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How to style a Qipoa?

One of my reader's asked me this question in the survey. I am sorry that it has taken me this long, but better late than never, right? Also, do let me, whichever way you prefer, that whether it helped you or not, since the request was made anonymously. 

RequestI have a Qipao (traditional Chinese silk dress. Red silk, slits on both sides) gifted to me by boy. But I really don't know how to wear it without being confused as a waitress from Mainland China. I am a XS/petite and I don't really wear heels. Think you could give it a shot?

Yeah! That's me on the left. Don't have a full length picture. 
I wasn't a fashion blogger in 2009!

Firstly, my advice would be to 'own-it'! You are attempting to wear another country's national dress, so unless you wear it with confidence you will never look good in it. That being said here is how I think it can be worn:

1. Pumps or strappy sandals are a must. You 'can' wear flats but if you are going for a 'date-night' look or even a formal look, flats would not have the same effect. Here's the picture of the shoes I wore, since I don't have a full-length shot from that day (Its the first one).

2. It has to fit you at the waist, else it will just hang on your body without giving any dimension. 

3. Keep the accessories simple. The outfit itself covers up till your neck, thus a complementing earrings/studs and a matching bracelet would be the best option.

4. If you have longer than shoulder-length hair, then I suggest go for an up do as it would complement the look a lot more. Though I had my hair down, but mine was a halter-neck so it worked (I think!)

If anyone has something to add, please feel free to. And if you have ever worn a Qi pao and would like to share a picture you can upload it hereI hope this helps. 

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