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For the Fitness Freaks [Part II]

Do not mean to put a damper on your weekend but it just so happens that I wanna post this on Sunday! ;) So my previous Fitness Freaks [Part I] post had mostly a good response but some of my readers felt intimidated or said that it made them feel bad about themselves. Well, I apologize, for that was definitely not the aim of the post. If I can do it, so can you!

Part II - Abdominal Area
Abdominal area otherwise known as abs, of which we all dream but very few actually make it true!

Something I have learnt over the years is that there is no one particular exercise or movement which can give flat abdominal area. It is usually an over all reduction in total body fat percentage which slowly help in toning the abdominal area. Nonetheless, to have the real "Six Packs" one needs to have a very healthy and clean diet with remote amounts of carbs and fats!

Anyhooo, the cardiovascular exercises help lose the fat from outside and abdominal exercises help tone the muscles from inside. So we need a good balance of both to have a toned-flat belly!

Below are five of my many moves ;)
Push Up on the Ball
Crunches on the Ball
Tuck Ins - on the Ball
Push ups on Bosu-Upside-Down
Swinging Planks on Bosu-Upside-Down
Reader's Question
Chandana asked: How do you so strictly maintain your lunch and dinner timings?

It requires a strict discipline but the good news is that once you start eating and sleeping at fixed hours your body automatically adapts to it and then, you start feeling hungry (and sleepy) at those exact intervals. This does require you to plan your meals and lead a rather organized life, which includes work, social life and entertainment. 

I hope everyone had a good weekend. Let's hope Monday is kind on us all :)

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  1. Hi Tanvi
    Great fitness post.
    I am feeling bit hesitant to point out but know that you are a positive person- the third one is not reverse crunch. In fact it is not for abdomen. It is a great exercise though and you are doing all three perfectly well. Fabulous posture and technique.

  2. Wowee look at her go! Well, I think you are totally right in that you have to have a totally clean diet in order to achieve to oh-so-coveted flat abs, but sadly that's something that I haven't been able to achieve... yet! Thanks for sharing these exercises, I've got a ball at home so I will be trying them out (knowing me I will fall over, heehee :P)


  3. Yo Baby!! Thats a super post....Way to go!!

  4. great post Tanvi!! and you know what? your energy is contiguous! really!!
    nice post :):)

  5. great tips tanvi..
    i am really impressed with the way to maintain ur body and diet plans which i failed to follow multiple times..
    and indeed a great post for fitness.

  6. some real good moves!!!

    i have turned to yoga for flat abs and finding that its really helping me much more than crunches, but then each one to his own!!

  7. agree on the sleep/eat timing...what is a struggle for me mostly is to convince family/ esp ma that I am just not hungry!

  8. Wow, so inspired right now. I have been saying it for months, but I definitely need to get into shape. I love how these excerises don't actually require me going to the gym (I have the ball at home).
    And you look really fab working out.

  9. i adore to work with this ball,it gives more fun and diversity for training!!!!i completely agree with u about putting some organization in each aspect of your life,and starting with your meal and bed time...that's what i'm recently doing,trying to figure out my best time for each activity...
    kisses Tanvi!:)

  10. I'm loving these fitness posts. This is such a good work out, & definitely kicks your butt. I need to break out the workout ball again!! Thanks!

  11. Go you! Hmmm, I simply despise doing those sorts of exercises myself though... luckily I'm not too bothered about six packs either. However, you look great and are clearly doinga lot of things right!

  12. always inspire me in some way or the other girl!! Wish I can attain a fab figure like yours someday!! Sigh!

  13. Tanvi,

    Read 2 posts now. I fully agree with your reasons for keeping travel plans secret. Thanks for sharing this, though these do look little difficult.

    Take care

  14. very nice..thanks for sharing!
    it will be helpful to many ..and me too :)

  15. This is a excellent post!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE:) I need to eat better.

  16. Again - I was blown away by the mini-videos. They don't take long to view and download unlike Youtube ones.

  17. Hardcore workout girl! Keep it up! xo style, she wrote

  18. Whooaahhhh

    Tanviiiiiiii I'm beginning work outs from Tuesday! :) Runs and some core. It will take me quite some time toget at these core work outs you show here but basic crunches work pretty well for me so I'm hoping to at least start out! :)

  19. I love your exercise series. Darn wish we had a bosu ball at our condo gym, but it seems worth owning so I'll look for it.

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  20. Ah, of my favorites. And, by "favorite", I actually mean quite the opposite. I do them, but I don't like them!

    Thanks for sharing more of your workout!

  21. Awesome!

    You look sooo focussed and dedicated Tans!

    And looks like you have got the postures and techniques perfected!

  22. There are additionally some core workout that target the decrease body. When performing these workout routines, several areas of the physique are labored altogether making it an efficient method to work out.

  23. OMG, the last one looks so tough!! This looks like an awesome workout but am pretty sure I will lose my balance!!

  24. YOU are a rockstar! Get it! :)

  25. tuck ins on the ball is one of my favorite abs exercise. Works out the abs sooo well!

  26. I totally adore this and Im going to try a few of those exercises:) You are amazing, darling
    Kisses and hugs

  27. I've never really known how to use my big ball other than crunches. Thanks for the ideas!

  28. I've never really known how to use my big ball other than crunches. Thanks for the ideas!

  29. Great post!! I'm so excited to find another fashion/fitness blogger!! There aren't many of us! :) I have only recently added fitness to my blog and my blog finally feels "whole" with my other passion in it! Isn't it difficult to do the exercises and use a self timer?! I had a tough time with it! The only thing I don't quite agree with is really limiting carbs and fats. I think as long as your diet is clean and balanced, overly limiting isn't necessary if you're doing enough cardio and everything. I've always had my 6 pack and don't limit those. Totally agree that there's no one "magic" move to develop a flat stomach! Right on the money, girl! I can't wait to check out more of your posts! :)

  30. I had not seen the "tuck in" and it looks great!
    Meetu D

  31. This looks so hard-CORE!

    Great Job!


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