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The Husband Series (II) - The 10 things...

This weekend, my husband and I were at the Gas Station and I was freezing to death. To keep me entertained he came up with a discussion - "Baby, what do you think are the technological advancements of recent times that have changed our lives?" ... Me all forgotten about the cold started thinking ... and together we came up with the list of things that have so greatly influenced our lives [at least in US].This post is a result of that brainstorming discussion and written by my Fabulous Husband!

Top 10 things ... that have changed the way we do things [in the last decade or so]

1. Google – Well where would we all be without Google, today? Although established in 1997 with some other search engines starting as early as 1993 (go on.. google it :P), the last decade has seen sort of a Google explosion. Google has really revolutionized the information search on the internet with its features such as Google Images, Google Scholars, Google Shopping, Google Maps, and Google Earth to name a few. Google is one-stop for everyone from a stalker to a nerd with almost everyone having a 'Google' homepage.

2. Netflix – If video killed the radio star, then Netflix has most certainly led to the demise of Blockbuster [well almost]. The idea of mailing movies at a predetermined monthly cost and no late fees is just brilliant. Estd. in 1999, the Netflix has made movie watching much more economical and fun. Their ‘Watch Instantly’ feature has most certainly contributed to the couch potato syndrome [in a good way]!

3. iPod – Steve Jobs introduced The iPod in his key note speech in 2001 as a ‘quantum leap in listening to music’.  Since then, iPod has undoubtedly changed the way we listen, feel, carry, and emote to music with its iPod family (iPod, iPod Nano, iShuffle, and iTouch) of devices.  iPod not only reestablished Apple as the leading tech company but it proved yet again the visionary power of Mr. Jobs to the world. And, let us not forget the thousands of small businesses that are thriving on the sales of iPod related accessories.

4. iPhone – If iPod reformed the music industry then iPhone most certainly modernized the mobile phone market in 2007. All of a sudden everyone wanted an iPhone. The lines outside Apple store resembled that of people waiting to buy tickets for a U2 concert. Major cell phone companies such as Motorola, HTC, LG, and Nokia were forced to redesign their future lines. Post iPhone era, a phone is just not a talking device but a true communication device where you can chat, video chat, read books, take pictures, make and send videos, and just about everything.

5. YouTube – As they say, mother is the invention of all necessity..or something like that :P. But the point is that a simple need to simply share a video with friends let to this third most visited web site of today. Whether its watching our favorite sitcom or a soundtrack or the first video titled Me at the zoo or the most viral video of all times - Charlie bit my finger, You and I, we have all been to YouTube. And, to truly understand the life changing impact that YouTube can have on someone just ask Justin Bieber or his millions of fans.

6. Digital Camera – Although digi cams were developed way back in 1970’s but they are listed here for the simple reason that it was only in 2000’s when they became truly affordable and hence entered the mainstream. After the introduction of digital cameras, photography has revamped from the cumbersome developing techniques to simple uploading and downloading steps. It also broke the stereotype associated with Japanese and cameras - Firstly because everyone is carrying one and secondly because the Japanese could now keep the camera in their pockets rather than hanging it around their neck [just kidding (Husband) ...not really (Tanvi) :P].

7. Expedia – Developed in 1995 but came into prominence in late nineties, Expedia changed the way we travel. Now you can plan a perfect holiday [as Mrs Fab. so often does] from booking your flights to making a spa appointment at the destination city, all while sitting in the luxury of your living room. Technology at it's best!

8. Wii – Wii did to the gaming industry in 2006 what iPhones later did to the mobile phones. Video games were not just a nerd thing anymore. Wii led to family style entertainment using the remote with sensor bars. Soon people were having tennis and boxing tournaments in their living rooms while Wii Fit made exercising in front of the TV a lot more fun.

9. Twitter – It is truly said that ‘less is more’. With only 140 characters allowed per tweet, it has become the greatest ranting site ever since 2006. Additionally, Twitter has given a new meaning to fan following. Anybody who is 'somebody' needs to have a twitter account! The popularity of a celebrity can now truly be gauged based on their number of followers. Whether you have something funny, philosophical or borderline embarrassing - tweet it. I think the 140 character limit is purposefully done to avoid drunk tweeting [;-)].  

10. Facebook – Ladies and gentleman, I have saved the best for the last. Facebook = Best ... Why?? Well, read on! First the statistics. This has truly been the year of Facebook, with the release of The Social Network, and Facebook reaching the 500 million landmark, and most recently Marc Zuckerberg being named as the Times person of the year... But ... it is best because way back in April 2007, Facebook acted as the initial love platform for our love story. For those interested, here's our love story in 140 characters (just like the Twitter way!) 

Boy stalks girl for 3 months. Contacts her on Facebook. Makes it look like an accident. They chat & fall in love, & live happily everafter.

For those who only come here for the pictures, this is what I wore on Sunday! 

Dress - Francesca's [09']; Shoes - Jessica Simpson [09']
Necklace - Gift [Mom 10']

P.S. As you can see I too click Mr. Fabulous' pictures, it is just that he doesn't wish to feature on my fashion blog that often! 

