to pick a favorite outfit btw, you had a rockin' stylish month, girl! xx

  16. I love most of them Tanvi, so hard to pick a favorite:):) If I have to, then it will be #10:):)

  17. It was hard deciding which one to vote for as they're all great outfits. Outfit #12 stole it by a whisker.

  18. Great job!!! Pass the torch to me cause I need to go 2 months without shopping and I sure will try. Thanlks for your words of wisdom... always!

    "Upside of people plagiarizing/copying youYou are always driven to stay ahead in your game and 'they' shall forever remain your followers (even if they do not acknowledge it!)" Tanvi

  19. wow, 2 months of no sugar and no shopping?!! that's incredible. i need to do something like that!

    cute & little

  20. somehow, candycolors was real fresh and new and different! but hey, you are like the master (chef) stylish [got the point na]. sorry we miss the updates on a daily basis but this end of month compilation is quite nice:) keep going!

  21. 7,13,14 are my favorites :)

    you for sure had a fabulous month! I like your idea of posting a summary of your month's posts :):)

  22. It tough to decide one.
    i like 7, 11, 13 and 14

    Out of all the post i like reading "mature for our age" more.

    congrats for completion of 2 months without sugar and shopping.

  23. Congrates for your self control.Its really very tough.
    Difficult to pic up best out-fit fm the pics.Still i wud opt for....
    Luv u lots.

  24. I love the flow of your blog posts!!! :) For me its clearly Outfit No. 3!! Its simple yet u look HOT in it!!


  25. Hi Tanvii,

    I am your newest follower.

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  26. The candy colours from Zara for sure
    lee x

  27. Candy colors and what are friends for...my picks! Great month end post:)

  28. An so July has gone and welcome to August. Another great month even though you were looking forward to the back of it. My favourite outfit this time was No.14. Loved the layering. Xxxx

  29. Woohoo August! I swear the weeks crawl by...
    Congrats - whoa 2 months without sugar and shopping is awesome!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  30. Wow good job on the no sugar and shopping for 2 months!! I don't know how you did it, but I don't think I would've been able to go with either one!!


  31. 2 months without sugar?!! *inspired* .
    I should try going without sugar one of these days.. shopping I can easily do without for as long as a year! (considering I dont like to shop!!).
    I loved all the outfits you have posted, but will try and chose one in the poll :)

  32. Wish I could vote more than once!! :(

  33. 2,6,7,8 are my favourites-hard to pick out one na...although I soooo edged towards picking up 8:-)

    and my god August must be so anxious by now-the way you've been waiting for him:-)

  34. So many outfits, so little time! I noticed that many bloggers do disable their comments. Quite interesting...but I guess if you are busy then that's a good reason I suppose. but what if I love you and need to leave a comment ;) xo -Taj

  35. I second that...though I feel like this year is flying!!! Loved your posts..I feel ya on the comments..I have had no time to visit anyone and sometimes it is easier without the guilt!! haha Loved your posts this month!

  36. I voted for number 11....I just love the color block of your top!!!



  37. I would kick your super sweet ass for closing the comments on the recent posts!:Dlol
    Even if I adore candy colors Zara look, I voted here for 13-lucky and utterly chic number!:D

  38. 5 ! my absolute favourite this month. Something I would shamelessly copy :p

    and HAPPY AUGUST hotstuff! xoxoxo

  39. Two months without sugar and shopping...what? Wow. I don't think I could do that! Hats off to you!

  40. The most I liked - 3rd and 8th.. :)

  41. I love no.1& 4.
    You are looking beautifull.

  42. in the longgggg month of July, a lot happened!! Very hard to rate....July was a good month :-)


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