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Help Me Clean Out!

Back in February I had made a closet confession to which some of my readers suggested that I start a shop and purge my closet. I did open a 'Shop My Closet' section on my blog soon after that, in March but then forgot about it. However, lately the need to purge my closet has been real strong. I have already donated bags full of clothes to Goodwill (Donation). Though, the clothes which are as-good-as-new or too-good-to-donate will continuously be added to this shop. Below is the list of the things already added. 

I should also mention that I have not shopped in over a month and just the thought of spending even a penny on clothes/accessories/shoes is kind of repulsive to me at the moment (weird, right?). For now, I am in the saving-mode and I need to purge my closet before I add anything more to it. So to make the countdown easier, let's say I have not shopped since 1st June 2011 and now let's see how long I can go ... 
In the mean time if you like something, feel free to email me  you will only be helping me out! :) 

Also, check out my
facebook page to get an update when new items are added to the shop. P.S. All you shoe lovers (size 8) - Look out! I think I might be ready to part with some of my shoes too...  

Click on the name of the item to see its listing
Grey Dress - SOLD; Polo Top - $10.00
Rose Pendant - $11.00 ; Pink Tunic - $10.00
Mango Skirt - $17.00 ; Sheer Top - $17.00
Sweetheart Dress - $20.00 ; Pink/White Skirt - $7.00
Bow Top - $20.00 ; Bracelet - $11.00
Pink Top - $15.00 ; Purple Dress - $20.00
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