P.P.S. Click here for The Husband Series (I)

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  1. i've never been a huge fan of twitter...but that was until i read ur love story cute!!

  2. Can't imagine life without any of these now. How about the mobile phone. I remember when there were just a few people who had those massive brick phones, now if I go out without mine I feel lost.

  3. I like it! I have FB though. I really do. But I still have it. I have gotten rid of it too many times!

    You look adorable!

  4. Those tights are sooo cute! They look great on you <33

  5. great post!! i totally agree with all the points. especially - google, wii, iphone, digicam and facebook!!

    and Tanvi, love your blue dress...looks like blue is one of ur fav colors :)..did i guess it right?

  6. I love this blue on you :)
    nice post Mr.Fabulous

  7. If i stay one day w/ou facebook, twitter, google, etc my life isn't completely..
    Couldn't agree less with you
    Stunning blue dress by the way

  8. Totally agree with this list! Love the blue too Tanvii and I have to e-mail you soon!

  9. this is so cute! I love the story absolutely, ha! and stalking for 3 months, not bad for mr fabulous at all :))'s amazing how technology has made the world so different...though there are some aspects I miss as say a letter :)

  10. I totally agree with all these fantastic inventions! And I had no idea that you two first 'met' through facebook... how romantic! :D


  11. Really pretty pictures. I Love teh colour of the dress. I need more blue stuff: I guess that's what Christmas sales will be about, hehe.

    Ooo, those technological inventions have made such an impact on everyones lives. Facebook and google in particular are really important these days!

  12. Had u guys met on twitter, we could have exclaimed "awww, such a tweet love story" . bad joke, i know.
    love the way u've paired the plain outfit with printed shoes.

  13. Mr Fab ever thot about writing with researching??? It was like reading an article in some magazine or newspapaer. Facebook story so true.
    Mrs Fab U look stunning and tonned. Electric blue hs become my fav color past few seasons.

  14. Like! Like! Super Like! :) esp the FB Love story :* n yeh, royal blue looks regal on ya!

  15. Mr fab is very funny :)
    Ps: ur necklace is awesome!

  16. Nicely worded, short n crisp love story!! :) And yes i totally agree on the list bit.

    P.S U lukin hot in that blue dress. ;) Ur hubby is surely lucky to have such a hot chick!

  17. Interesting Trivia and if I may add following facts:

    1) Microsoft is coming up with something called NATAL in the gaming space. WII requires the jockey to control movements, NATAL on the other hand would project our own hand and body movements on to the screen.. just like touch screen without touching... I think this technology is or will be used by XBox

    2)You Tube probably eat away the cable TV and DTH industry.. imagine You tube reaching our homes directly via broadband or something and hence we will be able to see our fav programmes without any commercial breaks

    3)Apple caters to niche markets only.. I am not sure for how long this business model will be sustainable with the advent of Samsungs and Androids which provides all that an Apple provides and much more..

    P.S: Liked the dress :)

  18. you look ravishing tanvi..
    what did u do to your hair.let me know?

  19. to name some... its just a list. we have became slaves to our own devices...
    great analysis!

  20. heeheee...i totally agree with you about the changes what these things have made in life..& I love ur necklace...So pretty!!!

  21. Lovely shoes (: I´m actually not a fan of Twitter, but Google and Facebook are my loves. So is the Blogger!
    xoxo from Hannie

  22. Now a days I jus sit befor sys n have my dinner..
    But in future,I guess I will open my eyes infront of sys n sleep too..
    Technological revolutions:)

  23. Tanvi,

    My profession is Technology specifically Telecommunication and Internet.

    I am not sure I agree with your list. Everything in the list relates to communication using technology.

    I think there is more to life than just technology.

    To start with we live longer now. Use more medicines. We changed on what we eat.

  24. You forgot Wikipedia Tanvii (or just thought it wasn't important enough)!
    Can't live without Wiki-ing stuff everyday!
    And what about Blogging :P How else would I read these entertaining posts :))
    Love the sweater dress- I'm personally a neutrals kinda gal, but love a dash of color to brighten things up!

  25. Great post. I love the way you and your husband interact together. I love your dress, tights, shoes, hair, smile must I go on...

  26. that was the cutest, shortest love story ever..:) And every single one of them on your list is also on my list, not necessarily in the same order though ..And love your dress...Anything francesca's according to me is cool :)

  27. beautiful pics
    and yes about ten points i agree

  28. Couldn't agree with u more! Can u even imagine life without them? It's like how on earth did we manage??? :)

  29. My husband and I met online too! But through myspace. Not facebook. People think its weird, but I think it's unique.

  30. I so agree with your list! How fun that you beautiful lovebirds met on fb?:-) Love that blue dress on you too-you definitely look awesome in blue! XX

  31. Just stumbled across your blog and noticed that your adorable dress is from Francesca's. My friend was just telling me about this store yesterday. Shockingly, I had never heard of it before. I'm going to have to make a trip to check it out asap!


  32. I totally agree with your list,sweetie... Btw: your outfit is so beautiful:) Happy Monday,sweetie

  33. Kinda can't imagine life without a smartphone now!

  34. beautiful outfit, you have such amazing legs! I love your cute story, my boyfriend and I met over the internet as well and have been happy together for almost 7 years now!

