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Last Installment

Last installment of Questions/Suggestions!

8) Suggestion - I think you should try a nose pin than a nose ring sometimes.

I'd got my nose pierced in 2000' and up until 2006 I wore a nose pin. It has been a little over 4 years that I have been wearing a nose ring and I really love it. Plus, I am very lazy to change! [:P]

9) Suggestion - 
You should probably invest in a better camera so your pictures can come out more sharp looking rather than dull which takes the life out of your outfit (which I know you work really hard on putting together) but if the image looks pretty then the outfits, no matter how crazy looking can look intriguing! No pun intended :)

Well, I do own a DSLR but I will definitely try and post better pictures! :)

10) Question - You seem like you could be pretty ambitious/go getter type, any plans for work/career etc. now/later/ever!!! ;)

Yes. I do have a lot of plans. I hope to achieve them all, slowly and steadily, as life permits!

11) Question - Y
ou have mentioned before that you have lost quite a lot of weight couple of years back, so I would love to know that how were you saved by the "Curse of Stretch marks"?

Sorry, can't help you there! I wasn't saved. I do have them and do not know any way around them.
Yet! However, I have read that applying Palmer's cream and Vitamin e helps prevent and sometimes reduce them. Hope this helps! 

12) Question - Have you been tempted to change your blog title? Are you 100% happy with it? Was your blog earlier names

I haven't ever thought about it. The website where my blog is hosted is called but the name of the blog (The Fabulous Life of Not-So-Rich and Infamous) has been the same from Day 1, and I like the stability. If I ever feel this is not working for me, I will start another blog (but most probably won't) but not change this one. Currently, I do not see the point! 

13) Question - I know that you write a lot about fashion, but your blog is so much more? Was it your intention to write about everything right from the beginning? If not, why & how did you manage to diversify? And how do you choose what to write about? 

Initially I used to write about my daily mundane life and fitness. After one year of blogging I started posting pictures of my outfits. However, I started writing about fashion, only recently. Honestly, I have never given much thought to what I am going to post or write. I simply follow my heart. When I sit down to write a post I let my thoughts flow and type whatever comes to mind. The only 'planned' posts are the ones with recipes and reader's requests. 

14) Question -  Wonder if you can guess which blogger left which comment (on your survey). Let me know if you figure out who this is! Kidding!

Haha! I couldn't guess, unless someone had left their name! 

15) Questions - Who clicks your photographs? Have you hired a photographer for lifetime? :D

I haven't 'hired' a photographer for life but I sure am married to someone who has become a photography enthusiast. In other words my husband takes all my pictures (unless stated otherwise).

And with this we come to an end of the Question/Answer Session!  

Strolling around Soho & Carnaby Street (London, U.K.)

Tee - Converse via Target [10'] 
Jeans & Scarf - Zara [11'] & [10']
Jacket - Gift from my Brother-in-law [Guess, 08']
Shoes - Nine West [08']
Pendant - Etsy [11'] 
Bag - Rebecca Minkoff [11']

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  1. I've enjoyed reading your post!

    come for a visit and if you like we can follow each other


  2. Love those colored jeans! :) Cute blog!!

    Thank you for your nice comment :) Hope you can follow my blog, I'll follow in return :)


  3. I want the EACT color of your jeans, nowwwww! Look so damn good!

  4. I tried coloured pants in Zara the other day. Um....not quite sure I can pull them off as well as you but I'll try again.

    Maybe I'll post my (most likely failed) fashion attempt just for you :P

    Love the moving image at the bottom too :)

    Can I ask one question in addition to all the others? When do you usually take your outfit pics? How the *beep* do you find the time?! lol (sorry thought I should keep my comment G rated :P)

  5. I love those pictures of you strolling around Carnaby Street, they are so professional and you look beautiful.
    Don't change the name of your blog, it sums your cheeky character up to perfection. xxx

  6. I'm kind of surprised at the sorts of questions people ask. I find some of them a bit intrusive! :P But in any case, I liked reading your answers. I think your nose ring suits you, although on myself I prefer wearing a small studded pin.

    Your pictures are making me miss London SO much! Ah well. I hope to be there in around a month. :)


  7. You have an awefsum blog. :)

    Nice post..
    Liked the Q/A session plus your pics.. Lovely. :)

    Me too like photography very much!! :)

    I ll visit for more & hope to see you at my place again! :)

  8. I've started reading fashion blogs only recently, I am researching for a story and I feel that of all the blogs around yours is the only one which is "real". Fashion is a style statement and not just clothes. Keep up the good work! :)

  9. Haha you made a GIF so cool! Love it :)

  10. Loved your answers. I think your pictures always look fab!

    Great outfit as well and very fitting you have an umbrella while strolling around in London! The green trousers are a perfect colour on you.

  11. Thoroughly enjoyed this post doll. I love how straight-talking you are!

    I think Elemis has struck gold ever since Victoria Beckham twittered about her use of their Japanese Camellia Oil to help prevent stretch marks. If it's in your genes, there's not a lot you can do about them, but like you said Cocoa butter (Palmer's) is a Godsend.

    Missing home just looking these gorgeous images!

