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Before I turn 30...

I still have not found any inspiration and I loathe ranting on my blog for no reasons. I strongly believe in only talking when I can improve the silence. There is already enough noise in the world. So while I am still maintaining that respectful 'silence', I also, had learnt something from Jennine Jacob, at the TxSCC few weeks back. She said that if one enjoys blogging and wishes to continue it then 'sometimes all you need is to 'show up' just like you would at work'. In my personal experience, inspiration doesn't come to you by just being a bum, so to say. You have to get out there and find it. At least you have got make a genuine effort to find it. So here I am, showing up ... making an effort ... doing the best I can. [Clearly, I talk a lot even while maintaining a 'respectful' silence :P]

So instead of 'lecturing' any more, here's what got me writing this post. As usual Upasna introduces me to a lot of new stuff which I am unaware of in my rather illusive life. So she found a list of 30 Skills Every Woman Should Have Before Turning 30* which means I have less than an year to make sure I have them all. Let's go over them, shall we? 

1. Hard-boil an egg ✔️
2. Diplomatically tell mom to butt out (ok! rather rude. I've never had to)
3. Ace a job interview ✔️

4. Ask a man out (Never had to and now I am married!)
5. Send a thoughtful thank-you note ✔️

6. Listen to a friend in need ✔️

7. Ask for help ✔️

8. Effectively end an unhealthy relationship [
romantic or platonic in nature] ✔️
9. Beautifully wrap a gift ✔️

10. Say “no” gracefully ✔️

11. Whip up a great dinner with the five items in her fridge ✔️

12. Forget pleasing him,
by 30 a woman should be able to tell her man exactly how to please her ✔️
13. Sew a button ✔️

14. Mix a kick-ass cocktail ✔️

15. Take off her bra without removing her shirt (errr embarrassing but o.k.) ✔️

16. Apply lip gloss in the dark ✔️

17. Balance her checkbook ✔️

18. Create a budget ✔️

19. Find the best deal ✔️

20. Negotiate a salary and/or pay raise (
haven't had to but I am sure I can manage) ?
21. Read a map ✔️

22. Hail a cab ✔️

23. Say something in French just for the hell of it ✔️
24. Apologize when she’s wrong ✔️

25. Dress for her body type ✔️

26. Change a flat ...
or know whom to call to come change it (errr AAA?) So, ✔️ or ?
27. Spot a fake [
handbag, diamond, potential friend …] ✔️
28. Feign interest ✔️

29. Know what to tip on a $25 dinner bill ✔️

30. Hold a baby ✔️

So what do you say people? I am ready to turn 30, aren't I?

Something I put together randomly to do a Grocery run on Sunday. But just as we stepped out Husband thought I look rather 'cute' so went back in to get the camera and clicked some pictures for the heck of it. Your thoughts?
Peter-pan Collar Body Suit - Pins & Needles [10']; Cardigan - Banana Republic [10'] 
Jeans - Miss Sixty [09']; Shoes - Juttis (From Amritsar) [11']

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  1. Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

    uber cute! love the truck as a 'prop' for the photo!
    list before your 30...ah!

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

  2. I love this cardigan and totally agree with the husband! And ur completely on the 'get them 30s on' mode ;) :)

  3. you wore kohlapuries with jeans... i love you... Big Hug!!!

  4. You may be turning 30 but certainly dont look. you are adorably cute :) and those mojris are a gorgeous contrast, i am loving it :D

  5. u do luk nice...loving the lipstick color and the body suit....
    regarding my weight...everyone around me seems to think i have lost weight, but i dont feel it!!...will measure soon now.

