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How to wear 'flare'?

I know the 'Flare' or wide-leg are back in fashion but I am still stuck to my skinny-jeans. May be 'coz they have the word skinny in them or may be not. You will never know! However, that doesn't stop me from appreciating all these ↑ fabulous ladies who can sport the wide-leg with a punch. 

"It really balances out your proportions and makes you look taller and leaner", says the designer, Jenna Lonstein. However as far as I am concerned it focuses on my 'wrong' proportions and makes me look like a balloon. I think this look is for women who:
- are skinny
- are lean
- have a narrow waist
- and/or love wearing sky high heels

If you are all of the above and/or willing to try them on then here's what I think you need:
1. Heels - They are mandatory
2. A fitted blouse or a top that can be tucked in
3. Appropriate Hemming - Should end right before touching the floor (heels included)

P.S. If you are petite and wish you try the wide-leg make sure you tuck in the blouse and go for a narrower hemline, else you might get lost in all that cloth!  

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