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Entry for "Who wore it Best" - "it" being that AWESOME Neck piece!
I never enter any contests. I do not know why but I haven't since a longggg time. But, you see, somehow [?] I have managed to get an entry in a “Who Wore it Best” contest, (with a prize of $75 worth of jewelry) over at Clyde's Rebirth. And now that I am officially in the contest I want to win it too! So won't you lovely (and loyal) people help me? Just go here and Vote for Tanvi. You can vote as many time as you like for one whole week! (I'm also thinking of hiring someone who keeps voting for me, all day :P ... Volunteers? ... Anyone?)

Shirt - Banana Republic [10']; Green Skinny Pants - Gap [11']; Shoes - Rare ['11]

iComment asked - "It would be nice if on some days you document all that you eat, your meal plans etc. to give us little more boost and help your readers attain a good body."

I will admit that at one point I was a crazy-calorie-counting-maniac. I needed that discipline in the beginning. I needed to guide my brain to help me control my appetite and also needed change my eating habits. 
  • Less fried food
  • More vegetables and fruits
  • Less sweets and chocolates
However, I have been at a stable weight for last 3 years. I have stopped counting calories. I workout for 3-4 times a week for 30 or 60 minutes (as work and life permits). I eat whatever my heart desires but in small portions. When I do not workout, I lose strength and stamina and my body doesn't look as toned but *luckily* I my weight and body dimensions do not fluctuate *touchwood* any more. (Lesson: If you workout regularly and strenuously your body learns to adapt to your life's ups and downs!)

The reason I am telling you this is because I do not have a meal plan. I roughly know what I am going to eat as I know what groceries I have in the refrigerator but there is no fixed schedule. I am not sure if this will be helpful but I have stated my meals in the form of options:  

Breakfast Options: 7am
Glass of Milk & a bowl of Fruit or
Muesli with Milk or
Flavored Yogurt & Toast or
Glass of Juice & Toast

Mid-AM Snack Options: 9am
Whatever I didn't have for breakfast
I have it 2 hours later
e.g. If I had Muesli with Milk for breakfast 
I will have Glass of Juice & Toast at 9am

Lunch Options: Between 11am-Noon
Cous-Cous and Quinoa with Vegetables or
Vegetable Sandwich or
Wheat & Flax Seed Toast with a vegetable or avocado dip or
Rice Vermicelli with Tofu & Vegetable or
Whole Wheat Pasta with Vegetables
(The options are not limited to this but these are few of my favorite items)

Mid-Afternoon Snack: 2pmWheat & Flax Seed Crackers with Humous or
Slice Cranberry and Walnut Bread with any dip or
Flavored Yogurt

Dinner Options: Between 5-6pm
Bowl of cooked lentils and sautéed vegetables and a cup of plain yoghurt or
6" Veggie Delight from Sunday on 9 Grain Honey Oat (No Cheese. No Dressing) or
Whole Wheat Quesadilla with grilled peppers and tomatoes or
Thin Crust Whole Wheat Pizza with Pesto and vegetables
(Lunch options can always be used as Dinner options)

Also, everyone is different. Every body is different. Each one of us has different metabolism, strength, body size, needs, allergies, diseases, etc. All of these play a role in your level of fitness. Do not compare yourself to the next person, but do use them as a source of motivation. At least that's what I do. 



  1. ooh these shoes feel so high :) like like! I quite like the fact that u have dinner so early! I think it's painful that mine gets shifted so late in the night, and that's totally not been good...

  2. If one could kill for those pumps and that shirt, one would :P
    I have had dinner so early only at my jain friend's household. Otherwise its 8-9 pm here in India. Also I have observed dinner timings were a bit early when I was outside India i.e. before 7 pm.
    And the shop my closet idea is awesome! Love it! Sigh though, that I won't have to kill anyone now :D

  3. Oh how nice u added a lol diet. :) thank you
    Liking the casual attire very summer

  4. Woah u hav got a whole lot of things goin on...have voted for u. Hope u win!! Good luck.

  5. vry controlled and healthy diet which i (tried but ) could not follow..... :(:(

    btw voted for u multiple times for ur contest ... (wat a break from work)

    n yes.. i totally fall in ♥♥♥ with ur pumps...

  6. I've voted! You look amazing, the colours you are wearing are just gorgeous. xxx
    PS Love those shoes! xxx

  7. I voted of course!

    Loving your pink blouse. And the cut of those trousers really suits you! :)

  8. Voted for you! I'm with you and work out more regularly (Err not the last 1.5 weeks because of my swollen foot) and eat more intelligently. It's about healthy living right?

