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The Flexible Quiz

First of all, THANK YOU so much for answering my short survey! You all are so wonderful and supportive that if you guys were right here I would have given a  BIG hug, or may be not, 'coz intuitively I am not much of a 'hugger', but you catch my drift :). So, Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! You really make blogging an awesome experience for me! So, today again we have one of those tags, which have been pending on my list for a while and since I have been pretttty busy planning/enjoying the long weekend, I thought I will get on with this quiz in the mean time. 

Rules of the Quiz

Rule 1- The tagged person must write their answers on their blog and replace any questions they dislike with one formulated by themselves.

Rule 2- Tag 4 people to do this quiz. They cannot refuse (although there is nothing to stop them from refusing). The tag-ee must state who tagged them. 

Ok so let's get started. I'm tagged by the aweeeesomeee Caribbean Princess

1. Name 3 things you are looking forward to -
My Brother's Wedding, 2) My 30th Birthday, 3) My 5th Wedding Anniversary! 

2. If you could have a dream come true what would it be?
 Without sounding ridiculous, can I please say World Peace! I really mean it. I am done with all the Politics.

3. What would you do with a billion dollars? Buy a house, buy a ticket to visit every country left on my list and donate rest (if anything is left!). Yes, I'm selfish!

4. What helps to pull yourself out of a bad mood? Ice Cream! ...or Holiday plans? ;)

5. What is your bedtime routine? Wash my face, apply my cremes, change my clothes and say hello! to sweet dreams :)

6. If you are currently in a relationship, how did you meet your significant other? My husband stalked me, then approached me, then swept me off my feet and got me to say Yes! to marriage. Simple! 

7. What kinds of books do you read? Fiction, mostly.

8. How do you see yourself in 10 years? Mostly same.  Happier (& richer), but same!

9. What's your weird habit? I like to chew on ice cubes *hmmm*

10. Would you give up all junk food for the rest of your life for the oppotunity to see outer space? I am not fond of junk food, except chocolates. And NO! I will not give them up ... at least NOT for outer space :P

11. What's the first thing you do when you wake up? Brush my teeth and wash my face. 

12. If you could change one thing about your significant other what would it be? Nothing! I wouldn't change anything. Every change has its own consequences. Wise, eh? ;)

13. If you could pick a new name for yourself what would it be? Best gift my mother gave me - My Name! I would never change it. N.E.V.E.R.

14. If you could choose between 6 months of sun or 6 months of rain, what would you choose? I have always lived in cities, except London, which have had more than enough Sun [Delhi, Dubai, Austin & San Antonio (Texas)]. So, since I am used to it, I would choose Sun! 

15. If you could only eat one thing for the next 6 months what would it be? Subway Veggie Delite or Cous Cous

16. What do you enjoy about blogging the most? Interaction with readers and other bloggers. Oh! Whom am I kidding, I love the compliments ;)

17. Do you prefer salty or sweet foods? Salty ... and Spicy! 

18. What items are in your handbag right now? Phew! This could take forever. Check the following post for the complete answer - What's in your bag?

19. If you had to choose between vacationing on a beach or on mountains, which would you choose? Beaches in Australia, when it is winters in Texas. Mountains anywhere, when it is Summers in Texas! 

20. What do you watch on television that you know you shouldn't? Errrr I can only think of Gossip Girl! I do not, really watch much of television! I do watch a lot of movies.    

Four Bloggers I am tagging are 
Cassee MarieJelena Zivanovic,Titine and Totoche (either of the two sisters), and Eboni Ife'. These are all fabulous ladies with whom I have come across in last 2-3 months and I can safely say we struck a chord almost instantaneously. 

I thought I will leave you with some random-osity! ... No Reason! ;)
 Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.

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  1. haha i love veggie delite too!!

  2. Yay! Thanks for doing the quiz. I really enjoyed reading your answers. I especially love how you met your husband. But I have to support his methods! It got him what he wanted ;-)

  3. loved your answers..very witty!

  4. Quiz time hehe!!

    Truly, it's also been great getting to know you, I think, then, what I've liked most about this post is your very last sentence :) And yay for world peace, can you even imagine!?

    Those are a looot of questions haha
    Big hug!

  5. Great answers. And, yes, your name was a fabulous gift. It's the most distinctive and appealing one I've ever heard.

    We both like spicy food, so I guess it will be easy to take you out to dinner someday!

  6. You dont look like you're married.
    So pretty you are. :)

  7. Ice cream ,chocolates - i love your answers .Interesting tag .Have a nice weekend :)

  8. I love reading these kinds of posts! It makes me get to know my favourite bloggers more.
    Ha, I would do exactly the same with the billion dollars (maybe an expensive car as well). Gossip Girl is one of my guilty pleasures.
    Enjoy your long weekend! Excited! :)

  9. I love reading these things! I get to know so many fun facts about you. You know, I read somewhere that chewing ice cubes is a sign of anemia... not sure if that's true though!


  10. That was so much fun Tanvi, getting to know you better:):)

  11. I'm totally unsure on a lot of these questions I think I'm going to have to think! :) love these pictures btw

  12. You're so adorable! :D I loved all your answers,those pictures are SO cute! :)
    Don't forget to enter my contest :)

  13. Thanks so much for the mention, Tanvi! You're too sweet. And I loved reading through your answers; you've lived in so many different places! I grew up moving around a lot but everywhere felt somehow similar, nothing was very interesting about them. ;)

  14. great learning more about you Tanvi. I would rather sun over rain too. and i love your name--glad you wouldn't change it :)

  15. haha interesting facts!
    ...and i would'nt trade chocolate for anything either!

  16. I love these pots, it's such fun to get to know you better. Have a fab weekend yourself, Tanvi. xxx

  17. Always great to learn more about you Tanvivacious!

  18. Tanvi,

    Caught up with pending posts. One should dress for own comfort and liking but however within decent limits. You look charming as always in all the photographs. Sharing is Caring, is missed but do keep writing what you feel like. Frank answers to the Tag. Do remain your own self.

    Take care

  19. Great to know w few more things about our Fabulous Tanvi! :)

    Nice mix of lovely pictures, btw.....

  20. Myles likes to chew on ice. It is so cute. :)

  21. FUN!! Entertaining to read more and more..

    I like the randomosity.... and that photo of you eating icecream is to be blamed for the scoop I will indulge in now :-p

  22. nice answers :)
    And lovely pics, you are really beautiful! :)

    ♥ Verena-Annabella

  23. OOOOOh, couscous! I LOVE couscous!
    Oh, you watched Gossip Girl? I want Dan and Blair to get together! (Even if, I have to admit, Blair and Louis are pretty cute). I'm so glad Jenny and Vanessa aren't regulars anymore...
    Anyways, those are really cute pictures!
    - Laura

  24. Fun posts like these are so great, Nice learning more about you. I love Cous Cous as well! -xo

  25. Lovely pics to go with a perfectly well done tag. :) honest n witty answers.

  26. I chuckled over these specially how you met your hubby.

  27. haha...please also begin to accept and expect compliments for the wit here too...that's growing sharper n cuter with every post:-)


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