  6. The peter pan body suit is too cute! Tanvi you dont look like you're anywhere close to 30! & great going on that list! Wish you luck for achieving the rest! :)

  7. Looking good in jeans, Tanvi!
    I'm way over thirty and still haven't held a baby or learnt to read a map! xxx

  8. Hmm, I think I have done 95% of the items on that list but I am not ready to turn 30! Barely even ready to turn 23! :P

    That's so sweet that hubby liked your outfit and went to get the camera. I like it too! It's very cool-casual ... the soft blues are so nice for the spring. And as usual I am jealous of your tiny waist! ;)


  9. Love the Body suit! Nice casual look!

  10. true that!! (the cuteness i.e.) :)
    need to do 14 and 27! Guess I am well set on the list ;)

  11. agree with your husband on the cute part, need to do no 14 on the list

  12. Haha. I love everything on the list. So entertaining. I had made a similar one for my New Year's Resolution. :P
    50 things that I have yet to do in life. :)

  13. You are adorable! That lipshade really adds the pop of colour!

  14. Love the 30 musts before 30 :p I got 24 months and a few i still need to conquer! So get-with-the-program time...:D


  15. hey ... u look gorgeous in this look and fixing of blue shades is just awesome...

    btw i still have 5 years to completely follow the list but i need to learn a lot...

  16. aww..u do look cute..n loved dat list..

  17. haha love the post and the pictures! The body suit is adorable! <3

  18. You are so ready for 30 dear and loving the casual look!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  19. Awwwww you were ready to turn 30 three days ago. Love that little list, have done most things on the list and seems like I need not worry about turning 30 :) Love the look and love love love the posing :)) you look super cute :) Love the pairing of mojris with an out and out western outfit!

  20. I really love the peter pan collar, the shoes and the ponytail! :)

  21. wow, i had no idea you were about to turn 30. you look so young!! i'm about to turn 30 too and loved going through that list myself!

    and your outfit is super cute. i love the tucked cardigan look on you.

    cute & little

  22. That collar is too cute are you!!! :)

    And I think I'll even try to tick that list later (though sub-consciously I know I've done most of all that!)....don't wanna think of 30 now!! :P

  23. You are not ready. I still have to find a female who others can say 'Yes' to point 24. Haha :)

  24. Very cute casual look! I think I've got most that list covered, too, minus changing a flat. My dad tried to show me one, but I kept insisting that I didn't need to learn because I have a cell phone and AAA! :)

  25. ...I'm not even 20 and I've done or know how to do 27 of those things...but yes you're prepared. and tanvi you look FABULOUS here, your husband was definitely right, I love all the soft blues and that peter pan collared top!

  26. It is rather 'cute' ;p I think I have everything covered except maybe the part about beautifully wrapping a gift ..I have just about given up on it..I!

  27. The outfit is casual chic and I love the peter pan collar body suit :)
    I'm glad you've checked off everything in the list and are ready to turn 30 :)

  28. love the shoes! great list of you going on there

  29. :) I did this list! It was awesome. Even though I have some more than 7 years to do what I haven't done, I am thinking of completing soon. ;)

    P.S. I love your shoe collection. I have a attachment from Asr. because of the fashion culture they have. I wish I could share my collection with you but anyways, love love the punjabi juttis.
    Btw..check out the phulkari's! They are awesome to compliment black dresses on a less formal evening.

  30. ok, for our shoe swap can you PLEASE include those shoes????? i bought a pair in india and completely wore them out by the time i left! still kicking myself for not buying more to bring home.

    i'd say you're most certainly ready for 30, my dear!!! :)

  31. I absolutely love that list! Haha I'm going to be 30 in a month and a half...I have some work to do. Love your shoes and your Peter Pan collared body suit!

  32. What a delightful list. It's good to grow up and, if you're smart, you choose to never stop learning.

  33. Jennine is very wise. It's always good to follow her advice!

  34. Love these pics of you! they look vintage.
    Never asked a man out before.:)

  35. ...Very cute pics...
    nice bunch of resolutions ..But as always age is where heart is!!
    cheers ..and always be happy!