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  9. Love that look! And you already know I love those shoes! :) Also, nice to see your daily schedule- I have about 5 meals a day, too. I play volleyball a lot, so I enjoy that for exercise, but we also have a gym in our complex that I take advantage of a few times each week!

    P.S. Voted about 5x so far, will continue throughout the week! :)

    -Tara @ Haute Lunch

  10. Awesome photos, I love the color blocking and the necklace.
    I just realized I haven't yet followed your blog! Definitely following now :)
    Have a great day!

  11. Loving the hairstyle! Also - A 'shop my closet'? SO EXCITED ! :D

  12. Um... I don't know how to say this...

    I never comment on people's bodies because it's usually rude to do so. Even compliments are suspect, especially from someone normally perceived as male. But... I can't resist making an observation. I hope you receive it in the way it's intended and don't take any offense.

    In the green pants from the Gap, the lower half of your body is ideal. Absolutely ideal. Its size, shape and curves are perfect. They couldn't be more perfect. I'm sure part of that is genetics and part of it is hard work through good diet and exercise. You should be aware (and proud) that you've achieved the pinnacle of physical perfection.

  13. I love the blouse and the heals. Your legs seem to go on forever. Those pants are very flattering. Kudos to eating well and exercising. I eat quite well myself. Now it's time to work on consistently exercising. My genes have taken me a long way but now I know its time I do my part. You look really lovely. I'm off to check out some of your older posts. So glad I found your blog.

  14. I really love that simple, chic outfit on you! You should be in a magazine :)

  15. As somebody said- you should be on a magazine. Those green trousers are look cool!!

  16. Love that necklace! Thank you for sharing your eating habits and how you deal with living a healthy life! You are amazing!

    Twitter: @YvonnaLivianna

  17. I had so much fun voting!

    I gave you a couple extra. ;)

    WOw though! that piece so so versatile! I loved so many of the looks!

  18. your svelte frame .. the soothing color and those killer heels... looking totall dapper..

  19. i love the way you're wearing that neckpiece! and so creative with the colors too.

    and thanks for posting your daily meal too. it's always good to get an idea of what others are doing to stay in shape and it's definitely motivating for me too!

    cute & little
    check out my TIKKR watch giveaway!

  20. That neckalace is so amazing and you look totally beautiful as always, darling. Have a fantastic day and I just votes:) Muah

  21. 1) Will vote for u everyday!! you better split the prize:-)

    2) Love ur green skinny jeans. you look so hot in that outfit!

    3) quick question: do you take any multi-vitamins, calcium, anti-oxidants pills or any other king of supplements??

  22. So will vote for you sweetie! I just love that outfit!!! And great tips. Weigh loss can be such a battle for people. Don't I know it? I just started a new program myself. Thing is that I know what I have to do to be healthy. I've just had a few bad years with the passing of my two best friends so I haven't been able to keep a healthy lifestyle. It's time to make a change now though so I really welcome and appreciate all of your tips :)


  23. Don't worry gonna vote for you non-stop!! :))
    Loving the shirt......& the headband on you! Thanx for the diet tips... :)

  24. nice shoes...and thanks for the tips..I did the voting part too :)

  25. 1. Definitely going to head on over and vote for you. That necklace is stunning and I love that you kept it casual and let the necklace do all the talking.

    2. Those shoes...I'm speechless so I'll leave it at that.

    3. I also used to be a calorie counting, working out twice a day, maniac but that lifestyle is not manageable in the long term. Unless you're famous and you have someone to manage your scheduled and diet for you. Unfortunately, I have not found balance and i have fallen all the way off the wellness bandwagon. My goal is to get back on track starting April 1. I am not going to go crazy, but I am going to try to eat 5 times a day and work out 3 times a week. Wish me luck!

  26. You have an amazing shape. I will try some of the snacks you suggested. Oh and I love your heels, they are getting higher lol. Beutiful outfits!

  27. I'll vote for you, Tanvi, because I just KNOW you'll wear it best.
    And I don't believe in calory counting...

  28. Very cool fringe necklace! love! x o style, she wrote

  29. ok sweetie, I voted for you as many times as I could. If you were here in Dallas taking my kids to classes, I would have voted for you all evening.

  30. Tanvi! That necklace is amazing! My friend Rachael (from Ordinarily Urbane) is in the challenge too! You both got my vote!

