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On Other Days...

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 Wearing (4) (20) & (26) from My Picks: 30 for 30

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 Wearing (19) (22) & (26) from My Picks: 30 for 30

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 Wearing (9) (20) & (26) from My Picks: 30 for 30

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Wearing (10) (12) (16) & (28) from My Picks: 30 for 30

Thank you all so much for the loving and positive comments in the past few days. They have been bringing a huge smile on my face everyday. Also, I would like to welcome all my new readers - Welcome Onboard! 

So the winter has finally decided to embrace Texas and is staying here for a while. I am loving it! There isn't much new update [besides the weather!] to give on my end except that I am eagerly waiting for this challenge to get over [Have you gotten tired of me whining about it yet!?]. Though it has been creatively fulfilling, I have come to realize that it is not really something 'for me'. I have been 'remix-ing' my wardrobe for a long time now. I wear the same pieces from my wardrobe over and over again for several years, actually! So this challenge has just confined me from using my other fabulous clothes. While I am no quitter and will complete it, I do not think it is the 'right' challenge for me in future! But we'll see, 'coz for some weird reason I like to torture myself and take upon challenges for no rhyme or reason! 

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  1. You look so lovely and refreshing in the second look. So unlike the winter colours hence refreshing. Love it

  2. you are looking so B E A Utiful in the last set of pics! love those hoops.


  3. Well the challenge is almost over! One more week to go! I really admire you for doing this, I don't think I could ever manage such a challenge. And I am absolutely loving look #22, so classy and pretty!


  4. Love the mustard colored skirt!
    + new follower!
    Wish you an amazing week-end!

  5. Tanvi luv those earrings in d 2nd picha!!
    nd d mustard skirt too..
    nd wat shall say abt u, u r a doll alwaz...;)
    soni kudi!!!

  6. Hi :)

    Amazing blog you got there! I love it :D
    So that's why I'm a new follower :)

    Maybe you can follow me back and visit my blog and leave some comments? I would like that :)


    Thanks and keep up the good work :)

  7. Love the 20th and 21st look. Don't worry u'll soon get to wear ur other clothes too...eight more looks to go. :)

    I m sure u'll do proper justice to any such challenge that u choose to take up coz u have got gr8 taste.

  8. I understand wat u mean by torturing yourself:(
    Challenges give more confidence, to explore,strengthen will power and you are too good to carry this all.
    Love pics with yellow shoes.

  9. 22 totally grabs me. You're really channeling the pre-Christmas party mood, Tanvi.
    (BTW, every time I go to your blog my computer asks me 'Do you want to stop running this skript'? I don't know what it's trying to load)

  10. last one is my fav frm all ablove...you luking so happy and bright in tht black dress...

  11. You are indeed a remix master dear, LOVE LOVE LOVE all of your outfits so much, just AMAZING!!!


  12. The 22 of 30 is gorgeous! Love the dash of sparkle and the way you've added those yellow shoes!

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  13. Hello my beautiful Tanvivacious...

    That first photo of the 2nd lot [20/30]... I LOVE IT!! I just love your face anyway. I love the shape and your eyes and you have such a wonderful smile!

    Oooh it's certainly looking chilly there... we've just started summer but someone forgot to tell summer!! :( It's been yucky and raining and muggy yet cold!

    Congratulations on doing so well in this challenge hon! There is no way I could do this...unless my yoga and Flamenco gear count!

    Also congratulations on all your new readers! I LOVE that your fabulous life [not the one you're living although yes that is fabulous but the life that you are] is being recognised far and wide.

  14. You have quickly become my fashion role-model. I *love* your style. You give me great ideas.

    Yesterday, before seeing this post, I picked up a new dress which is very similar in design to your last one shown. Different colors but you'd see the similarity. I hope to photograph it today: please don't think I'm copying you!

  15. Love the suspenders! they look cute on you! and did you layer a top under a dress in the last picture--it looks so cute too!

    PS: like your living room. ;)

  16. I LOVE love 20 and 22!!! good job, you :)

  17. If there is one thing that I can take from your wardrobe...it'd be this pair of boots!!! I swear! :)

    You are going great at it anyways (the challenge, that is)......but it's just like asking Houdini to perform tricks for 30 days at a stretch! ;)

  18. i love that you are rocking suspenders!!!! :)

  19. what beautiful outfits! number 20 is my favorite of these.

  20. You are absolutely glowing in the outfits 21 and 22, love it!! you are a fantastic remixer!

  21. I love n. 20! You look beautiful in those earth tones!

  22. I can't believe you're almost done!! Has it already been a month?!?! Can't seem to get enough of your boots..they're awesome!

  23. Fun suspenders and beaded necklace! xo style, she wrote

  24. It is snowing here. Winter in full swing.

  25. I love them all really. You look great in all the photos. I'm starting to believe you make everything look good! Almost done.

  26. all are good but just love the one with yellow shoes...

  27. great outfits!! Especially love the 3rd outfit.

    I am def going to try to do the 30 for 30 next time around.


  28. love your outfit with the braces! gorgeous!

  29. I love your jacket in the 2nd photo! Totally envious.

    And I'm excited about winter coming to TX too! But then again, everytime I think it's here, it goes back to being 80 degrees the next day.

  30. your look 19 makes me want to run out and buy leather suspenders. It's got this sexy lumberjack vibe (I mean that in a good way!)
    And the colors of look 20... swoon. I love the skirt (is it pea green or mustard yellow? either way it's delicious) paired with those tights. And the leather jacket is TO DIE FOR.

  31. wELL if you're torturing yourself - n this is styll de result, ya shud torture yarself more:D n I like look 4:D just the colorful dots n d dressy look are enuf to put a smile on any ones face :D

  32. *gasp!* Those boots! So gorgeous.

  33. You are a bundle of inspiration. Number 22 appeals to me though I think the other outfits look good on you. I also like the way you mix and marry different styles. Brings out your singularity and unique fashion sense. Congratulations on the new readers, too. Have a happy weekend.
    It's snowing here in Europe;-)

  34. love your outfits! esp the one with the mustard skirt...great combo sweets!

  35. Girl, I'm in love with your first outfit! The combination of shirt and boots is great, wonderful colours and amazing pic! Love, love, love it!!!!


  36. Yay Suspenders!!! So much fun, I love them! Even though I never wear mine..

    You're almost there, hang tight!

  37. Adorable! I love the suspenders and your black dress is so elegant and chic.

  38. #3 is soooo cute. Hang on tight, a few more and you will be done.

  39. I take my hat if you beautiful for hanging in there with this challenge. All the looks are gorgeous, especially, the second set! XX

  40. its getting cold here too in California. We had rains this whole weekend:( I hate rains in winters...

    love ur cord skirt!!

    hey, how come no movie review this weekend? I saw "Tangled" in 3D and have to say loved the movie!! I am planning to catch "Break Ke baad" sometime this week...

  41. Really like your 19 out of 30 look!! Honestly, I can't believe these are from the same collection of clothes you displayed whilst starting this challenge..they all look so different.. so bravo!

  42. Love the navy sweater, green skirt combo! Very polished.

    Infinite patience is my power! :)


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