  36. Look at you rockin the blue! I love it! That shirt is adorable and I really love it with the cardi. And looks like you're ready to take on 30 :) xoxo

  37. you do look cutie... and being in early twenties need to do lot of things in the list ... :P

  38. I like this list.
    I do agree that a woman should be able to change a flat and ask a guy out. I like the belt too.

  39. "talk only when you can improve the silence" are not just looking more awesome by the day but also sounding very writer-ish...whatever that means...
    actually that means all the so-called n so-believed "writers" like me should pack our boriya-bistar;-)

    and when hubby says you look cute...please believe it, especially if it is your husband saying it to you...these are super cute pics...just not doing justice to the idea of u turning thirty*yes, we are super jealous:/*

  40. You normally look ravishing and stylish in your outfits, in this one you look absolutely cute!

    love this post, do you mind if I post my version of this list on my blog!

  41. I agree with Ashish - you look very cute. I love blue on blue combinations becoz they look very sleek and streamlined. Looks like ur love affair with lip color is still going on strong:-) like you in ponytail and love, love the first two pics..

    I still dont know to balance a checkbook or mix a kick-ass cocktail:(

  42. u're completely ready to turn 30,looking fabulous!!!:) i'm 25 and i almost did 80% from the list (if not even more)!:Dlol

  43. Love the colour of your cardigan. A great list, yes you must be ready for 30

  44. Was chuckling over this list. Looks like you are ready for the big 30. And yes, that is a super cute outfit. Love the juttis

  45. Great job getting through your to do list! Keep at it! xo style, she wrote

  46. You dont look 30 at all!
    i think i can tick off around 18.. which is ok.. i have lots of time before i turn 30!!

    Love your cute poses.. Esp #3.. you look like a kid!! not someone ready to turn 30!!

  47. Like your list Tanvi.

    I also like your cute look. That top is adorable.

  48. i think you do look super cute!! sometimes the grocery-run outfits are the most inspiring for me because they feel the most real, you know?
    i can't believe you're turning 30 you (seriously) don't look a day over 24.
    and i loved the checklist--what a sweet, genuine post.

  49. I think you're ready, my dear! Hope you've got a massive party planned. And I'm a big fan of respectful silence. Been feeling that a bit lately.

    Love the first couple of shots...great look about them. And the belt is fab.


  50. The truck just fits in and I love your outfit.

  51. you really look cute in that outfit :):)

    i think you are totally ready to turn 30, but you don't look like 30 at all :)....

  52. You are well prepared for turning 30! And hubby has excellent taste as you looked very cute with the Peter pan collar!

  53. LOVE the Peter Pan collar! And, of course, that list makes me smile. Looks like I'm ready to turn 30, too. :)

  54. Hi Tanvi..

    Happened to visit your website accidentally and I thank the accident. You look lovely in pictures. I liked how you choose to wear juttis with denim. Its funny but cute. I will go through your old posts when time permits. I'm following you right away ;) Visit my page too.. n tell me if you like it. I would appreciate :)


  55. So ready! Would've never guessed you're about to turn 30! Cracking over 23, cool!

    <3 Cess O.
    The Outfit Diaries

  56. you are so cute!!
    I really like your blog

  57. loove the shirt!xx

  58. Super cute outfit! Love love love your juttis! :) Yes, my girl you're ready to turn 30. Now dig up a list of stuff for me to do before I turn 40 (!!)(still a few years left, but I'd like to check stuff off before I get there! :D)

  59. Well, I've already turned 30 last year so this list came pretty late lol:P

    I love what you're wearing here but of course I'm totally biased when it comes to peter pan collars!

  60. hi there ... have been following your blog for quite a while now .. but haven`t posted a comment till now .. simply coz I din`t have anything specific to say ...

    Today I will ... coz I actually dig that line u wrote "talk only when you can improve the silence" .. loved the quote ! just like I love your style , health tips and of course the delish recipes u post!