    Loving those white pumps!

    xx rk

  31. Tanvi!! I love this look, so clean and make you look Hot! Loving the platform pumps!<3

  32. ooh I really like the BR shirt!!
    I don't have a meal plan either but have certain foods I eat regularly and just switch them around - because I like them and they are healthy.

    I LOVE hummus!

  33. Gurrrrrrl you look HOT!! You don't even have to ask for my vote - I'm there everyday :) I so hope you win it!! + love that necklace btw.

    And I hate I missed you at TXSCC! I wanted to ask you if you knew about anymore TX wineries ;)


  34. you look really hot in that outfit...and those shoes are soooo fab! i want!!

    voted for you :):)

  35. like i said already sexy shoes darling, you manage to eat by 6 pm wow!!! i can never manage before 8

  36. Awesome! The complete look! And those shoes are totally OMG! Let me know when you put them on the blog shop ;)

    Your blog shop is nice.. I am tempted by quite a few things but I'm doing a trip to Bangkok this weekend so saving all the shopping for there...

    I am surely voting for you everytime I log online!

  37. super cute outfits here! And I was thinking about doing "shop my closet" too. I have so many items now that I want to part with. Let me know how it goes!

  38. Your neckpiece is indeed great. And your studded shoes are great!!!
    Fashion Panache - Patiala Salwar Bottoms

  39. voted! and what a beautiful necklace, and healthy style! -xxoo

  40. Voted voted!!

    And you are in a fab shape girl :>

  41. You put me to shame. Every time! Your fabulous clothes, your healthy diet, and your overall fabulousness. Sigh. ;)

  42. Voted!!! Your shoes are to die for! <3

  43. This was great to read. I love the pin-tucked shirt tucked into jeans.

  44. I have voted! Yay for Tanvi winning, those White heels are amazing. Can you actually walk in them?

  45. I'm stopping over to give you a little inspiration! I finally blogged today and it's taken me a week to get the post together - ackkk, big fat fail.

    BUT - I love that you shared your meal options. I love quinoa and basically every thing you mentioned here. I am seriously salivating. We could definitely hang out based on our diets :)

    Have a wonderful weekend, doll!


  46. Those shoes are killer and you look hot! PS: I voted, twice :)

  47. love it! keep the inspiration coming!


  48. Shoooesss are OMG....the look is super chic..

    I hope you win the necklace..needless to add that you have been voted for! Sounds funnnn by the way....

  49. You got my vote! Love that peach top-that's a hot outfit!

  50. I love the green pants with the blouse! I love how you utilize color

  51. First of all, I'm dying over your outfits. The skinny pants and those shoes are insanely awesome! I love that you showed us your eating. I'm not so great at the whole "balanced meal" thing but I've definitely gotten some inspiration from you! Only being able to use a microwave makes meals extremely difficult!

  52. *Gasp!* Those shoes! And I love the outfits! <3 <3 <3

  53. you should totally win! that necklace looks amazing on you!

  54. WOW girl you eat so healthily! I love it. I used to be a bit crazy with calorie counting too, and got a bit too skinny, now I just try to eat healthy and allow sneaky snacks.
    Good luck with the comp, gonna go vote for ya now x

  55. Love this! Your outfit is gorgeous+I love your entry! <3


  56. like the shoes!!!.....and the shades!!!

  57. ♥Intresting post like all your blog♥

  58. Love your outfit, your smartly dressed.

  59. i want that necklace!

  60. I am absolutely loving you in Orange. Oh and about documenting what you eat. I think I am far to scared to do that as I may get a real shock as to what I really shouldn't be eating.


  61. You awesome little girl, be my dietician no? I wish I could be half as healthy as you are.
    Also, looking very fabulous. Not that I need to mention that.


  62. love that necklace in the photos you entered in the contest!! awesome!

  63. love those white studded shoes. thanks for sharing your meal plan--i need to eat more veggies.

  64. OMG in the second outfit u look WONDERFUL,SEXY,BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!:)))

  65. nice blog :) the necklace and shoes are just awesome ^^

  66. Tanvi!
    Let me start off by saying you are one of favoritest inspiration to stay fit. Been gymming for the past week and am so excited to see the little muscle definitions when I lift weights(though it vanishes as soon as I head out the gym :P).
    I have one question to ask you - what do you eat when you get hunger pangs after 8.00pm? I alwyas tend to get hungry around 11.00pm and wonder what to eat. Please lemme know :)
    Thanks for inspiring me and many others.
    *phew looong comment, eh?!


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