  12. We like the blog as it is.No need to change.
    Lovely pics.

  13. tanvi i must say this - you are totally gracious about answering personal questions and I never can do that!!!!!

    love the casual look!!..i think need to get some colored jeans myself!!!

  14. People ask the wierdest things!

    Love the colours of this pretty!

  15. Lovely post Tanvi.
    My husband also takes my pistures, but he is not very enthusiastic about it, hehehhe.
    Have a grand weekend.

  16. When were u in london? The pics are wow!! And the answers are so u, honest and upfront. :) Honestly i prefer u with the nose ring, i think it really suits u well.

  17. Love your umbrella and sling.And one of the most important reasons of stalking your blog is that it's much more than just fashion.It's almost 'fahsion with brains and a soul.'And please don't change the name.I love it rotten!

  18. I am dying to find some coloured pants.. but some labels are way over expensive.. love your look
    lee x

  19. Nice answers. Did you marry your hubby because he takes good pictures or was that just a perk? :)

  20. I love how you answer all of your readers questions. And loving this outfit. The scarf is fabulous and you know I love the pants :)

    Oh and for the record, I think your photos are perfect :)

    Have a great weekend! xoxo

  21. I enjoyed learning so much more about you!

    and those pastel green jeans of yours is yummy:)


  22. love the colored jeans!
    i've actually considered changing my blog name -- wavering back and forth -- but am going probably hold off.
    thanks for sharing so much of yourself. :)

  23. Some of the questions are really funny, but loved the answers :)
    Love your jacket!

    p.s - incidentally my sis (who stays in sydney) bought a dress from your 'shop my closet' and she told me yesterday aft she received it! Never knew she was following you too!

  24. I really enjoyed this post! Love all of the questions/suggestions.
    Awesome outfit!

    P.S. I'm sending an email over right now!

  25. Why hello gorgeous! I love long umbrellas too :D

  26. Love the jacket and the gorgeous red purse!

  27. hey Tanvi, never considered buying a green jeans till i saw you wearing one liked knowing more about you, have a great weekend

  28. Tanvi,

    Read pending posts. It is good to like stability. Enjoyed your teenage treasures. Religion is choice of an individual and we should keep it within our heart or four walls. Following some BABA or DEVI indicates either guilt feeling or insecurity of a person. One can listen to their positive sermons and try to follow it for own happiness or improvement of life.

    Take care

  29. I actually like the nose ring! My bf has one too! :)

    Thanks for sharing. :) Have a lovely weekend.


  30. Great pictures!!! Love the floral scarf and the red bag!!!


  31. The question and answer session was a lot of fun! Had fun reading all your answers :)

  32. I happen to love your blog title! These photos are great, too - love the one in motion! :)

    sorelle in style

  33. I love the nose ring on you btW! :)
    And those pants look delish in that color! :)

  34. Loved reading this post..Those r the Zara jeans I am battling for..seeing them on u i am sure my mom wld let me buy them :)
    Thank you for stopping by my blog :)

  35. i love the name of your blog and i think your photos look great. and kudos to you for even having the courage to get your nose pierced--i couldn't do it...also, not sure it would work for me as well as it works for you.

  36. The things people say to you! Well you handle it with class my dear! Happy weekend! xo -taj

  37. Love it!!! Love it!!! Love it! You look so calm and relaxed, happy with inner peace. Have a great weekend friend! ;)

  38. nice answers.. loved the look.. so holidayish and relaxed..

  39. To bad this is the end of the beautiful answers but I hope u'll have more similar ideas for your blog in the future!;) And I like cause u follow your heart not only when it comes to posting, but I think when it comes to everything, which i deeply respect!;) Have a fabulous weekend my lovely Tanvi!!

  40. I think it's wonderfully kind that you answer readers questions in posts. I use grounded coffee for strech marks.

    Works wonders. And good for you on the nose ring thingy. It would look frightful on me but you can carry it off. Loving those trousers. have a fab weekend. xx

  41. Really enjoyed reading your answers.

    hope ur having a lovely weekend.

    Dena x

  42. I loved these pictures :D
    And i agree with the nose pin thing!

  43. Ooh you're in London? Hope you're enjoying it there!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  44. nice post with the questions and the suggestions!! and I learned a few things about you!

  45. those zara jeans are fantastic!

    ...and i'm with you on the stretch marks! they don't ever seem to go away!

  46. I think your outfit posts always look amazing. Just sayin'!

  47. good shots! Your husband really clicks well :)
    like it!

  48. Loved reading all your answers to the questions/suggestions! P.S. That scarf in those photos is so pretty!

  49. What a great post! I Love your nose Rink..and I Love that jacket!! Thank you so much for linking up to Thrifters Anonymous!!! You are soo sweet I love reading your comments!!!

    Thank you!




  50. I liked this post...nice to learn more about you! I have the cursed stretch marks too ever since I was teenager..they are here to stay! And..I can't believe someone told you to get a better camera...not nice :)LOL

  51. Photos soo brings London to life! Interesting question and answer session...


  52. I've never heard of a nose pin before ?? Love the pictures!! You are rocking that jacket!


  53. I LOVE your jeans! Tot. awesome!

  54. Interesting Q&A session! :)

    Looove the scarf!


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