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June 2011 in Review

2. Much 'Wanted'
3. Lime-Lemon 
4. Life in the Public Eye 
5. You would(n't) like it!
6. Right to think 
7. Last Installment
8. Inspiration - Ann Taylor Loft 
9. Day Outfit on Day 10
10. What's UP?

As I had
warned told you back in May, June was indeed a busy month with a bit of travel and a lot of work! We had gone to London for the Memorial Day Weekend, and outfits from #2 to #7 & #10 are from the pictures taken there, which I simply spread through the month as I knew that being in India for the better part of the month I wouldn't have the time or the photographer for the outfit shots (Type A!). Though I did take most of the OOTD pictures using my smart phone. One of the outfits which I didn't click while in London was luckily captured by Susie on her blog (Thanks, again!). Other than that, what I had hoped was an easy-breezy-Sunday-post, ended up becoming a feminist-religious-discussion and disabling comments led to a rather confrontational post.  

In other news, most you guys voted for
Tom Ford sunglasses but I think I might go for the D&G Orange simple due to its color. Also, I received this pretty pendant with Pisces (my sun sign) engraved on it. And lastly, I did a bit of shameless self promotion for Shop My Closet, which you can check here if you still haven't! [Yup! Still shameless ;)]


I guest posted on
Style by Santina - My Adventures with Thrift-ing
Was featured on
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Smashion - An Interview with Tanvi @tanvii.com
Beautifully Invisible - We are Women. We are Beautiful. We are Real. (Part 1)

Phew! So that was all that happened in the month of June here on the blog. Now, you can let me know which one of the outfits you liked the most! :)

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  1. WOW!! all ur fabulous outfits in one post!! love all of them...especially the one with the golden top :):)

  2. Gahhh WOMAAANNN
    i cant choose! i love the turquoise maxi and the blingy top AND the salwar kameez AND the pleated skirrrtttt

  3. all the outfits are fabulous and its really tough to choose one.
    I like #1,2 , 8 and 9 more.

  4. Great post, I really like all these looks, especially the gold top. It's so hot with the red clutch


  5. They are all lovely and very different. I love how versatile your style is. I love how bold 4 is and voted for that.

  6. Thank u for allowing me to comment again!:Dlol June was one more stylish month for u...:) My favorite is 8th, although I do like 5th, and well I like all!:D

  7. Outfit numero 8 is so classic and chic darling!

    Eda ♥

  8. All fabulous but number six is my favourite.

  9. Another very stylish month! It was hard to pick a favorite but I went for #9 - you know I'm a sucker for pretty kameezes. And I just can't get over the controversial responses to your posts... well, at least you are getting people talking! ;)


  10. What a fabulously stylish month?!

    Loving 1 & 9, choices choices eh?!

  11. Really hard to pick, but I chose maxinspired! I hace never ventured to wear a dress like this before and I really think it was gorgeous the way you put it together :) oh and the jacket in 10, did I tell you I am in love with tht? ;) great month for u all in all, happy to hear that!

    Tanvi I got a request :) whenever possible (or if possible) can you do a post on holiday packing which might include sight-seeing, hiking (not sure if you are in to hiking) and travelling comfortably ?


  12. i went for num 5 i love a bit of sparkle :)

  13. 8 is by far the best! it's so cute and chic

  14. No. 1 & No. 10 r my picks.


  15. All lovely but number 5 is my favourite! x

  16. I felt no 6 was really fierce. Love your expression there. :)

  17. 1. Can't wait to see those glasses.
    2. Love that you turned off your comments! That sounds amazing and makes me want to do it too! :)
    3. You're looking pretty good girlie!

  18. Outfit no 6 is my favorite :)

  19. How did I not remember #5? Sparkletastic!

  20. I like 1, 5, 6 and 9. I am amazed it is the end of June already. Xxxx

  21. June was a great month in the sense of outfits! love it!

  22. Phew! You've been one busy lady, all right! I quite like Look 4.......oh! and Look 6 too! :))

  23. Great round up of outfits for the month! You look fantastic in them all. I love number's 5 and 8 the most.

  24. Love your mash-up of outfits! I think my favourite is look number 4! Love the bright stripes and coloured jeans! So sweet. xx

  25. No 9 did it for me. Can't get past the fabulousness of it.

  26. I love them all. It's not the clothes it's the girl!

  27. i love love LOVE #4 and #6, although all are smashingly stylish. seriously. you look fabulous! june was a good month.
    http://adayinlifetoo.blogspot.com (30x30 remixer; come on by if you'd like!)

  28. This is such a hard choice because I adore so many of these outfits. Overall I'd go for outfit 6 although 10 is a close second. Love that coat.

  29. 'Right to think' will always be my pick because the topic you chose is very close to my heart.I feel pretty strongly about it.Besides,the very blue skirt and the sling were gorgeous!Add to it,your lovely red lips and the top/dress and I'm sold!

  30. no 8- amazing amazing!!!

  31. i always have a hard time voting for your outfits, can't select just one! i selected 7. But I love 9,1,6 too


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