    And yeah ... your blog has actually prodded me, a geeky business analyst having a manic work life, to actually get some more style into my work-wear ! Hope you post some more work-wear styles as well :)

    Keep the fabulous work going ! :)

  61. You are totally ready to turn 30! and thats a good score on the list :)
    I have to agree with your husband here, you look adorable!

  62. reading this post definitely improved the silence. i'm excited to start my own list. i turn 30 in October and I'd like to check some things off my list.
    And you're such a Texas with your big belt buckle and Truck! Ha ha! If I didn't know better, I'd think you had a southern accent too! :)

  63. Ah, how delicious you look, like figs ready to be consumed;;-)
    Those ballerinas are lovely. Your skin look so radiant, too. An excellent list, my dear!

  64. i've done a good amount of those things as well. but not #11--i'm not much of a cook.

    love the collar body suit!

  65. I understand the others, but 'hard boil and egg'? huh? :)

  66. You do look cute! Loving the cardigan!

  67. I have no idea if I had bagged that list by 30 - but it sounds like good advise to me. I'm also agree with Jeannine... If not inspired, work. It's always to see you around, Tanvi!

  68. So cute! Like the peek a bow popping out from the cardi..

    alllll your list is doneeee with..come let's make a new list...

    1. make dreamy travel plans with your bff

    2. Book the tickets for dreamy plans with your bff

    3. Live the dreamy travel plans with your bff

    4. Basically you get the point, bff?

  69. I loved what you said about going out and FINDING inspiration :) Sometimes it hurts a little more than usual but I find that I never regret trying!

    And hubby was right when he said 'cute'! You are beautiful. Love the little flats and your fun poses.


  70. Hahaha husband definitely has a good eye for spotting cuteness. I love the stripes and the collar. :)


    Twitter - @ishrattrishna

  71. Interesting list... I think I'll pass it on. I'm 25 so I have some time but living in Manhattan I don't think I'll need to change a tire ;)

  72. Definitely cute! I love this look. I've been thinking about Peter Pan colors lately; I've never tried one, for some reason I just never thought I could rock the look. But you definitely do!

    I'm so not ready to turn thirty. I need to get busy!

  73. You seriously must have the coolest husband in the world. What other man would stop insist on doing an outfit shoot because you were too adorably dressed not to?! You are SUCH a lucky girl. ;) I have to pull teeth to make Rian do an outfit shot of me, hence my not doing one in a year. Lol.

    You look absolutely adorable!! Perfect layering. I wish I looked that cute going grocery shopping. Hehe.

    Oh, and you are most definitely ready to turn 30. I guess I am too, I've done most of those items as well. xoxo

  74. Tanvi I swear you're the cutest thing ever! You're amazing, and I'm in love with your style, it's so effortless!

  75. Too funny I love this list! (My favorite is the AAA, I've had to call them once or twice.

    Fantastic outfit!

  76. Haha interesting points. I've done most of them myself! :)

    Ashish was right. You look all cute. I love the mojris. Bet they're too comfy! :)

  77. You look as if you're in your early twenties :) very cute!

  78. This comment has been removed by the author.

  79. It looks like you are totally ready to turn 30, sweetie and you look amazing in blue. Love the shoes:) Happy Thursday

  80. You are so funny. I am so glad to have met you too.

  81. haha ... this is a FUN post! Let me see... 4, 5, 14, 16, 18 20, 26 and 29, I think its been done! 8 years left to do 8 things. :D

  82. I just went through the list and found that I did all but one of them. Never changed a flat tire. I think I might need someone to teach me before I need to test out my skills. Yikes!

    Your shirt (bodysuit?) is so cute! I love the rounded collars. You know what should also be on the 30 list? Wear a bodysuit. Haven't done that one either. :O)

  83. Hmm was able to tick a lot of items off that list...Also, I am jealous of your peter pan collar inner; I'm having a peter pan collar kick at the moment. :)

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