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Holiday Lookbook - Day

I am in attending the TxSCC  this weekend and am beyond excited to meet all the bloggers and interact with them in person. While I have met my fair share of bloggers already in the past year, this will be my first time attending such a formal 'Blogging Forum'. I will definitely let you all know how it went ... 

In the meantime let me indulge you in my Holiday Lookbook. Earlier this year, I stopped by Dubai to visit my friend - Anita (aka Myraa Ahuja). Everyone, probably, already knows her, thanks to the 2 fabulous photo shoots she pampered me with here and here.   

These are few of the looks I donned during the day ...
Look 1
Top - Gap [10']; Leggings - Puma [09'] 
Pashmina Scarf - Gift [Mom]; Ballet Flats - Juicy Couture [07']

Look 2
Tee - Urban Outfitters [10'] ; 3/4 Denims - Gap [10']
Booties - Dolce Vita [10']

Look 3
Top - Urban Outfitters [10']; Skinny Jeans - Miss Sixty [08']
Flats - Tory Burch [10']

Look 4
Top - Urban Outfitters [10']; Skirt - Zara [10']

Look 5
Tee Under the cardigan - Husband's; Red Boyfriend Cardigan - ASOS [10']
Blue Leggings - BDG [10']; Sneakers - Reebok [06']

Look 6                                                       Look 7
(Look 6) Shirt Dress - Banana Republic [10']; Flats - Jean-Micheal Cazabat [06']
(Look 7) Top - COS [10']; Leggings - Hue [10']; Flats - Tory Burch [10']

Here's how I pack: 
1. Pre-plan the outfit (along with the shoes)
2. Mix-n-match (of course!) and be prepared for all the possibilities
3. Carry clothes which weigh less, like cotton tops, leggings, shirts
4. Keep it simple is basically my mantra while traveling 

You can find my elaborate Packing List here.

... stayed tuned in for the Holiday Lookbook - Night ... Up Soon!

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  1. I absolutely love these posts, I am always a mess when it comes to packing for a vacation either I end up taking too many or too little.
    The UA top is too cute

  2. You look amazing! Love look 1!
    Very inspiring blog! Following! Follow back? <3

  3. Lovely the bag in the 6th n 7th look.

  4. love the 2nd tee the best! :) and agree, ever since I started packing leggings etc. packing has become much lighter! so yes really helps...

  5. Loving all the looks!
    The polka skirt being my favorite!

  6. All the looks look fab!
    Look 2 looks amazing. The shoes are gorgeous. Your top looks great.

    Have fun at the blogger forum!

  7. Some blogs I visit for style ideas, some out of mere curiosity. Your blog provides me with real inspiration every time I come here.

    You not only look great in these photos, you display an attractive confidence. Your pictures transcend fashion.

  8. the pics against the water are so chic Tanvi...all the looks are stunning or sweet actually:-)

    just wondering how much fun it must be to get up every day and decide to dress up to enthrall the world...
    keep enthralling sweetheart:)

  9. Sounds like you are having a great weekend. I love your style and the black shirt dress is totally adorable:) Kisses and hugs, darling

  10. Love the scarf, very stylish! and the fun pink tshirt and the blue leggings...

  11. Love your holiday lookbook! Makes me want to go on holiday myself :)

    Have fun at the TxSCC this weekend, sweetie! xoxo

  12. These are great outfits!
    I'll definitely be using your packing tips, considering mine are pretty ineffective!
    Have a great weekend!

  13. Am sure the "queen of mixing & matching" is an intelligent packer as well!!! Love all the looks babe....simple, yet flawless - just like you! :)

  14. I would love to be going to that conference! Lucky lady. Love the orange TB flats...and I'm so jealous that you have that Kate Spade I'm in love with btw.

  15. What a great look book! Looks like you're having a great time. Love that hot pink bag! xo style, she wrote

  16. Here's my packing list: passport, ticket, credit card. That's it.
    I buy everything on location and leave it at the hotel when it's time to leave. No baggage what so ever. I take the term 'travel light' to new extremes!

  17. Love, love, love! And those Dolce Vita boots...........
    Have a great time at the blogger conference.

  18. what pretty looks! I really love your use of color. That pink bag is adorable & so is your smiley tee :)

  19. WOW.. what a gorgeous outfit...
    If i had to pic one i would say 6.
    Ps.. i want your sunglasses Tanvi.
    Lee x

  20. lovin the black shoulder bag in the first outift. super cute!
    buttercup buttons

  21. I am a horrible packer so I am so envious to see others do it well. I mean, I try. And then fail. Repeatedly. Hope you're having a blast, from all the #TXSW tweets I'm reading, it sounds like a great time!

  22. wow.. sounds great! You must be having a blast there :)

    Love the booties in the 2nd look and the tee in the 3rd look.. quirky! :)

  23. I love all the tees Tanvi! :) They're perfect for packing light too :)

  24. You look so gorgeous! The boots in the second picture are sooooo hot, love 'em! xxx

  25. Have fun at TxSCC!

    Your UO happy face shirt is too cute!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  26. Didn't know about TXSCC, May be next time, when they have en event, I will join too.

    Love your looks, can't wait to see the night ones,.

  27. I love #5 , you really pull off the blue leggings-look well! this outfit looks so simple and comfortable. :)
    Enter the Handmade Giveaway here!

  28. Love the Dolce Vita booties. All these pictures are amazing!

  29. ..lovely pichas..especially...the one on the top... ya!

  30. Wish I could have met you there. Have fun pretty lady. ;)

  31. Your outfits are so cute! I love all the color you use, and it was SO nice to meet you :)

  32. you are one super talented girl..i know i say this everytime but cant help it !!

  33. wow, i'm in love with so many of your outfits! let's see...

    1. that hot pink bag is awesome!
    2. LOVE the UO sweater with the happy face. so cute! and amazing sunnies too!
    3. blue leggings?!! i need some!
    4. and you look straight out of a magazine in looks 6 and 7!

    so great meeting you this weekend too at TxSCC! :)

    cute & little

  34. My fave one is the indigo and orange against the desert sands!! Wat a powerful combo!
    Meetu D

  35. Loved the first 4 looks! The pink Tee, the polka dotted skirt are shooo very cute!! :D

  36. lovely dolce vita booties. thanks for sharing both your day and night looks from Dubai!

  37. Smiley t-shirt with POLKA...that's a keeper look! Liking all the photos...

    I must say Dubai was blessed to have such fashion stop by and grace its land...It finally got 'COOL'er !



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