  35. Truly fabulous! Nothing like a man who knows his technology. Did he do that... Follow you secretly for months and then befriend you on FB?

  36. Where would we be without Google!!? Great outfit girl! xo style, she wrote

  37. ok.. that was quite a list ..of them facebook and google are those I cant live without and cant think of doing so.... and rest are either not yet affordable nor required at the moment.... and loved the look so well put up !!!

  38. Your love story made me go awww :) Love all your tights btw! And your hair looks cut?

  39. Love love the blue dress! And seriously...Wii might be the best thing EVER!

  40. I seriously don't know what I would do without Netflix. What did I do BEFORE Netflix? Nothing. My life sucked.

    Love the outfit!

  41. I love the last one! :)

    Am not very tech savvy...But yes love Google...and the ipod!

    You look absolutely STUNNING in that color!

    And like the way u and hubby have written this post together! Cute :)

  42. Okay, first things first...we share the same name except for the extra "i" that you have:) I m sure if you compile the same list 2 years down the line, Kindle, ipad and DSLR's will also join the gang. I feel twitter is slightly better than facebook unless people are not sharing status of their pet poops & coffee taste :)
    Anyhow..I m all full of words and will stop here..Love your space!

  43. hehe..nice post..
    n loved ur dress...

  44. All these techs are the need of this century.When we have it,use it it becomes the need.RIGHT!
    so move with the time:)
    Interesting post.Admire your clicking pics.
    You look gorgious in that outfit.

  45. Wee so true , all of them make a huge change in everything . Anyway , you look great !

  46. Hayhay!
    How are you? Your blog is great and I love your style! I'm glad that I've visited yours.

    Please, check mine, & maybe we can follow eachother? + join my giveaway!

    Thanks and love,
    Cindy from

  47. What a beautiful, modern love story you both have!

    And I adore your Sunday's best:)


  48. Wonderful post! Although I do not use twitter , I must say the list is spot on!
    What would the earth be w/o all of this ? :D
    Hey..and I guess there's something more that could be added : BLOGGER and BlOGGING :) The easiest , neatest way to share thoughts with lots of people.

    Your outfit is too pretty!

  49. I love your shoes! And I agree that technology has done some huge things in the last few years - plus, I'm a big fan of facebook. :-)

  50. Lolz!! I LOVE the comment about the Japanese & cameras......Mr. Fab is as hilarious as you are!!! By the way, I agree with both of you, the listed technology tools DID revolutionize the last decade!

    P.S.: You look Fab....but of course...! :))

  51. Seriously, you met through FB? How cute!!!

    Great list too!

  52. Awwwwwwwwwww to the love story. I love how the Mr. shortened it down to 140 characters---we all know that love stories are more complex than that but cheers to you being together and staying in love---wishing you many many many happy moments together.

    love the dress.

  53. very well written mr. fabulous...u guys r too cute together

  54. Gorgeous! I love this, and I think Facebook is the number one thing that has changed us the most! XX! You look beautiful!

  55. wow that was quite a list...there is so much technology around us and so many advances right? And you look beautiful in that all the fun gifts your mom gives you. Any big plans for the holidays?

  56. I agree with your husband's list completely. And it's funny, facebook played a role in my first break up (I found out we were over when he ended it on facebook...I was almost the last to know). And it played a major role in my relationship with Rian (he stalked me on facebook for months after we had a few classes together in college and messaged me a few weeks after the break up I mentioned earlier). LOL! I think Mark Zuckerberg is going to be responsible for a lot of marriages/relationships of our generations. How crazy is that?!?

    Oh. And love your blue dress. STUNNING. xo

  57. loving the shoes!
    I really enjoy reading these types of lists and the husband series is such a great idea:D
    Even ive noticed the little similarities between us :D haha

  58. I absolutely love your blog! You not just wear awesome outfits, but you write some really interesting stuff!

    I loved this post as well!!
    and this is one of my favorite outfits on you :)

    You and Mr. Fabulous are ADORABLE! God Bless! n yes! Thank you Facebook!

  59. my husband chased me for 3 months, too. good stuff :)

  60. Stunnning Color of the Dress and the entire look is SMOOTH!

    Ashish,enjoyed the post and I kinda use 75% of those mentioned on your list and YES THEY HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE! (2 of them are Apple...!!)

    You have a wonderful way of explaining and with your humor makes it so these Husband Series!! Keep them coming!!

  61. I cannot live without my iphone and GPS!! its amazing how technology has become such a core part of our life. Cant wait to see the next big thing from Silicon valley!!

  62. and what a cute love story!! you mention Ashish stalked you for 3 months but where did he see you first?

  63. google, youtube and expedia top my list!!!
    sucha cute love story!!

  64. Love the last few lines of the post. You should do a special post on your top 10 favorite pictures of yourself.
    Meetu D

  65. I arrived to this post googling stalking stuff.

    Here is my love story, but 139 char, sorry:

    Boy starts following girl on TW. Contacts her on Facebook. They chat & fall in love. He propose. They get married & live happily everafter.

    My true story :)


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